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  1. Rob T

    The Unit: Season 4

    anybody know when it's starting? there seems to be no premiere date on tv.com. I know it has been renewed. Is it not coming back till January?
  2. Rob T

    Artie Lange's Beer League

    has anybody on here seen it as yet? how is it? I'm hoping it'll get a national release but from what I'm hearing about the attendance at the screenings, I doubt it. Poor Artie. :frowning:
  3. Rob T

    FS: Superman Returns movie pass

    it covers $10.50 on the admission and is US only. participating theatres can be seen at www.hollywoodmoviemoney.com You can get have it for $1 CAN.
  4. Rob T

    Teen Titans box sets

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4515 I'll definitely be getting this. :emoji_thumbsup: but I am surprised that they're coming before the Batman Beyond and Justice League sets. maybe it's to put it all in the correct chronological order.
  5. Rob T

    Lexar 128 MB USB drive

    Lexar JumpDrive Sport USB drive 128 MB red w/ black rubber cap. In very good condition. Just purchased it in the spring of this year. No drivers necessary unless O/S is Win98SE. If so, drivers are available at www.lexar.com. LED blinks when transferring data. Impact-resistant and can be secured...
  6. Rob T

    Howard Not on Sirius Canada?

    I got this from another board.
  7. Rob T

    Lost: Season 1 Disc 1 disc error

    I went to start watching Lost this morning with my Toshiba SD-3805, but it wouldn't play disc 1. It would play in the XBOX and my much cheaper Toshiba SD-1600 though, but I couldn't get the 5.1 sound going through either. :angry: Sadly, I had to settle with analog stereo sound for that disc...
  8. Rob T

    is it ok to use play XBOX on a big screen CRT TV?

    my friend is going away for a few days and so he's loaning me his XBOX... and I was just wondering is it ok to use my big screen (50"+) TV to play it? I know it supposedly wasn't back in the old days of NES and genesis, but I was hoping that things have changed since then. Thanks.
  9. Rob T

    what's up with DDD.com?

    I went to wal-mart tonight to pick up Mary Poppins but it has that Version Francaise yellow circle crap on it so I went to DDD as soon as I got home to order it. I found a link to it, clicked Buy Now, Expedited Shipping, go to secure checkout and then it says Your Shopping Cart is empty, you...
  10. Rob T

    capturing frames with Power DVD

    I just got my (first) DVD drive today and Power DVD player came with it. When I capture a frame with it then paste it into Paint to save it, it squishes the pic into a square so everything looks long. Is there anyway I can paste it into a picture program so that it won't squish it together? I...
  11. Rob T

    any chance of an SE of Nick of Time?

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113972/ I've seen it a few times in the past and I liked it very much. I know the current disc is barebones with widescreen enhanced, with the OAR and DD5.1. anybody know if the A/V sounds/looks good? is there an SE coming that I should wait for instead?
  12. Rob T

    Gargoyles street date announced

    http://crossroads.dragonmists.org/fa...ntral/gnc.html At the opening ceremonies of The Gathering, Greg Weisman announced that the Gargoyles two-disc DVD set will be released on December 7, 2004 for $29.99. More details will be posted soon. It's a little later than orignally expected, but...
  13. Rob T

    The Birds: The Alfred Hitchcock Collection - colourized?

    I saw this film a long time ago. Probably no more than 10 years ago. I thought it was pretty good. I've seen it around in stores lately and have been wanting to get it. I finally got it today and when I brought it home, my mom said that it was b&w in theaters and asked if it was colourized. I...
  14. Rob T

    Tekwar: Season 1

    I just got this in the mail today from Amazon.ca and when I opened up the cases, the following message was printed on the inside of all the cases where the insert goes: Now seeing this and considering that the show was low budget and is about 10 years old, I was figuring it would look about as...
  15. Rob T

    FS: a Chronicles of Riddick movie coupon

    I got The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury DVD today and a coupon to see the movie came with it. I've already seen the movie and don't really need to see it again so if anybody wants it, PM or e-mail me. it'll just be $1 to cover the shipping costs.
  16. Rob T

    Justice League producers talk about the future of the show

    http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stori...03/justice.htm Justice League producer Bruce Timm signs at the DC Comics booth at WonderCon. SAN FRANCISCO -- If Justic League Unlimited is his last hurrah with DC Comics characters in animation, producer Bruce Timm figures he might as well go out with a...
  17. Rob T

    The future of DTV has just recently taken quite a blow

    http://www.imaspub.com/nabdaily/wed_..._tackles.shtml The TV analog spectrum giveback was a big topic of discussion. Just before the show, FCC Media Bureau Chief Ken Ferree detailed a proposal to reach the 85 percent TV audience threshold that triggers the analog giveback. Powell said his...
  18. Rob T

    No Victoria's Secret Fashion show this year

    http://money.cnn.com/2004/04/12/news...torias_secret/ NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Victoria's Secret, owned by Limited Brands Inc., is dropping its racy televised fashion show this year, but a spokesman for the company told CNN/Money on Monday that it has very little to do with Janet's Jackson's...
  19. Rob T

    Gargoyles: Season 1 news

    http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/response.html Greg Weisman was the co-creator/co-producer of the show. Hopefully, if this set does good then maybe not only will there be further seasons of it released, but we'll also get other animated classics in season box sets, like X-Men: TAS and...
  20. Rob T

    ID4 5-star disc error

    I got the ID4 5-star set a few years ago from wal-mart and last year I got my HT setup going and I've been going through each of the titles that I have had since before I got the home theater to hear the DD and DTS audio tracks correctly and I finally got to ID4 today so when I put the main...
  21. Rob T

    I need new speakers

    my speakers recently stopped working (I took them into to get fixed and the guy said that nothing is visibly wrong with them, but they won't work anyways and to get it fixed at a place that specializes in speakers would cost more than to just get a new set) so I'll be getting a new set soon I...
  22. Rob T

    A Warner Bros. DVD questionnaire

    A Warner Bros. newsletter just arrived in my mail and this was near the bottom of the letter
  23. Rob T

    The District 5/3/03

    can someone give me a sumary of what happened? I went to see X2 and forgot to set my VCR to tape it. :frowning:
  24. Rob T

    Gargoyles DVD news

  25. Rob T

    Warner: Batman: TAS & Justice League suggestions

    I picked the new discs up on Thursday and after going through them, I do hvae a few suggestions. Batman :TAS -it should be in box sets (not necerssairly in season box sets but still in the correct order) -the chapters should be shorter so that we can skip over the opening credits and got to...
  26. Rob T

    CTHE TV Poll results

    this just came in the mail!
  27. Rob T

    installing a WIN2K server

    anybody know where I can find step-by step instructions on how to install a WIN2K server? Thanks!
  28. Rob T

    a website about all (or most of) the various hub designs

    I'm doing a little presentation on DVD cases at school next monday and I remember someone posting a site that talked about all (or most of) the various hub designs. I tried to do a search for it, but I came up with nothing so does anybody know the URL?
  29. Rob T

    X-men 2 preview tonight on Smallville

    According to SHH and last Sundays re-run of Smallville, there will be a small clip previewed during tonights Smallville which is on at 9 on The WB. :) I think it'll be introduced by Singer as well, but I'm not sure.
  30. Rob T

    Pretty Woman - Directors cut or 10th Anniversary Edition?

    I've seen both discs in stores around here, but I'm unsure as to which one to get. Anybody know wich one is better? Thanks!