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  1. Ralph Bru

    Panasonic rp82 ???? in stock ???? who ??????

    I cant find this anywhere online instock.......
  2. Ralph Bru

    Laserdisc Player Manuals ????????

    Anyone know where to get these ? The Laserdisc Archive site doesn't anwswer emails for requests. Maybe they dont offer them anymore. Can anyone help ? I'm looking for the CLD-D505 & Mitsubishi M-V7057 (or CLD-D704 as its the same player) Thanks.
  3. Ralph Bru

    Please help this newbie understand how to calibrate

    I have been reading countless posts but still I am confused a bit. I have a Onkyo TX-DS494 Receiver and want the best setting for my setup/speakers. Im in a 12x15 area with a large entertainment center. I have the JBL NSP-1 speakers and a JVC 12" 120watt Sub. after reading I have to...
  4. Ralph Bru

    Recommendations Please.

    I just bought the JBL NSP-1 speakers sytem (already have a sub) and have a major problem. I bought a HTIAB jvc system and have bought several center speakers with the same problem. well now that I bought the JBL speakers the center is still a problem so now I need receiver recommendations cause...
  5. Ralph Bru

    Newbie! recommendations for new speakers on a JVC HTIAB system ?

    Hello All ........... I use to have a old pioneer stereo system to this day I wish I did not sell to buy my home theater in a box system but having a baby required to free up some space in my small living room as the speakers and entertainment system were way to big. anyway I finally got around...