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  1. Chuck Frady

    HOT DEAL. Harmon Kardon AVR7200 at Fry's and Outpost. $799.

    FRY's hottest deal on the HK AVR 7200 Also available in the Fry's stores if they have any left in stock. WOW, free shipping as well according to the outpost.com web site.
  2. Chuck Frady

    FS: Yamaha RXV-630

  3. Chuck Frady

    FS: 2 HU Cards (football) & 2 Hughes Silver Sat boxes

    Moved to a new house and now use Comcast HDTV cable. $125 shipped for everything Chuck
  4. Chuck Frady

    FS: Sony SCD-CD775 5 disk SACD player

    Actually its an SCD-CE775. Unmodified. Hardly used as I don't have very many SACD disks. The unit and remote are mint. SACD's that come with this are Santana - Abraxas Celine Dion - A Decade of Song Beck - Sea Change Asking $140 shipped Fedex Ground. Paypal with no...
  5. Chuck Frady

    FS: Panasonic RP-72

  6. Chuck Frady

    FS: Pioneer VSX-45TX

    I sold my Sony STR-DA4ES a couple of months ago here and purchased this receiver brand new in the box at Magnolia Hi Fi and Video in Seattle on June 18th. I will forward on the receipt to the new owner showing when and where it was bought and for warranty purposes. Asking $650 shipped...
  7. Chuck Frady

    FS: Sony STR-DA4ES

  8. Chuck Frady

    FS: Band Of Brothers box set

    Watched a couple of times. Comes with all inserts and the original outer box sleeve. $50 shipped to the Continental US Paypal is preferred. thanks Chuck
  9. Chuck Frady

    FS: Panasonic RP-82

  10. Chuck Frady

    FS: Pioneer Elite 45TX

    SOLD. Versatility, power, and convenience: to align its output with your speakers, the VSX-45TX's Auto-MCCAC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit) automatically evaluates a room's environment and calibrates your system's output accordingly, for easy, accurate setup. It also...
  11. Chuck Frady

    FS: Toshiba Portege 7140CT Laptop With DVD

    A very thin and capable laptop. Specs are Pentium III 500mhz 320 megs Ram 6 gig hard drive 13.3" Active Matrix TFT Screen Li-ION Battery - 4500 mAh Eraserhead mouse pointer Also comes with External Floppy drive and Mini Port replicator when you don't want to use the...
  12. Chuck Frady

    FS. Pioneer Elite 45TX. Fantastic Shape...

    Just purchased about 1 month ago. Email with any questions. I have pics available if you need them You all know the specs on this receiver and if there are any you don't, please do a google search on the 45tx and you should be able to find anything you want to know about this remarkable...
  13. Chuck Frady

    FS: Energy AC-300 Center Channel Speaker

    SOLD a long time ago. Sorry for not updating this thread Chuck
  14. Chuck Frady

    WTB: Infinity IL36 Center Channel

    Speaker in Maple only. IL36C Hey, its a long shot, but if you have one or know where I can get one at a reasonable price, let me know thanks Chuck
  15. Chuck Frady

    Sony CDP-CX400 Megachanger

  16. Chuck Frady

    Sony CA80ES 5 disk CD Player

    Selling this since I rarely use it. Sony CA80ES 5 disk carousel cd player. Sony ES quality through and through. Heavy player. Perfect shape. Has been in a sealed cabinet since day one. Works flawlessly. Gold Plated outputs. manual and remote included. $150 obo shipped in the lower...
  17. Chuck Frady

    FS: Yamaha RX-V 630

    Selling my RX-V 630 receiver. Perfect shape. Used very little. Purchased from Magnolia Hi-Fi and Video in Seattle about 6 months ago. Still covered under factory warranty. Have original Box, Manuals and remote. MSRP is $599. I paid $450 plus tax Selling for $300 shipped. Feel free...
  18. Chuck Frady

    FS: Toshiba Portege 7020 CTE. PII-366mhz with dvd docking station

    SOLD. Thanks Rich I have one of these that I'd like to offer up to fellow HTFers. CPU: Intel Pentium-2 , 366 Mhz MEMORY: 192MB Max:192MB HARD DRIVE: 6GB FLOPPY DRIVE: built in to the DVD docking station. 3.5" 1.44meg CD/DVD DRIVE: Built in to the DVD docking station...
  19. Chuck Frady

    FS: Toshiba Portege 7220 CTE PIII-650mhz with 198 megs ram installed. DVD-Rom Drive

    I have two of these that I'd like to offer up to fellow HTFers. These have 198 megs of ram installed. Click below for a pic and complete specs from the Yahoo shopping web site (Not my ad, just a very comprehensive spec listing) http://shopping.yahoo.com/shop?d=n&i...85&cf=1&clink=...
  20. Chuck Frady

    FS: Several P2-233 computers.

    Moderators, please nuke this ad. thanks :emoji_thumbsup:
  21. Chuck Frady

    WTB: PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube system

    Tell me what you have and what you would like to get for it. Also interested in buying games if that's all you have for sale LMK thanks Chuck
  22. Chuck Frady

    Mitsubishi Direct TV Dolby Digital Sat Receiver

    Definitely sold now. Thanks Serge.. Chuck Frady
  23. Chuck Frady

    FS Lots of DVD's

    UPDATE: I have the entire Lot sold. Thanks Dennis and Jerry.
  24. Chuck Frady

    FS: Gamecube with games and accessories.

    Indigo blue gamecube, bought on the day of the launch and has seen little use. Bought it for Rogue squadron and played it for a few days, then moved on to playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein on my pc. :) The package comes with the following Rogue Squadron Tarzan Waverace. two Nintendo...
  25. Chuck Frady

    Ok, people, talk to me about Widescreen HDTV

    compatible rear projection screens. I'm getting divorced, letting the kids have my Mits 55" 4x3 big screen, so I will be comiserating my sadness in front of a new tv. SO do I stay away from the new Sony units, stay with the upper end Mits Widescreens, do I definitely consider the Toshiba's...