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  1. Mark McAlister

    Cleaning Plasma Screen TVs???

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 42" Panasonic Plasma screen edtv. My question is: Is there any certain way that I need to clean the screen. I mean can I use Windex or glass cleaner as with a standard tube monitor. I didn't know if there was aything special I needed to know, thanks for your help.
  2. Mark McAlister

    Friday The 13th on DVD???

    Does anyone think they will ever release this on dvd?
  3. Mark McAlister

    Information about Video Stabilizers

    What are video stabilizers, what do they do, how much do they cost, where can they be bought? I've got the following components: 32" Hitachi analog tv Panasonic DMR-E50 dvd recorder Pioneer DVL-909 dvd player Sony DVP-NS700P dvd player Sony SLV-740HF VCR Sony SLV-779HF VCR Right...
  4. Mark McAlister

    'Roswell' season 1 coming to dvd in Feb.

    I just got the new issue of Previews from Diamond Distributors and it has 'Roswell' season 1 listed as shipping in Feb. from Fox Home Entertainment.
  5. Mark McAlister

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    I just got the new issue of Previews from Diamond Distributors and it has 'Uderworld' listed as shipping in Feb. I can't wait to get this dvd. I enjoyed the movie so much I had to see it twice. I wonder what kind of special features it will include, possibly a look at the sequel.
  6. Mark McAlister

    Need help with Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder

    I just recently picked up the Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD recorder and recorded my first disc, then finalized the disc. I then watched it in the Panasonic to make sure it worked, which it played fine in the recorder. My question is, when I put the DVD-R in my Pioneer DVL-909, it wouldn't play the...
  7. Mark McAlister

    Hitachi HIT 51SWX20B

    Does anyone have any comments on this particular model? Pros and Cons
  8. Mark McAlister

    The Old Tarzan Movies???

    Has anyone released or plan to release any of the old movies?
  9. Mark McAlister

    Queen Of The Damned - Missing Music Videos

    Where are the music videos that are listed on the back of the box. I can't seem to find them, unless there hidden somewhere???
  10. Mark McAlister


    Does anyone know when the release date for Andromeda Volume 2 is? AD Vision is doing a really nice job!
  11. Mark McAlister

    Japanese Horror Flic: Audition

    A friend of mine told me this was a great movie. I was just wondering if any of you might of seen it and was wondering about your opinions. Do any of you know if it is available at Best Buy?
  12. Mark McAlister

    Need help in deciding between these 4 HD sets

    I've been looking around and doing reference on these 4 HD models: Sony KV36HS20 $2299 Rex's (I like the set for the price and great pic quality too) Sony KV40XBR700 $2999 Tweeter (I like the stand that is recommended for this set, will alllow for more components than the XBR2 stand)...
  13. Mark McAlister

    Considering the Sony KV-36HS20 Any input or comments on this unit

    I went into Rex's today and was looking around and saw the Sony KV-36HS20 and the picture quality was astounding, but being new to the hobby (I'm not that knowledgable about HDTV), I have a few questions. What is the difference between HDTV, RPTV, and FD, (pros and cons) and which one does...
  14. Mark McAlister

    DVD Recorders

    I'm considering getting a DVD recorder. I have numerous Japanese anime fansubs that may never see the light of day on DVD, as well as changing them over to a more spacious and easier to store media. Can anyone suggest a good DVD recorder. Another question, on recording from VHS to DVD format...
  15. Mark McAlister

    Short audio and video cables

    Does anyone know where you can get short audio and video cables (the red, yellow, and white ones) (preferably a foot to a foot and a half in length) to connect components to each other, so I can eliminate a bunch of unwanted wires. btw, they don't have to be the fancy ones.
  16. Mark McAlister

    Unknown Star Wars related movie

    A long time ago there was a Star Wars related movie on tv that revolved around Wicket and the Ewoks, a family had crashed on the planet of Endor, and got seperated from their children, the children eventually found themsevles with the Ewoks helping them to find their parents. It had some great...
  17. Mark McAlister

    Transformers: Robots In Disguise coming to FOX this fall!!!

    Just thought I would let all of you Transformer fans out there know that FOX will be premiering Transformers: Robots In Disguise, (which is Transformers: Car Robots in Japan) September the 8th, (check your local listings for times). I really look forward to them returning to animation and not...
  18. Mark McAlister

    Problems with Version 1.3 Gameshark for the PS2

    Has anyone had problems with the 1.3 version of the Gameshark for the PS2? I keep getting a meesage, "insert gameshark cartidge, (even while it is inserted), ive tried inserting into both slots and when I did finally get it to pick up that it was inserted a message, " unable to download code...
  19. Mark McAlister

    TVs for Video Games

    I heard somewhere that video games will burn images into projection screen tvs. Is this so, and if so, will video games burn images into the new HDTVs as well as the new plasma screen TVs?