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  1. Matthew H

    The Three Stooges Collection - Volume Four, 1943-1945 - October 7th?

    Sony looks to be staying on top of things! Three Stooges Collection: 1943-1945 (2008) 1. They Stooge To Conga (1943)* 2. Dizzy Detectives (1943) 3. Spook Louder (1943) 4. Back From The Front (1943) 5. Three Little Twirps (1943)* 6. Higher Than A Kite (1943) 7. I Can Hardly Wait...
  2. Matthew H

    So Is "Welcome Back, Kotter" and "The Drew Carey Show" Dead?

    It's been almost a year since we last saw Kotter and awhile for Drew Carey.. what the hell, Warner?? Any plans on these? So long as we get the "prime" years of DC I'd be content.. but I want all of Kotter! I hope these weren't abandoned..
  3. Matthew H

    Moscow on the Hudson - Widescreen Version in Canada Only?

    I'm not interested in R2 PAL versions (where I know there's a widescreen version already availble), but a R1 WS edition. Through my search on eBay and Amazon it looks like there's a WS/P&S version of "Moscow on the Hudson" that was released to our neighbors up North, whereas we got a shoddy P&S...
  4. Matthew H

    I'm At a Loss - Purchasing First HDTV Set, Don't Know Where to Start

    I'm finally able to upgrade to an HDTV, but I have no clue what to look for. I want something that will last for awhile, can make Blu-ray look fantastic, and overall has a great picture for regular TV broadcasts. I'm just assuming I want to go 1080i or 1080p, widescreen (although as far as I...
  5. Matthew H

    Any Updates On the Ultimate Early Laurel and Hardy Boxset?

    I remember about a year or two ago, news broke out about Michael Agee (runner of http://www.halroachstudios.com) about remastering and whatnot all of L&H's pre-1929 shorts, solos, and features into basically an ultimate package. Since we still don't have a decent collection of the sound shorts...
  6. Matthew H

    Sony Does It Again... Yet Another Colorized Three Stooges Disc In February

    Well, as if these latest batches of colorized Stooges discs (which only contain 4 shorts, Color and B&W, most of which have already been released on DVD) weren't enough to tell Sony we want complete sets, they're releasing another one in February. Good news somewhat, two shorts are Shemps - bad...
  7. Matthew H

    Best Multi-Region DVD Player With PAL-NTSC Conversion

    I'm in need of a new DVD player. I need a decent multi-region one that has no problem doing a proper PAL-NTSC conversion so I can watch some R2 discs here in the States. I have no idea what to even look for, brand/model wise etc. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
  8. Matthew H

    Laurel & Hardy In Other Regions

    I'm aware of the UK 21-disc boxset that was put out last year (and is fantastic, by the way), but with a total lack of L&H here in R1 (with the exception of the two Artisan releases, and the upcoming Fox and WB releases).. I need to import what else I can to have as much of a complete collection...
  9. Matthew H

    The Real Ghostbusters: When Can We Call Them to Get On DVD?

    I'm an avid Ghostbusters fan, and having two episodes of The Real Ghostbusters on the new 2-disc release of the films this past summer were a real treat. Unfortunately, it didn't whet my whistle and I want more - season sets! We have He-Man, Transformers, and other classic 80s toons out on DVD -...
  10. Matthew H

    The Munsters & Car 54, Where Are You?

    Two classic TV series which only lasted a couple of seasons, surely a DVD release would be right up these shows alleys. They could squeeze both seasons on a couple of discs. Any news? As well, what's the word on F Troop and Get Smart?
  11. Matthew H

    PARAMOUNT - How About Brain Donors?

    Will the 'forgotten' Zucker movie Brain Donors starring John Turturro finally reach DVD this year? I would die to have this film in WS after all these years, compared to my extremely thin VHS copy. I know the fans are out there. Thanks!!
  12. Matthew H

    FT/FS: HUGE LOAD OF DVDS!! Looking For GameCube and Xbox Games/Accessories!!

    After much consideration on my part, I would really like to get some games for some friends of mine for the holidays. To do so, I've decided that I'd like to trade off or even sell a good portion of my DVD collection for some of these. So, where's what I have FT: Better Off Dead... (1985)...
  13. Matthew H

    FT: Gigantic Selection of DVDs!! Wanted: GameCube Games and More!!

    After much consideration on my part, I would really like to get some decent game for my GameCube. To do so, I've decided that I'd like to trade off a good portion of my DVD collection for some of these. So, where's what I have FT: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) - GONE! Airplane...
  14. Matthew H

    FS: Indigo GameCube System, 3 Games, Controller, and Memory Card

    I am currently in need of cash, so I'm selling off my GameCube and all of its accesories. I bought it brand new last fall but haven't gotten much play out of it. The system contains its original box and all manuals, and comes with 2 controllers (1 black 1 indigo), a memory card 59, and the...
  15. Matthew H

    Anyone Want Bowfinger?

    I have a mint copy of the 1999 Eddie Murphy comedy Bowfinger FT. I'm currently looking for Blade 2, but I'm open to any offer at all. Thanks! :)
  16. Matthew H

    What's The Deal With Weird Science?

    Is there a reason as to why the 80s cult favorite Weird Science has been long OOP? Are there any plans for Universal to re-release it soon? I want to see it in its OAR so bad but I'm not about to pay the rediculous prices it's going for on eBay. Thanks in advance. :)
  17. Matthew H

    Who Else Would Buy Brain Donors If Released on DVD?

    My second favorite Zucker movie is yet to be released on DVD, and I fear I'm the only one who actually wants to see it released. Although, since it would be a catalog Paramount release, we probably won't get anything other than the movie for $25. That would be disappointing, but this is one of...
  18. Matthew H

    What's the Word On 'Class Act'?

    The 1992 movie Class Act starring then-rappers Kid N' Play is not available yet on DVD. I saw it earlier today on Comedy Central, and would absolutely love to see it in WS (with a possible Kid N' Play commentary?). Has anything been mentioned by Warner? I still prefer it to the House Party...
  19. Matthew H

    Big FT List - Royal Tenenbaums, The Matrix, Rush Hour 1 & 2, More!

    I've weeded out quite a few discs from my collection that I no longer want. They include: American Pie: Unrated Widescreen CE Evolution Face/Off How High Kingpin Lethal Weapon 4: Premeire Collection The Matrix Men in Black: Collector's Series Royal Tenenbaums: Criterion Collection...
  20. Matthew H

    Is "It Came From Hollywood" Still Being Released on Tuesday?

    Paramount, along with a slew of other excellent catalog titles, was supposed to release the 1982 cult-favorite "It Came From Hollywood" on this upcoming Tueaday, July 16th. Amazon has the cover art, but removed its release date from their page. It seems other sites don't have it listed, either...
  21. Matthew H

    FT: Braveheart, From Dusk 'Til Dawn 2-Disc, and An American Werewolf in London

    The title says it all. :) I'm mostly looking for 80s films and some of the titles from the 007 Collection too. Feel free to make any offer.
  22. Matthew H

    FT: Spider-Man Movie Game For GameCube

    I have up for trade a mint copy of Spider-Man for GameCube. I've only played it a few times. Disc, case, manual, and all warranties are in excellent condition. I'd prefer to get more DVDs than another game, so here is my want list: 48 Hours Batman (1989) Batman Forever Batman (1966)...
  23. Matthew H

    FT: Buckaroo Banzai SE & Big Trouble in Little China

    I have mint copies of The Adventurs of Buckaroo Banzai Special Edition and the Big Trouble in Little China 2-Disc (soon to be OOP). Here's my want list: 48 Hours Batman (1989) Batman Forever Batman (1966) Bean: The Movie The Blues Brothers Caddyshack II Coneheads Dragnet The...
  24. Matthew H

    Rhino Says No GI Joe Season Boxsets Planned

    I e-mailed Rhino a little over a week ago about possible GI Joe Season Boxsets (as they now own distribution rights to this series) with this:
  25. Matthew H

    Friday the 13th Part VIII Cover Art (I'm Sure Die-Hard Fans Won't Be Pleased)

    DVDFILE posted the Friday the 13th Part VIII cover art today: I know us F13th fans pleaded with Paramount for original poster art, but atleast there are hardcore fans out there who make custom covers.
  26. Matthew H


    To Whom It May Concern: Of everything on DVD, my biggest and most wanted title is definately The Real Ghostbusters. In the 80s, Ghostbusters was a house-hold name. The animated series premeired in syndication back in 1986, and was so huge ABC picked it up for 5 more seasons. There are 140...
  27. Matthew H

    Quick Question on the Hollow Man SuperBit

    What special features are included? Same as the previous release? I was going out later and wanted to pick it up, but wasn't sure if it was worth the money. Thanks!
  28. Matthew H

    PARAMOUNT: With Older TV Shows Making Their Way to DVD....

    Mr. Blyth, Respectively, older TV shows that many of us grew up watching are finally making their way to DVD. We have your company releasing I Love Lucy in July, Columbia has given us the first season of All in the Family, and in August The Jeffersons and Sanford & Son is coming. Now my...
  29. Matthew H

    Warner: Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

    What's the scoop on the one and only Tiny Toons flick? This is by far my all-time favorite animated film, and would love to have this on DVD. Can we expect it soon?
  30. Matthew H

    Roger Ramjet Is Coming!

    Thanks to our pals over at Rhino, the cult cartoon classic Roger Ramjet will make its way to DVD on February 26th. Amazon is now accepting pre-orders. Can't wait! :)