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    BFD Question

    I've worked out all the filters in software and set it up 'in one shot', as well as incrementally (look at the current response graph for the largest single correction required, apply the filter, remeasure). The latter gave superior results and has the added benefit that you get to both...
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    Cherry Veneer ?

    Nice :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Ah, joys of joys. My Tempest sub is DOA.

    No offense but admitting defeat out of the gate isn't a very good negotiating strategy. I'm with Todd - why should you be stuck with a defective product? That's just wrong. I don't see why it wouldn't be reasonable to ship a replacement and return the defective unit as soon as reasonably...
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    I "DO NOT" have an HT!?!?

    [HT vs watching TV] Since this is totally subjective there can obviously be no "real" definition. That said, if I was to offer an opinion (subject to the standard disclaimers on what those are worth), I personally have two criteria - If the sound "blows you away", your guests are...
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    Behringer Fedback Destroyer Pro (Updated)

    That thump is intolerable. I put the sub amp on 'auto' and turn the receiver on separately after everything else via the surge supressor (we're off the grid so I turn all my equipment OFF, not just mostly off) and it doesn't thump. Shutdown in reverse (receiver first)
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    Lets start a Gallery of "your" favorite DIY images

    "my version of the ARdiys." a clean, modern spin on the early prototype
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    Any DIY Tempest owners?

    "One thing BFDs do not solve is the "dips" in the response or bass suckouts. " Not to split hairs but you can boost a dip in the response curve *if* its not a null (caused by destructive interference). I set up my filters one at a time starting with large broad cuts, progressively...
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    Any DIY Tempest owners?

    "plenty loud and plenty deep" If you're happy with it, your set. I bought the BFD because I had a huge room mode around 36hz that I wanted to tame. Pushing it ultra-low is nice for HT, but it's definitely working a lot harder and becomes excursion limited well below reference (but 'reference'...
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    Any DIY Tempest owners?

    "I have the 122L sealed tempest per Adire's instructions and it sounds fabulous. [...] No real extension below about 30Hz in my room" maybe yours is a huge room but mine's 4000+cuft with adjacent spaces and its solid well below 20Hz how? BFD :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Subwoofer Optimizer System (SOS)..is this for real?

    Might well work but as mentioned above you could definitely do better with the same or less money on a BFD, SPL meter, and a test tone disk.
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    WOW! How does SVS do it?!....

    [Cost/Price/...] People understand cost just fine. Numerous things add to the cost of commercial product that add zero value for someone with a modicum of woodworking skills, basic tools, and a few hours they'd otherwise spend watching TV. Lacking that, a commercial product certainly...
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    Noisy neighbors complain about my SVS!

    Lots of options. Direct reconciliation would be best. If you try your best and can't come to an agreement, here's what I would do - If your local ordinance quantifies what is and isn't allowed when, get a sound pressure meter and measure outside sound levels at various frequencies - see if...
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    in-room response

    BTW: the mains are operating above. I measured higher but didn't post that part of the graph as I haven't worked on anything but the sub. BTWBTW: my test cd has 'warble tones' in addition to the 'regular' tones I've been using to take measurements. I surmise from their presence that they have...
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    in-room response

    Wayne, Kyle, Zack - The listening/viewing area is part of a larger space that opens to a loft via a very-nearby stairwell. For the purposes at hand the 'space' is probably on the order of 4800 cubic feet. Yes, its a fairly shallow boost, but it was set deliberately. I used the process...
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    in-room response

    Here's the EQ'd curve (measurements taken at left, right, and center of couch, averaged, and SPL meter adjustments applied): Filters (freq +/- 1/60 octave adjustment, bandwidth in 60ths, db) 40+0 30 -27 63+0 18 -10 80+4 9 -6 32+0 6 -4 50+0 14 +2 40+2 6 +3 63+8 4 +2 32+6 5 -3...
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    in-room response

    Wayne - Thanks very much for the thorough response. I've read the suggested posts and several that they linked to. Things are much less mysterious now. I have also moved the sub to the front right corner as suggested - nearly anyway, there's a heater that that needs clearance, but its...
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    in-room response

    Setting up new system - Adire Kit281 mains, LCC, Kit81 surround, & mid-Q sealed Tempest. I've been following and posting on a few forums hoping to better understand the issues and was hoping to get feedback on my measured response. The 'room' is about 15x23. The viewing/listening area at one...