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  1. TerryPM

    How to deal with bootleggers on Ebay?

    I recently bought a used Superbit DVD on ebay from a US seller. When it arrived, it had no outer cover or insert, the disk cover looked like it had been printed on a cheap ink jet printer and the disk artwork instead of being the red Superbit was poorly copied artwork from the non-Superbit disk...
  2. TerryPM

    Any word on Andy Richter?

    I've really been enjoying Andy Richter in HD on HDNet. Has there been any word on a possible DVD release?
  3. TerryPM

    DISH DVR vs. TiVO- seeking opinions

    I currently have TiVO and DISH 6000. I am considering the 921 in order to record HDTV, but am concerned that the DISH DVR wil leave me regretting the loss of TiVO (no season passes in particular). Anyone have experience with both that can offer an opinion? Is there any way to get the equivalent...
  4. TerryPM

    Marantz 8400 and Lexicon RT-10- the same?

    A Marantz dealer told me that the Lexicon RT-10 is exactly the same as the Marantz 8400 except for the faceplate. I was under the impression that the Lexicon had upgraded DACs- at least more than a different faceplate for an extra $2K. Anyone know the facts and specs?
  5. TerryPM

    Will DVI render all current HDTVs obsolete?

    In the past week I have read 2 separate articles on this topic, saying exactly that- that the DVI standard has been endorsed over Firewire, and all future HDTV set top boxes and sets will require DVI input to receive true HD signals. All other HD signals will be watered down to 480 to...
  6. TerryPM

    Mummy Returns- Only FullScreen Available for Rent

    I just returned from both Hollywood and Blockbuster to find both chains ordered a billion copies of fullscreen Mummy Returns for rent and ZERO copies of widescreen. I complained to management who sympathized but offered no assistance. I would hate to see how the studios interpret it if the...
  7. TerryPM

    Sade on SACD

    Has anyone heard anything about this release? It was announced last year, was available for pre-order, and now has disappeared. Sony seems determined to restrict their SACD releases to catalog titles long available at bargain prices on CD.
  8. TerryPM

    Problems with SACD Playback on Sony 9000

    My Sony 9000 has started making very loud popping noises on SACD playback. It started out occasional but now it is unlistenable- frequent loud pops on all SACDs. If I switch to CD playback on hybrid discs it's fine. Anyone else experience this problem? (I like to be informed before I call...