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  1. Tim_Prasuhn

    My DVD Collection- What do you think?

    The Collection After four years of collecting, selling, double dipping, hunting down, and just generally being a DVD fan, I've finally stopped being a slacker and put my DVD collection online. Its about 99% complete, since I did it with an old spreadsheet list of what I own (which hasn't been...
  2. Tim_Prasuhn

    The Day After - Any Movement?

    A while back, Anchor Bay announced via their site that they were going to release this film on DVD. Then, after a period of no updates, it dropped off their site's coming soon section, and it was revealed that they were still working out the rights for it. Now, with the Anchor Bay buy-out, and...
  3. Tim_Prasuhn


    Any coupons floating around for Amazon.com amazon.ca, or dvdplanet.com? I need to pick up the criterion dvd of Schizopolis, but am finding it hard to fork over the nearly 30 bucks cost (after having had an expensive month) any help would be fantastic
  4. Tim_Prasuhn

    Music Track from the film Hackers????

    I need a bit of help here. There is a scene in Hackers where Dade begins to hack the diskette (via a nifty montage, "Tag, you're in"), and discovers that it is a worm Virus. The piece of music playing over this scene is catchy, but has not appeared on any of the 3 soundtracks released for the...
  5. Tim_Prasuhn

    Till Human Voices Wake Us DVD

    Saw this in Columbus, Ohio while down for a day. What a moving film. Complete shame it didn't get a wider release. Anyway, the DVD comes from Paramount on July 29th. In the original version there were no flashbacks. This structuring was done for the american release. Will the DVD have the...
  6. Tim_Prasuhn

    Hey PARAMOUNT! How about K2?

    I've always enjoyed K-2: The Ultimate High. A smarter, more realistic, and overall more dramatic film than Vertical Limit, plus it stars Michael Biehn and Matt Craven, two talented and usually overlooked actors. Any chance of getting this on DVD, even as a bare-boned version in OAR? Plus the...
  7. Tim_Prasuhn

    Paramount- Fire in the Sky?

    Is there anything in the works, being planned, or just being talked about for the film Fire in the Sky? It was a terrifying film, with perhaps some of the most frightening images of Abduction ever put onto film. Please make my day, I need some good news.
  8. Tim_Prasuhn

    Paramount: Ren & Stimpy?????

    Ren and Stimpy was a singularly creative and original show, showcasing some of the wildest and most irreverent humor ever to air on Nickelodean, or anywhere, for that matter. It signle handedly resulted in my weird sense of humor as an adult, because as an impressonistic youth I soaked it...
  9. Tim_Prasuhn

    Paramount, Whats the Chance of A Simple Plan SE?

    Now that Sam Raimi is huge, is there a chance of A Simple Plan (my favorite film in his repetoir) getting an SE? A Raimi/Paxton/Thorton commentary would be nice, and Danny Elfman's comments on his really original and offbeat score would be welcome.
  10. Tim_Prasuhn

    John Carpenter's Dark Star- Does it Have to be this Bad?

    Love the movie, but man o man, does it look horrible on VCI's DVD. Smearing, print damage and dust and scratches.....ick, just ick. I was just wondering if it has to be this bad looking. Are the original elements that messed up? so messed up that no amount of restoration would improve it? Or is...
  11. Tim_Prasuhn

    Wing Commander DVD- Do I dare...?

    Do I dare buy it? I admit I enjoyed the hell out of the movie; I really dug the effects and the music, and I enjoyed the WWII themed visuals even if they did lead to scientific impossibilites and errors. My question is thus: should I get the DVD considering my feelings on the film? Its pretty...
  12. Tim_Prasuhn

    What was the FIRST movie you ever watched in WIDESCREEN?

    Whats the first movie you watched on tape/VHS/laser/etc that was widescreen? After being weaned on Pan-And-Scan, what was the widescreen experience you had? As for me, my memory of the FIRST widescreen experience i ever had is lost. But I do remember the second movie I saw in widescreen. Blade...
  13. Tim_Prasuhn

    The Day After hits DVD in 2003

    Lets all thank Anchor Bay Entertainment for snapping up the rights to the powerful TV movie The Day After. I consider it to be an important film about the horrors of nuclear war, a film everyone should see so that no idiot decides to go off and set off the Bomb, something that with todays rising...