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  1. EddieN

    I got a FREE mountain bike ....

    finally I have a bike to ride around. I live in Austin and always see people on bikes and it seems like a great town to ride around in. It was fate. I was leaving the apartment and see a bike leaning up against the dumpster with signage on it that said FREE bike. It's really dirty and looks...
  2. EddieN

    Definitive DVD Info Site

    Can someone recommend some good sites with definitive info. I guess by definitive I mean every little detail about the dvd. For example, say I wanted to buy WarGames on DVD but wanted to find out what aspect ratio it was ? Also what kinda sound formats are on the dvd ? is it anamorphic, are...
  3. EddieN

    Can I trade in my round dish for an oval one ?

    I figured this thread was more appropriate than the buy and sell thread, but anyways. I just aquired an RCA plus receiever with an oval dish, I want to be able to receive locals, that way I can do away with my cable. My understanding is I need the dual-LNB oval dish to pickup locals and the...
  4. EddieN

    Flexi Rack Pics

    Check it out .. http://members.aol.com/edi007/hometheater ------------------ - Eddie