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  1. Ryan Stone

    What music to test my subwoofer?

    Master P- Burbons and Lacs The lyrics to the song are "this is for the burbans and the cadillacs with the tens and the twelves bumpin in the back". The song was made for people with subwoffers. :)
  2. Ryan Stone

    HDTV Question....

    I recently purchased a HDTV and it is going to be delivered in a week. The TV requires a HD reciver. If i dont have this reciver can i still watch DVDs in HD??? Are these recivers for watching tv chanels in HD or are they for everything???
  3. Ryan Stone

    Where Do i Get a High Definition Top Box???

    I want to get the box for my tv so i can activate the HD on my tv. where do i get one from??? I cant find any at circuit city.
  4. Ryan Stone

    Do HTs Work With my TV Speakers???

    Well i have a 61" hitachi TV, so its not like the speakers in it are bad. Should i leave them on for HT use???
  5. Ryan Stone

    What Do People Mean When They Say "Calibrate"??

    I have heard people talking about calibrating their home theater system. What does this mean and do??? How does one go aobut calibrating their HT???
  6. Ryan Stone

    Do HTs Work With my TV Speakers???

    I am planning my first home theater and i have a question. When my reciver and speakers are on, do the speakers in my tv still make sound or are they bypassed???
  7. Ryan Stone

    Questions about JBL NSP1....

    Im going to get the NSP1 speaker set, but i have a few questions before i buy. First, Do they come with wall mounting brakets? Do the brackets allow you to point the speakers any direction? The center speaker is rated at 150 watts, but my reciver only puts out 100watts(well, at least it says...
  8. Ryan Stone

    JBL- PB12 or PB10???

    I dont know which subwoofer to buy. I will use it for DVDs and music. It will be used with my NSP1 speaker set. Which one do you think will be better???
  9. Ryan Stone

    My Plan For my Home Theater......

    Well this is what i think i am going to go with. JBL NSP1 speaker set JBL Power Base 12" subwoofer Denon 3802 Reciver And 2 bookshelf speakers(havnt decided what brand)for the room next to my HT. I have a 61" Hitachi HDTV I have a DVD player What do you think??? Any suggestions???
  10. Ryan Stone

    What Speaker Wire Should I Get???

    Im getting the drywall put up in my basement soon and i want to have speaker wire installed before it goes up. Is there a particular type of wire or gague that i should look for???
  11. Ryan Stone

    Is This a Good Speaker and Sub Package???

    Thanks for your help. What do some of you other guys think about the sub that comes with this.
  12. Ryan Stone

    100 Watt Handling Speakers with a 110 Watt per ch. Reciver.....

    Is it ok to put 10 more watts trough a speaker than what is reccomeded by the manufactuer????
  13. Ryan Stone

    Is This a Good Speaker and Sub Package???

    What are your thoughts on this: http://www.polkaudio.com/home/produc...=2&speaker=132
  14. Ryan Stone

    Good 7ch Reciver???

    I need a good 7 chanel recivers that put out about 100 watts per chanel. Will you guys suggest some for under $1000.