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  1. Peter Loan

    Outlaw 5x PCA Interconnect cables 1/2 meter - $65 shipped

    Since I just moved into an apartment, I just got rid of my seperates system so these excellent quality cables must go. The cables are in like new condition, and I'll ship them USPS priority mail for $65. I'll do a local sale as well for $60. I live in the Los Feliz area and work in Burbank...
  2. Peter Loan

    Preamps or receivers with analog bass management?

    I'm aware that the Outlaw 950 has analog bass management on it's 6 channel inputs. For multichannel audio, this feature is indispensible. Do any other preamps or receivers under $2k have this feature?
  3. Peter Loan

    Good LCD for gaming, do they exist?

    Prices are down so I'm thinking about purchasing a LCD monitor. I know that the response time and other visual anomalies associated to LCDs have given them the rap of being poor for playing games. I'm thinking about getting this one because of the 16ms response time: Hitachi LCD Anyone...
  4. Peter Loan

    Who has Ascends here?

    They are going crazy about these speakers on some of the other boards but don't see much discussion here. I'm thinking about picking up a set of 170s along with their new 340 center. C'mon now, all of you can't have Paradigms (selling mine, look in the hardware for sale section):) What do...
  5. Peter Loan

    FS: Paradigm Mini Monitors and CC-350 in L.A. area

    Local sale only for now...I hate shipping speakers through the mail! Paradigm Mini Monitor V2 in Black Ash 9/10 - Pristine condition and in perfect working order Price $200 Paradigm CC-350 in Black 9/10 - Timbre matched to the Mini Monitors, perfect shape and working order All...
  6. Peter Loan

    FS: Iscan Ultra and JVC XV-SA600BK

    Iscan Ultra - 9/10, Purchased a month ago, complete with box/manual/remote Price is $720 shipped, $700 local JVC XV-SA600BK - 9/10, No box but with manual/remote, this player does DVD Audio and scales non anamorphic DVDs Price is $90 shipped, $80 local All of my stuff is in absolute...
  7. Peter Loan

    FS: Sony C222ES SACD Changer, Iscan Ultra, JVC XV-SA600BK DVD Player

    SOLD Sony SCD-C222ES - 9/10, complete with original box/manual/remote and 5 year warranty is still valid (receipt from authorized dealer included) Price is $280 shipped, $260 local SOLD Iscan Ultra - 9/10, Purchased a month ago, complete with box/manual/remote Price is $720 shipped, $700...
  8. Peter Loan

    Anyone hosting any games tonight? 5/22

    I have all night to play tonight. How about some Wolfenstein or CTF Mech Assault action?! Invite me! :) MighLybuddah
  9. Peter Loan

    FS: 0.5 meter Straight Wire "Harmony" Interconnects - Set of 5

    Perfect for amp to preamp or receiver with preouts $30 shipped email me if interested at [email protected]
  10. Peter Loan

    Good 2 channel preamp with pass through?

    I currently own an Outlaw 950 and I'm looking to improve my two channel performance. Is there such thing as a clean sounding two channel preamp that will pass through the Outlaw's signal when I want to decode in 5.1? Actually, couldn't I just hook up the Outlaw's front two channels into one of...
  11. Peter Loan

    FS: Rotel RLC-900 Power Conditioner

    In near mint shape. This is a well regarded piece with 9 outlets with 8 of them switched. It has seperate outlets for high current amps, digital, and analog sources. No box but I will pack it securely. Retails for $200...email me for any info at [email protected] Price is $90 shipped, $80...
  12. Peter Loan

    WTB: 15 pin(VGA) to Component video cable

    This is kind of an obscure item but I need one for my new Iscan Ultra. If you have one of these for sale please email me at: [email protected]
  13. Peter Loan

    Rotel RB-985 THX 5x100 Amplifier For Sale

    Heya, got my trusty Rotel amp for sale. It's in near mint shape(2 tiny scuff marks on top of unit, not on front of faceplate) and perfect working order. The original manual is included. I am offering it for $520 plus shipping. Please email me at [email protected]
  14. Peter Loan

    Amazon still have customer service by phone?

    Trying to communicate with Amazon through emails is like passing notes with a one winged carrier pigeon. If they get back to you, its some lame canned response. Do they still have customer service via telephone? I'd call them even if wasn't toll free.
  15. Peter Loan

    New Zelda score in Famitsu

    According to IGN, it scored a perfect 40/40! My Cube was on the selling block but after this, I guess I'll hold on to it. Oh, any word if the US version will include the Gamecube port of Ocarina Of Time? http://cube.ign.com/articles/380/380007p1.html
  16. Peter Loan

    Ghost Recon, anyone playing co-op?

    What's been your experience playing co-op on Live? Most of the time, I get people bitching about how I need to set the game to unlimited lives. When the mission starts, they start running around with guns blazing, basically playing the game like its Halo or something. After they get killed...
  17. Peter Loan

    Any way to fix mispelled XBL gamer tag?

    I suppose I can exchange it out for a new one, but that's such a hassle. Has anyone in beta been able to change your gamer tag name?
  18. Peter Loan

    JVC HM-DH30000U DVHS Deck with DTheater, comes with 2 year extended warranty

    I'm selling my personal DVHS deck...well because I don't have any HDTV coming into my place and won't be getting it anytime soon. I've owned it for about a month and it has less than two hours playtime on it. Everything is included here including the original box, manual, remote, and a two year...
  19. Peter Loan

    JVC HM-DH30000U w/ Dtheater New In Box

    Yep, it's the unit that allows you to record 1080i/720p and is the only DVHS deck that plays 1080i Dtheater movies. The unit is brand new in the box, selling it for $760 shipped. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  20. Peter Loan

    FS: Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080 Preamp

    The unit comes with original remote, manual and it is in mint condition. I am offering it for $360 plus shipping. If you'd like pictures of the actual unit, shoot me an email. Check out the following link for the specs: http://www.sherwoodusa.com/newcastle/sep_fm.htm
  21. Peter Loan

    Toshiba TW40X81 HDTV for sale in SoCal area

    I'm offering my beloved Toshiba TW40X81 set for $1000 firm. It's in mint condition, no physical defects and in perfect working order. I've taken great care of it using it rather sparingly, just to watch DVDs. The unit is calibrated with Avia and I've performed the 64 point convergence via the...
  22. Peter Loan

    Goodbye RP-82, Hello Toshiba 3800/4800!

    After putting my new RP-82 through its paces in the last couple of days, the resulting feeling was one of utter disappointment. The Pana player has the worst handling of non-anamorphic material from a unit since the Clinton regime left office. Their idea of handling 4:3 material on 16x9 sets...
  23. Peter Loan

    Best Price for STTNG Season 3?

    I skipped the first two seasons but I'm onboard from Season 3 on. Can you guys help me find the best price for this boxed set? The best one I have so far is $90 plus tax and no shipping...I'm hoping to do better!
  24. Peter Loan

    Blast from the past: Inifinity SSW-212

    I was at my parents house the other day and noticed that they still had this old subwoofer. I kinda chuckled at it when I saw it but man...does it put out some bass! The thing was built in the mid 90's. It's basically dual 12 inch servo drivers set in a cabinet along with a 600(I think) watt...
  25. Peter Loan

    Getting into service mode on Toshiba 53H71

    The header speaks for itself. I am familiar with the service modes in regards to the Toshiba widescreen models. Does it function the same way with the 4:3 models?
  26. Peter Loan

    Getting sub to kick in on DVD-A 2 channel, how?

    Since I am using bookshelves for my mains, I'm not sure how to get my sub to kick in while I am listening to DVD-A 2 channel recordings. The 6 channel inputs totally bypass the bass redirection in my preamp and I have my sub hooked up using the sub input. Is there a way to make the sub kick in...
  27. Peter Loan

    Problems using DVD-A on your main DVD player

    After playing around with some DVD-A discs on my Toshiba 4700, I have run into a pretty annoying problem. In the Toshiba's setup menu, you have to manually select the 6 channel output to hear DVD-A discs. When you then want to watch a DVD movie, it seems that you have to switch the player's...
  28. Peter Loan

    SACD and DVD Audio, release list?

    I just got SACD and DVD Audio capability and was wondering if anyone had a complete list of titles available in the format? I'd also appreciate some recommendations. Thanks!
  29. Peter Loan

    Exchanging unwanted DVDs, best place?

    I had a Bday recently and got a couple of movies that I didn't want, namely MI:2 and Almost Famous. Anyone know of where I could exchange them for other DVDs if they are still factory sealed? Grr, I hate messing with returns. Stores often act like you are doing something wrong and call the...
  30. Peter Loan

    Amazon Phone Number?

    Do they still have one? I've been playing email tag with their CS department for the past week regarding an order and I am getting a little bit pissy.