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  1. rodney wiley

    Okay, I bought a Toshiba HD A3, please help with what's next.

    This is promising news as I just ordered my hda3 from CC for 79.99 Mostly to upconvert my dvds. Cant wait for this weekend to get it all hooked up!
  2. rodney wiley

    Uptown Saturday Night

    Yes!! Finally!! I simply cant wait!!!! I'll be like a kid at Christmas until then!!! Yes Ron, they both have Bill and Sidney! Another is missing "A piece of the Action" Once again with Bill and Sidney.. I simply cant wait!!
  3. rodney wiley

    Credit problems/Mortgage loan.... Help?

    Contact each credit agency and dispute the info on your girlfriends report. The burden of proof then lies on these agencies that have placed the negative info. If they don't respond within 30days the item must be removed from her report.
  4. rodney wiley

    VGA - Component Breakout Cable, 25ft

    I will take it..YGM
  5. rodney wiley

    Help my Grandmother

    I know talk of religon is not welcome on the forum,but Im hoping they will make an exception. My Grandmother is critically ill and the doctors arent expecting Her to make it. I trust in God and ask that anyone who will, please pray for Her. Thank you
  6. rodney wiley

    Audiosource Amp5.1monoblock amplifier

    Frank, would this be a good amp to run maybe 4 25 watt bass shakers?
  7. rodney wiley

    Cheap subwoofer choices

    How about an Audiosource sw-15 200 watt fifteen inch sub. They can usually be had for less than 200.00
  8. rodney wiley

    rp56 just did now what?

    Well my rp56 just died within a year. The famous h02 error code. Im now looking for a new player that will eventually be played through some type of doubler into a sony crt front projector vph12xx. Any suggestions? I have seen the rp91 at great prices but am now gun shy on Panasonic. Im looking...
  9. rodney wiley

    Max Length on S-Video Cable

  10. rodney wiley

    The incredible Hulk DVD

    Oops sorry David.
  11. rodney wiley

    Max Length on S-Video Cable

    Whats the maximum lenght I can run a s-video cable before I need some type of amplifier? Thanks
  12. rodney wiley

    The incredible Hulk DVD

    For the first time ever, Television series pilot on dvd with free pass to the new hulk http://www.incrediblehulkdvd.com/ Finally! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Can you tell I like the HULK?
  13. rodney wiley

    DTS question

    There is no seperate set up information on the Avia disc for DTS.:)
  14. rodney wiley

    BEST BUY E-Mail Coupon

    Malcolm, Im done with this. Have a great day!:)
  15. rodney wiley

    BEST BUY E-Mail Coupon

    Wow Malcom, I wouldn't call it black mail. She had the choice NOT to give me the discount and I had to choice to go to Walmart. She made a business decision to give me what I asked for. For that reason I bought them from Best Buy instead of Walmart. Sorry you disagree but to each his own:)
  16. rodney wiley

    BEST BUY E-Mail Coupon

    I used the coupon last night. I was given out as I came through the door. It states on any "single" item. Well I played dumb when I got to the checkout and said Wow I thought it was for the entire purchase. I then turned to my wife and said " Baby, Lets go to Wally World" At that point the 10%...
  17. rodney wiley

    Glow in the dark stars

    I was referring to the actual glow in the dark stars. I have seen the fiber optic sets and they are a little to high for my budget. I have a flat black ceiling and wanted to spice it up a little and was considering these stars
  18. rodney wiley

    Glow in the dark stars

    Has anyone tried these on their ceiling? If so how does it look?
  19. rodney wiley

    Denon 3803 Setup Question

    Most likley you have to assign your inputs. So yes you must do a minor setup first.
  20. rodney wiley

    Fantastic Columbia House deal from "Deals Page"

    I signed up on the red site yesterday and my credit card was authorized today but only for a dollar. I just hope all the movies are wide screen because it doesn't say!
  21. rodney wiley

    Fantastic Columbia House deal from "Deals Page"

    Is the any way to determine the aspect ratio of theses movies? I cant seem to get any info on the disc. When I click on the title its automatically added to my cart.
  22. rodney wiley

    Ever regret selling a car??

    I had a very Nice 1967 Buick Electra 225. This guy kept after me to sell it to him and one day he came by when I was financially challenged so I gave in. I could have cried when he drove her away :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
  23. rodney wiley

    Friday Jokes...Got Any?

    Funny Stuff!!!:laugh:
  24. rodney wiley

    Denon 3802 Owners - Which audio mode works best?

    Bill, I also tend to not like 7Ch stereo. But I LOVE WIDESCREEN. As far as you not getting any audio in dts My next question would be how is you dvd played connected to your 3802? The fact that you only get dplII tells me that you may not be getting a digital signal to the receiver. First make...
  25. rodney wiley

    restaurant kitchen horror stories don't be shy....share your with us!

    When My Daughter was still on powdered formula,My wife and I went to Cee's Cee's pizza. During our lunch Lauryn got a little hungry so My wife asked for a warm glass or water to mix her a bottle. My wife as she always does watches everything and saw the waitress draw a glass of water proceed to...
  26. rodney wiley

    Which sub for under $150-$175?

    Hey Michael, I just checked Amazon and they have the sw15 listed as not stocked or discontinued. next would be ubid.com
  27. rodney wiley

    Which sub for under $150-$175?

    Audiosource sw15 15inch 200watt 169.00 delivered from amazon.com For less than 200.00 bucks it cant be beat. A little boomy but a little polyfill and that's taken care of.