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  1. Artur Meinild

    De Vliegende Hollander DVD?

    You say something - I could try. I'd really like someone from the Netherlands to see this thread.
  2. Artur Meinild

    De Vliegende Hollander DVD?

    Hi. I'm looking for this European DVD from director Jos Stelling. I saw a cover here: Vliegende Hollander, De (1995) - MovieMeter.nl But it seems like this DVD is unavailable right now. Does anyone know if it's possible to dig up anywhere at all??? Thanx in advance, Artur
  3. Artur Meinild

    What is your favorite YouTube video?

    I like this parkour girl: YouTube - Traceuse Kat - Parkour Leva's polka, techno version: YouTube - Loituma TECHNO! Worst woman driver (sorry, but it's true): YouTube - The Worst Woman Driver EVER Japanese gameshows are really something... YouTube - Human Tetris II Dave Mustaine totally...
  4. Artur Meinild

    News: Hauppauge announces Component (HDTV) Capture Card

    That's sweet. Wonder when there will be any more details up on their web page...
  5. Artur Meinild

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Holy sh*t! :eek: Thanx Will, that looks like an *insane* DVD set - probably the wildest set ever! 5 versions of the movie (if you include the workprint), and 5 discs. WOW, I'm impressed! Now we just need a release date...
  6. Artur Meinild

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Hi! Can someone please point me to the post where I can see the DVD details? I can't really scroll through the almost 60 pages here... :)
  7. Artur Meinild


    So I guess this also goes for the lightsaber color changes, sound mix edits etc. Bad decision IMO...
  8. Artur Meinild

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    From the images it certainly looks like Lucasfilm has NOT fixed the lightsaber issues on the Falcon, and I'm baffled about this. How do they expect to sell yet another DVD copy of ANH to anyone, when these glaring errors are still in? Does anyone actually bother to buy this half-assed release...
  9. Artur Meinild

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    As many others have pointed out, the format war is a major issue why I don't migrate to HD soon. Another point is my personal financial situation, but that's got nothing to do with studios - it is of course expected that new technology will start at rather high prices and drop drastically...
  10. Artur Meinild

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I'm interested to see if the transfer on the SE version of ANH is fixed on this new DVD release. In particular, I'm thinking of the crappy light saber effects. They could also fix the surround channels now they're at it... Oddly enough, I could be slightly interested in this release, but...
  11. Artur Meinild

    Howard the Duck

    I don't get this, since the original Star Wars have already been announced... Does that mean you expect a Howard announcement around the corner then? I don't though...
  12. Artur Meinild

    dvdavenue fake site or what ?

    I think they're bootin'... :)
  13. Artur Meinild

    24 bit wave audio in Media player?

    Yeah I reckon other 3rd party players can do, but why not Media Player? I don't get it... For this particular application, I would like to stick with Media Player as the quick solution...
  14. Artur Meinild

    24 bit wave audio in Media player?

    Hi, there are so many clever people in here, and I'm looking for help. I'm trying to play 24 bit wave files in Windows Media Player, but right now it looks like WMP will only handle up to 16 bit, 48 kHz wave files. Does anybody know it if's possible to install a codec that will enable playback...
  15. Artur Meinild

    HTF Challenge... Find The Bands

    Can anyone point to a location where the hires image is still online?
  16. Artur Meinild

    Watch movies online (free)

    This is nice... I figure public domain movies might be a good way for me to get into music scoring. Hope to find some decent horror flicks for a rescore - any suggestions welcome! :)
  17. Artur Meinild

    Tyra Banks officially retired

    IMO, Tyra has a very healthy body! :D
  18. Artur Meinild

    The Rules-Men's edition

    I think that's pretty much the point... :) But honestly, these things don't appear out of thin air, there's a reason somebody sat down and wrote the Men's and Women's english list (which I find overly amusing by the way - and it's not the first time I saw those...) :D
  19. Artur Meinild

    Sony sued over copy-protected CDs

    Yeah, it's really nice to see the big companies set a good example for all of us when it comes to music and piracy Sony has now shown everyone the way. According to their philosophy it's OK to install insecure software on a persons PC without telling them. It's OK to use open source...
  20. Artur Meinild

    The Complete "The Lord of the Rings: score - with 5.1 DVD

    It is packaged in a red case, and I assume you mean the opposite - why isn't it green as opposed to red??? :)
  21. Artur Meinild

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

    Anybody got their DVD yet? Mine is on its way... :) BTW, does anyone know what kind of packaging this is?
  22. Artur Meinild

    Showgirls: Camp Classic or Complete Crap?

    Are YOU serious? It's Verhoeven, so don't count on it... Berkley = HOT, Gershon = HOT, actually I'm watching it right now...
  23. Artur Meinild

    "Return of the Living Dead" parts 4 & 5, official web site up, promo trailer, etc

    Rave to the Grave??? Is that just the combined worst premise AND title for a movie ever? :D :thumbsdown:
  24. Artur Meinild

    Which movie are you?

    I'm also Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, what's up with that? :)
  25. Artur Meinild

    PAL pitch correction - how often?

  26. Artur Meinild

    PAL pitch correction - how often?

    Dave, just because you have a quote from a skeleton in your sig doesn't mean you have to show off your necromancing powers. :wink: But to continue the topic, I don't believe it's a matter of pitch correction anymore. It's just a matter of doing a timestretch *without* affecting the pitch...
  27. Artur Meinild

    LCD TV resolution of 1366x768 - WHY?

    Please enlighten me: Why do some LCD TV's have a resolution of 1366x768 pixels when the HD format is 1280x720??? I would assume that this small amount of upsamling would only blur the picture further, can someone explain this? Here is a Samsung TV with this resolution...
  28. Artur Meinild

    Dr. Robert Moog

    I don't have the DVD, but I suspect the included demo is the Arturia Minimoog V - read more about it here: http://www.arturia.com/en/minimoog/minimoogv.php The specs aren't that demanding, but make sure it is set up to use DirectSound. Maybe you could also try and download the new v1.5 if...
  29. Artur Meinild

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

  30. Artur Meinild

    Iron Maiden egged at Ozzfest. Osbourne to blame

    I should be pleased to egg her at any given time, if that's how it works... :) (PS: I know you're joking...)