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  1. LDfan

    Anyone try dropbox yet?

    I'm been trying to find a decent solution to the problem of trying to keep files sync'd between multiple computers. Finally stumbled across dropbox and finally got hold of an beta code. One word....awesome! I do have a few invites left if anyone wants one. Take a look at the website and...
  2. LDfan

    Possible Macbook purchase. Have some questions.

    I might be making the plunge for my first Mac and was looking at the Macbook. How do you keep the white finish from getting all dirty and dingy? The black is nicer but not worth getting nailed for a couple hundred bucks. Has anyone here ever regretted getting a Macbook instead of a...
  3. LDfan

    Anyone have ADHD?

    I was recently diagnosed a couple months ago after finally getting fed up and frustrated with my life. After years of constantly fighting with my wife over not listening to her, starting projects then moving onto something else without finishing, destroying the finances countless times...
  4. LDfan

    Questions for the Nikon folks re: D50/D70

    I'm trying to research a decent entry level DSLR but from what I've read the D50/70 don't have the ability to use a shutter release cable? Is this true? I find this kind of odd for a SLR camera. Otherwise I may have to get a digital Rebel. thanks, Jeff
  5. LDfan

    Digital or Film SLR?

    I am just now getting into the whole photography thing for fun and want to get serious about taking pictures. Is it even worth buying a film SLR now or just say heck with it and buy a digital model? Thanks, Jeff
  6. LDfan

    Question for the Philly folks (best Cheesesteak)

    I may be taking a roadtrip to Philly soon and one of the things I want to try is a 'real' cheesesteak. I've done some research and it seems the 3 most popular are Geno's, Pat's, and Jim's. I've heard 2 good comments about Jim's being the best. Does anyone have any comments about either of...
  7. LDfan

    Security Clearance question?

    I have the chance at work to apply for a security clearance but had a few questions about the process. How picky are they about various things on the application. I'm clean as far as drug use and criminal stuff. What I'm worried about is financial stuff like debt load and a few 30 day late...
  8. LDfan

    HD Set-top box questions

    I'm looking to buy a HD set top box but I'm a little confused about what they can really do. I do know they can receive all the Over the Air HD broadcasts via an antennea but many models also say they can get digital cable signals too via QAM. What is this QAM and does it also get the HD signals...
  9. LDfan

    Big win for Tivo today.....

    Tivo Gets Nod for Users to Share Digital Shows By Jeremy Pelofsky Reuters Wednesday, August 4, 2004; 1:05 PM TiVo Inc., maker of popular digital television recording devices, on Wednesday received approval for technology that would permit users to send copies of digital broadcast...
  10. LDfan

    Car question: Audi vs VW

    I've always heard that the VW passat is the same as the Audi A4. However the A4 seems to be much smaller. Are they really built on the same platform? Thanks Jeff
  11. LDfan

    The future of speaker technology?

    A friend of mine that works for the patent office says this stuff will be the hottest thing in the near future and current speaker design will be considered outdated. He heard demos and said the technology is simply amazing. Apparently Sony is going to be using this technology in upcoming...
  12. LDfan

    You got a Hemi in there?

    Not a hemi but this is one big ass engine http://www.bath.ac.uk/~ccsshb/12cyl/ Jeff
  13. LDfan

    Car questions...

    Is it easy to learn how to do basic maintenance on a cars such as hondas, toyotas, etc..? I'm interested in learning how to change brake pads and such. Has anyone ever bought an official 'service manual' and if so are they better than the ones like chiltons? thanks, Jeff
  14. LDfan

    Attn: CPAP users. What pressure are you using?

    In the past there have been some good discussions about sleep apnea and CPAP. I've been using my CPAP machine for some time now and it has helped. I had to get the pressure bumped up from 4 to 6. I think these machines go up to 20. I can't imagine what that is like but it must be intense! For...
  15. LDfan

    The Da Vinci code

    Has anyone read this book? If not then I highly suggest it. I read it in about 3 days. After reading it I had to take some 2nd looks at some of the paintings mentioned, especially the Last Supper. Any other thoughts on it? Jeff
  16. LDfan

    HD Cable box question?

    Hi, I just got my HD cable box. It's a scientific atlanta 3250HD unit. The rep from Cox cable said I have to hook up both the component video cables plus also hook up the regular composite cables in order for it to work. That seems kinda odd. Does anyone know why they would say that I would...
  17. LDfan

    Socom Ii

    Anyone getting this today? I've read a few reviews and it's supposed to be much better than the first one. J
  18. LDfan

    Best online games for PS2?

    Hi All, I finally bought an online adapter for my ps2. Can anyone recommend some good games to try out that are online ready? thanks, Jeff
  19. LDfan

    Do you get mad when someone asks how much $$ you make?

    I don't, in fact I have no problem telling coworkers or friends how much I make but I seen some people get all huffy and upset over it. Is it really a sensitive issue to most people? What I don't get is when someone bitches and moans that they don't make x amount per year but do nothing about...
  20. LDfan

    what makes diesel fuel different than other fuel?

    I've always wondered about this but never knew the answer. Is there something special about diesel fuel and why do big trucks and other vehicles have to use it? Thanks Jeff
  21. LDfan

    Would majoring in Chemistry be nearly the same as Chem Engineering?

    My local college doesn't offer a Chemical Engineering program but after looking at the requirements for a BS in Chemistry they look pretty much the same. Same Math, Physics and Chem classes. Would a Chem degree be essentially the same thing? Someone once told me that another name for a physics...
  22. LDfan

    Does anyone still use a Diner's Club card?

    I've noticed at several places in the area and lately 7-11 stores that they now accept Diner's Club cards. I didn't think anyone used those things anymore since American Express has become more popular. Is there any real benefit to owning one over anything else? Jeff
  23. LDfan


    My townhouse has termites thanks to my next door neighbor. Orkin wants $1400 to extermite them with a variety of their methods. I'm having Terminix come out tomorrow for an estimate. Has anyone ever had termites before and what method of extermination was used, Baiting or Liquid. I've been...
  24. LDfan

    Test Prep courses..Which is best?

    I'm going to take the LSAT but I am trying to decide on the best prep course to take. Some people say Kaplan, some say Princeton Review and I also came across the Powerscore course. They are all the same price so it's kinda difficult to decide. Any suggestions and/or experiences with any of...
  25. LDfan

    2004 Acura TSX

    My wife just got one and it's a great car. Anyone else seen them or buy one yet? It appears that Acura is going after the Audi A4 and BMW 328 people with this car and it may win alot of them over. Jeff
  26. LDfan

    FHA vs Conventional Home Mortgage?

    Hi All, What's the big difference between these 2 types of mortgages? I'm currently in a FHA mortgage but am considering refinancing. Is there any real advantage to staying with FHA? I always had the impression that since FHA is from the government it's better. Thanks, Jeff
  27. LDfan

    How does salt melt snow & ice?

    This maybe a dumb question but with the coming snow to the DC area I started thinking about this. What exactly is special about salt that causes snow and ice to melt? thanks, Jeff
  28. LDfan

    Why is Animal Crossing so popular?

    What is this game really about? It seems like people really get absorbed into the gameplay. Is it a fun game? thanks, Jeff
  29. LDfan

    Going to LA this weekend. Any good places to see?

    Yes it'll be my first trip to LA this weekend and also my first plane trip. Any suggestions on places to see, things to do, restaurants to eat at etc.... Jeff
  30. LDfan

    Help with Subwoofer hookup.

    A friend of mine just bought a polk rm6700 setup with a polk powered sub. He's confused on the correct way to hook up his sub so I figured I'd ask you guys. His manual that came with the speakers and sub say the best method is to run the 2 front speakers directly to the sub then connect the...