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    Sound Of Music 2010 ???????

    There are few other photos of the stars at the christmas tree, "The Sound of Music" went into general release in December of 1965. Back in the 60's a film could run for two years (some did) and then there was the re-lease and the TV sales. There was a picture of Leslie Parrish as Daisy Mae...
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    Thanks For FOX!!

    Let's hear it for FOX - 23 pre 1975 Films on/announced for Blu-ray, plus 10 MGM titles which they distribute as of April 2010: Miracle on 34th Street The Day the Earth Stood Still The Robe South Pacific The Diary of Anne Frank The Longest Day The Sound of Music Batman...
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    SONY Bluray, where's the rest?

    Why is it that of the " 9 " pre 1975 film titles SONY /Columbia has released to date on Blu ray - 5 five of them are Ray Harryhausen films? Doesn't anyone at SONY know Coulmbia Pictures made other types films before 1975??? It Came From Beneath the Sea Blu-rayEarth vs. the Flying Saucers20...
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    Far, far, far ...far behind knowing FOX
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    Universal's 2nd Wave of BR Flipper Disks

    Am I missing something? What's wrong with Flipper Discs?
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    The Ten Commandments

    Garybs, normally I would agree with you. I do believe films should not be changed - Unless - the reason was that the film wasn't finished and the intent was to make the changes when the film first came out. If the "Ten Commandments" editors ran out of time before the opening I can understand...
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    FOX, what happened the thr Rodgers & Hammerstein releases for 2010???

    last year Fox announced more R&H in 2010. So far only "the Sound of Music" is on the way (and not until December) where are the others? "Oklahoma!" "Carousel" "The King and I" and what about "Hello Dolly!" this Todd-AO film would look great on Blu-Ray
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    Warner Bros Archieve - problem movies?

    I would believe most kids today wouldn't even like "Song of the South" and the only people interested in it would be adults who grew up with it. I would guess Disney could issue it this way (maybe change the rating as not appropriate for children?) But as with most things in demand, once it is...
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    widescreen please

    "Arthur" "MacKenna's Gold" "Picinc" "Annie" All these films need to be in widescreen. "MacKenna's Gold" is coming out on DVD again this srping - but will it still be Pan and Scanned?
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    Warner Bros Archieve - problem movies?

    According to the DVD savant (Glenn Erickson) A pub release by Warners touts the Warner Archive Collection as the perfect venue for problem pictures. Mammy, they say, is "a film whose political (in)sensitivity may make it inappropriate for mainstream audiences, but whose historical importance...
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    "A Star Is Born" Garland in 6k resolution

    Joe is right about the studios, once it is in their possession they will claim they own it (they were the creators) and they do screw people over. I sure there are a lot of things out there that are not released due to this reason. Remember Irving Berlin refused to allow "Annie Get Your Gun"...
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    SONY and Paramount - where is your classics out put for 2010?

    Sony has only a few titles scheduled for Blu-ray this year - "The Karate Kid I & II" and "The Natural" - where's the rest? Whatever happened to "Lawrence of Arabia" "Bridge on the River Kawi" "Funny Girl"? Paramount has "The African Queen" but that's about all. It's already March and there are...
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    Franco Zeffirelli 1968 "Romeo and Juliet" 40th Anniversary. Special Edition soon?

    This is one of a few Paramount catalog titles Amazon has had listed as currently not available but sign up to be notified (usually this means a Blu-ray is coming in the next 12 months - but not always)
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    Movies that Deserve Blu-ray Treatment

    IIRC, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, and Dr Zhivago have all been dated and detailed for release in the next 6 months. Jesse, where did you hear about "My Fair Lady"? "Sound of Music" is 9 months way
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    "A Star Is Born" Garland in 6k resolution

    Speaking of WB trims, does anyone have the complete number of "Together Where Ever We Go" from "Gypsy" the first section and lead in to the song are missing. Also is there a 35mm copy anywhere, the 16mm leaves a lot to be desired. Ironically there are so many stills from this number and it is...
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    Movies that Deserve Blu-ray Treatment

    70MM If it was filmed in 70MM it should be on Blu-ray Yet many grainy films from the 70 - 80s are available - great films like "MASH" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" good films "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" "Kramer vs Kramer" but those films weren't demonstration quailty visually in...
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    "Reds" (1981) Blu-ray

    Anyone know why the 1981 film of "Reds" has been discountinued on Blu-ray? is Paramount planning a new release?
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    Spartacus - March 25th

    Universal to release "Spartacus" on March 25th (now listed as May 25) according to Bluray.com Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that, on May 25th, it will release Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (1960 Now that's an anouncement - 1 month away unlike FOX's laughable "Big"...
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    MGM's problems holding up other film releases on Blu-Ray?

    The United Artists Films are controlled by MGM so none of them will come out until MGM is purchased. Jack, the last DVD version of "Fiddler on the Roof" looks great on High Def TV, don't know how much better it would look on Blu-ray (unlike other DVD titles which don't look too good on HD TV)
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    Sound Of Music 2010 ???????

    Yeah, ten (10) months away, why do they even bother telling us in Feb????? Most Studios wait until 3-4 months out before they announce. So does this mean we get 1 musical from Fox a year (Wow!) such slow output
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    mastered in HD--why no blu-ray?

    double post
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    mastered in HD--why no blu-ray?

    How many times is Warner Bros. going to get people to buy Citizen Kane????? Anniversary Re-issue are the same as "new and Improved" on Fabric Detergent. You can only sell something to the American public so many times before they give up. Only true Film Bluffs will by the title a dozen times...
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    mastered in HD--why no blu-ray?

    How many times is Warner Bros. going to get people to buy Citizen Kane????? Anniversary Re-issue are the same as "new and Improved" on Fabric Detergent. You can only sell something to the American public so many times before they give up. Only true Film Bluffs will by the title a dozen times...
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    sony classic war and western releases 5/4 some in color

    I hope MacKenna's Gold is widescreen - why oh why would a studio release this in Pan and Scan!!!!!!
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    Early DVD Titles that do not look good on High Def displays

    I've been watching a lot of DVDs on my High Def SONY Bravia and Pioneer Plasma sets and many look great - some even better than many blu-ray discs. Last night I put on "Mister Roberts" Hnery Fonda/James Cagney/Jack Lemmon/William Powell and it looked - really bad, this disc was beyond bad. It...
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    Warner announces blu-ray titles for 2010

    Honestly guys, Many of my DVD's look just as good as the blu-ray discs I have when played on my SONY Blu-ray player which gives the best possible DVD presenation - you can't tell a difference even on a big screen The films that really should be on the list are the early DVD releases that were...
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    Films that you fear may NEVER be released on DVD.

    "Porgy and Bess" will come out some day, people are already trying to come up with the elements. "The Wonderful World of Brothers Grim" was relased on Video so someday it to may come out on Blu-ray - esp if the neg/print can be spared. I hear different stories from thoose who know. All the Ken...
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    Pre-90s catalog on Blu - A comprehensive list

    Amazon has recently added the following placeholders which is a good indication that the titles will be released in the coming year WarnerBen HurKelly's HeroesCaddyshack Excalibur Citizen KaneCamelotVictor/VictoriaCabaretBandwagonYankee Doodle DandySinging in the RainA Streetcar Named Desire...
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    Sean, i was at the Acadmey screening - it looked very good, but that was the only time I saw it in a theater so I don't know how bad it may have looked before. It would be great if they could do a stereo mix - the soundtrack CD is in stereo
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    What 3 films do you want most on Blu?

    There is a newly discovered mint print of "Around the world in 80 Days"? or is that just your fantasy? Star! always had black and white footage in every release, what do you mean??????