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  1. John P Grosskopf

    Devil's Advocate uncut DVD...does it exist?

    I've got the original LD of Devil's Advocate, and am wondering if the same uncut version (with the complete and unaltered writhering sculpture sequence) exists on DVD. If it does exist, can one tell from the packaging or disc spindle information?
  2. John P Grosskopf

    Has Anyone Else Received Their "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" DVD Yet?

    I opened up my mailbox this morning and was surprised to see my copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" waiting for me in the post. That's 1 day short of 2 weeks before street date here in the U.S. I ordered from an online retailer in Canada (who shall go unnamed of course) just...
  3. John P Grosskopf

    Celine Dion kills iMacs! [Actually it's CD Copy Protection, But That's Not As Funny]]

    Below is part of an article from MACUser I recevied this morning concerning CD software and copy protection: "...attempting to play the latest Celine Dion CD in a new iMac will result in the machine having to be sent for repair. Celine's latest offering - A New Day Has Come - features...
  4. John P Grosskopf

    Swamp Thing Recalled: MGM Withdraws Support for Adrienne Barbeau's Bodacious Ta Ta's!

    DVDfile.com is reporting that MGM is recalling the DVD of "Swamp Thing" because a P.O.'d mother discovered a little more of Adrienne Barbeau than she expected when renting the DVD from a Dallas area Blockbuster video. Here's the link: http://www.dvdfile.com/software/dvd-....html#05072002
  5. John P Grosskopf


    http://www.dvdfile.com/news/views/ed...002/02_28.html At the above link, DVDfile.com has an editorial whose premise is that Sony's coming Deluxe Superbit releases are really not anything all that special. I'd like to invite other forum members to visit the DVDfile site, read the article, and...
  6. John P Grosskopf

    Does anyone own a Sampo 611 DVD player?

    I recently bought a DAEWOO DVG5000N DVD player for $100 so the I could play multi-region discs. I'm happy with its reliability in playing discs of all regions, but am not at all happy with the picture quality. I notice a lot of mosquito noise and artifacting with this player than with a...
  7. John P Grosskopf

    Missing Stuntman Number and Running Scared Insert Ran Away?

    I picked up The Stuntman yesterday, and the XXXXXX/100,000 marking on the back is missing the XXXXXX part. What does this mean? I have number "nothing"/100,000? Also, I picked up Running Scared, and it has no chpater listing insert. Since this is a budget title, does it mean that MGM is...
  8. John P Grosskopf

    Anchor Bay's Infamous DVD Difficulties

    How does everyone feel about Anchor Bay's continued DVD difficulties, which seem to have become more like a string of bad luck than simple quality control issues. It started with the missing audio channel on the Black Hole and went downhill from there. The latest problem with DVD content is on...