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  1. Bruno57

    Can I? Should I?

    No I will know thank you. Ed
  2. Bruno57

    Can I? Should I?

    They are the Mark and Logan 20i
  3. Bruno57

    Can I? Should I?

    Hi Dave, one more question. I have the chance to buy a pair of floorstanding Martin and Logan 20 a day for a great price Plus free shipping. I cannot find the 100s or 60s anywhere for any price unless I buy them full retail. Do you think I should pull the trigger or do you think this is too much...
  4. Bruno57

    Can I? Should I?

    Thanks Dave much appreciated
  5. Bruno57

    Can I? Should I?

    Hi Dave- Thanks so much for your simplistic explanation of this setup. I have attached three rear photos of the SR 6005 Marantz that I would like to hook up as a power amplifier for my front two speakers. At this time, I believe you are correct in suggesting the studio 60s for my fronts. My...
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  10. Bruno57

    Can I? Should I?

    Hi, I am new here in like every other want to be audio file I am thinking I can improve my system. Currently: Anthem MRX 710 7 Channel A/V Receiver With ARC 1M Correction Paradigm 40 fronts paradigm signature C2 Center Paradigm 20 Rears Paradigms Atoms surround rear Subwoffer Mirage 12 in...