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  1. Mark DW

    FAROUDJA LD100 LINE DOUBLER $350 shipped

    Sent you an e-mail!
  2. Mark DW

    FS: Parasound 2205a 5 channel amp

    Any interest in trading for a Denon AVR-4800? Let me know! [email protected]
  3. Mark DW

    FS: Lexicon DC2 V4

    YGM!! I hope you take PayPal!
  4. Mark DW

    FT/FS: Tons of DVDs

    David- A few questions... 1) Is that the Collector's Edition of Animal House? (if so: done deal!) 2) I would assume the Die Hard trilogy is the older edition. Can we work out a more palatable price? Please e-mail me: [email protected] Thanks!
  5. Mark DW

    Lots of new ones for trade

    Any thoughts to selling the classic monster discs as opposed to trade? Let me know! [email protected]
  6. Mark DW

    Plenty of DVDs FT or FS (Criterion, CE, alot of OOP, Horror, Die Hard UC, etc...)

    Any thoughts on selling as opposed to trading? I have interest in the following: Evil Dead II Tin Box OOP ** Die Hard Ultimate Collection **