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  1. TerryPM

    Blu-ray Review Fringe: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray Review

    I'm having the same problem playing the special features on my Oppo as well, and I just updated the firmware with no improvement.
  2. TerryPM

    Ebert & Roeper Move On / New Hosts Announced

    I've really been enjoying the show this season with Michael Phillips and AO Scott, both of whom I'd rate way above Roeper. Wouldn't you know it, the last show and my local SF Bay Area network preempts it with a Time Life infomercial. Any way to catch it online?
  3. TerryPM

    Beatles in Mono.

    I'm glad everyone else's set arrived safely. Mine was packaged in a larger box, with no protection, just banging around in it. I did open the box, and plan to play them for the next 10 days until I have to send them back. They certainly could have included the stereo mixes on the same disk...
  4. TerryPM

    Beatles in Mono.

    I received my mono box set from Amazon today, and the box was completely smashed in on one corner, although the disks seem fine. I called for a replacement and they told me it would be end of October, but I would have to return this set within 10 days. Having it in my hands I'm reluctant to...
  5. TerryPM

    Gladiator Blu-ray - release date 09/01/2009 - Read before buying!

    With the $10 rebate from the DVD, it actually comes to $2.95, which is about what it is worth. IMO, this is the worst blu-ray transfer I have seen. It's even worse than Patton, which I was able to watch and enjoy. The EE here is more distracting, and the lack of detail is more prominent...
  6. TerryPM

    True Blood: Season Two

    I agree with Lou. I'm hoping this was not a "jump the shark" episode, but I don't know how you can redeem this towns people go crazy story line. I at least hope the Queen is not a deus ex machina solution to the problem.
  7. TerryPM

    Can We Expect Pea Soup on a Priest Any Time Soon?

    This was in the first batch of DVDs Warner released, and the first DVD I bought back in 1997 I believe. I hope they follow suit and release in soon on BR.
  8. TerryPM

    Lost: Season Four

    Do no one else notice that the Jack in the flash forward had no appendectomy scar? They seemed to go out of the way to show him shirtless in order to demonstrate it. It seems to point to some alternate reality, or else the island's power to heal scars.
  9. TerryPM

    Looking for the most jaw-dropping DTS-HD MA track on blu...

    I second the Orphanage. I watched it in DTS MA this week, and it had me jumping out of my seat. The video is also first rate- the color is a little washed out, which I assume was the original intention, but the detail is spectacular.
  10. TerryPM

    Blockbuster Online Hi Def Rental

    I've been very happy with Netflix for SD. It's only BD where they seemto have very few copies to go around. Unless you're lucky enough to get a copy the day of release, it always seems to be a very long wait.
  11. TerryPM

    Blockbuster Online Hi Def Rental

    I switched from the 3 at a time to the 2 at a time because I wasn't getting what I wanted anyway. I rent 2-3 movies a week. Maybe they're better with HD than with BD.
  12. TerryPM

    Blockbuster Online Hi Def Rental

    Every BD title I've had in my Q (15) at Netflix has been long or very long wait for over a month. I've actually received exactly 1 new release BD title from them in 2 months. I'm ready to try BB, but can't seem to fing ANY BD titles on their website. Is there a trick to searching for them...
  13. TerryPM

    anyone know when retailers will get their second allocations in? (HD A1)

    i was in Best Buy and Magnolia today, and they both had the player in stock.
  14. TerryPM

    DVD Thinpak and other Slim Cases

    I've been converting to slim packs, and would like to do my snappers. I have about 50 of them (10% of my collection). I see the DVDCoverart site is no longer functional. Is there any other place to get snapper cover art on the web? Thanks.
  15. TerryPM

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    Heads up. SciFi will be broadcasting the entire Season 2.0 as a marathon on 12/20, for those who missed episodes (same day as DVD release).
  16. TerryPM

    Blockbuster Website - Am I missing something

    I had belonged to Blockbuster online a few montha ago. The one feature I likes was that they actually had an upcoming release section which was good, as opposed to Netflix. I just signed up again the the upcoming release section is gone, the new releases section hasn't been updated for a month...
  17. TerryPM

    Blu_Ray vs HD-DVD or Wait?

    I am waiting primarily because I have always been an early adopter, and as a result my HDTV has only component inputs. So I will wait until I can get an affordable TV that can display 1080p, and even then only if HD DVD is 1080p. I will not be buying a new TV set just to get 1080i DVDs- the...
  18. TerryPM

    How to deal with bootleggers on Ebay?

    I recently bought a used Superbit DVD on ebay from a US seller. When it arrived, it had no outer cover or insert, the disk cover looked like it had been printed on a cheap ink jet printer and the disk artwork instead of being the red Superbit was poorly copied artwork from the non-Superbit disk...
  19. TerryPM

    Non-Anamorphic DVD's wanted Anamorphically Enhanced

    Hre's my list, which I'd consider double dipping for: Abyss Special EditionLetterBox 2.35 Annie Hall Letter Box 1.85 Born on 4th of JulyLetterBox 2.35 Cabaret Letter Box 1.85 DuneLetterBox 2.35 English PatientLetter Box 1.85 GameLetterBox 2.35 Ghost and DarknessLetter Box 1.85 Good Will...
  20. TerryPM

    Non-Anamorphic DVD's wanted Anamorphically Enhanced

    Hre's my list, which I'd consider double dipping for: Abyss Special EditionLetterBox 2.35 Annie Hall Letter Box 1.85 Born on 4th of JulyLetterBox 2.35 Cabaret Letter Box 1.85 DuneLetterBox 2.35 English PatientLetter Box 1.85 GameLetterBox 2.35 Ghost and DarknessLetter Box 1.85 Good Will...
  21. TerryPM

    Any word on Andy Richter?

    I've really been enjoying Andy Richter in HD on HDNet. Has there been any word on a possible DVD release?
  22. TerryPM

    DISH DVR vs. TiVO- seeking opinions

    I've also heard that D*TV compressed their HD signal more than DISH, with resultant loss of picture quality. So my dilemma is, I'll be able to keep TiVO by switching to D*TV, but what will I lose? Potential Firewire recording capabilities, I know. What about HD services and picture quality? Thanks.
  23. TerryPM

    DISH DVR vs. TiVO- seeking opinions

    I currently have TiVO and DISH 6000. I am considering the 921 in order to record HDTV, but am concerned that the DISH DVR wil leave me regretting the loss of TiVO (no season passes in particular). Anyone have experience with both that can offer an opinion? Is there any way to get the equivalent...
  24. TerryPM

    Marantz DV8400 DVI DVD Player

    I have the Marantz 8400- just received it a few weeks ago and spent a couple of weeks breaking it in. It replaced a Sony 9000ES. The sonics on the Marantz are definitely superior to the Sony, particularly on SACD, but the video is definitely inferior. The chroma bug, which I never noticed on the...
  25. TerryPM

    Marantz 8400 and Lexicon RT-10- the same?

    A Marantz dealer told me that the Lexicon RT-10 is exactly the same as the Marantz 8400 except for the faceplate. I was under the impression that the Lexicon had upgraded DACs- at least more than a different faceplate for an extra $2K. Anyone know the facts and specs?
  26. TerryPM

    The great consolidated all-in-one OFFICE SPACE SE thread

    Bear in mind the current version is NOT anamorphic (I wish someone had warned me before I bought it- these days I just assume widescreen= anamorphic)
  27. TerryPM

    LD boxset Vs DVD boxset

    I've been collecting LDs since 1986, and due to price wa very selective about the box sets I purchased (Star Wars Definitive, Alien/Aliens, Godfather, Brazil and Natural Born Killers). But since its "demise" I've been able to pick up numerous Criterion and Disney box sets for $10 a pop- at that...
  28. TerryPM

    Will DVI render all current HDTVs obsolete?

    Matt, Thanks for the link to the thread. I did a search but for some reason did not come up with what I was looking for- I assumed there must have been an uproar somewher about this. I'm ready for a class action suit anytime.
  29. TerryPM

    Will DVI render all current HDTVs obsolete?

    In the past week I have read 2 separate articles on this topic, saying exactly that- that the DVI standard has been endorsed over Firewire, and all future HDTV set top boxes and sets will require DVI input to receive true HD signals. All other HD signals will be watered down to 480 to...
  30. TerryPM

    ***Official Blue Laser Software Disc. Thread*** (f/k/a "Hi-Def DVDs by Christmas?")

    As an old time LD fan (since 1987), I was among the first to jump on the DVD bandwagon. I bought several DVDs the day they were introduced, even though I didn't yet have a player. I have since bought over 200 DVDs and I love being able to buy used Criterion LDs (that I would never have paid...