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  1. Eric M Jones

    My latest project: EasyStand for iPad

    Just FYI for those who may be interested: EasyStand is an inexpensive and attractive solution to give your iPad the props it needs. ipadeasystand.com -EJ
  2. Eric M Jones

    Shameless self promotion

    I spend a lot of time talking about films and technology (Apple, iphone, ipad,etc.) related topics with friends, family and coworkers so I decided to start a blog. I've had a link as my signature for a few weeks but wanted to officially announce it. www.coregeek.net Here's my twitter feed for...
  3. Eric M Jones

    Original iPod Nano - Black 4GB

    In very good condition. Has had Invisible Shield protector on it from the time I took out out of the box. Any dents and scratches visible are in the invisible Shield and not the ipod its self. The only damage to the actual ipod is one very small dent on top front. It's so small it was difficult...
  4. Eric M Jones

    FS: Nintendo DS Lite & accessories

    This has been seldom used (adult owned) and is in perfect working condition. It has had decal girl skins and screen protectors from day one and is in excellent cosmetic condition. The skin is called carbon fiber. Comes with travel case, large retractable stylus, charger and two games...
  5. Eric M Jones

    FS: HDDVD's including Matrix, Blade Runner, Planet Earth...

    300 $10 includes standard postal shipping -EJ
  6. Eric M Jones

    Toshiba HD-A2

  7. Eric M Jones

    RAM question for new Mac...

    I haven't had much experience with the new intel machines and internals. So I have a new iMac on the way for my mom. I comes with a 1gb module. I ordered a 2gb module separately. I was going to swap one for the other. Then I read that you apparently don't have to match RAM in pairs? But then I...
  8. Eric M Jones

    Finally talked my Mom into switching ordered her a 20" iMac...

    After many years of working on it I finally talked her into going Mac. She's been through 3 pc's since her first. On one hand I'm excited because I can actually help her when she calls with some annoying computer question. Being a Mac guy for many years I only know the very basics of windows and...
  9. Eric M Jones

    FS: Panasonic XP30 DVD Player

    Still one of the best progressive players out there. I have manual, box and remote. Is in pristine condition and has worked flawlessly since the day I unpacked it. $75.00 Here's a comment I found at Video Help: "This DVD player is highly sought after for the following reasons: It's...
  10. Eric M Jones

    Cool OSX Tips - Share Your Favorites

    I've been reading through the Mac forum and it seems there a several new users/switchers here. I thought it would be fun to share OSX tips and shortcuts that aren't readily apparent but make the OSX experience even easier. One thing I love about OSX is the thought in the design and there are...
  11. Eric M Jones

    RAW Acoustics HT3 Speaker Kit - Review (with pics)

    Why HT3's? Up to this point in my DIY loudspeaker building experience I've mostly built kits from Adire/ Exodus. When Al from RAW contacted me about giving his HT3's a go I jumped at the chance. The HT3's use two driver's I'm already very familiar with the WR125 and the Extremis 6.8. What made...
  12. Eric M Jones

    OTA - Samsung HD Tuner & Channelmaster antenna

    Is in perfect condition. SIR-T150, box, manual, remote and large channelmaster UHF rooftop antenna included. $100 or Make Offer. -EJ
  13. Eric M Jones

    Finished - Exodus/Adire 61's and stands - lots of pics

    I'm not much of a photographer and black shiny things are hard to shoot but here's the finished product that I spent approx. 2 months of my spare time on. I'm working on a LCR for center duty but it isn't finished although it's assembled and currently in use. My goals for this upgrade were...
  14. Eric M Jones

    Any Mac OSX Guru's out there... Please help.

    After being a mac user for 10+ years I finally upgraded to a new machine and OSX. (Previously used klondike G3 with OS9) My new Mac: 1.8 iMac G5, OSX 10.3.9, 1G RAM I've only had this machine for 2 days and I'm still learning about the OS which is quite foreign compared to OS9. The...
  15. Eric M Jones

    My budget theater website up "Jones Theater" now open.

    The theater has been up and running for several months. I finally found the time to build a new site. Hope you enjoy checking it out. Just click the logo. -EJ
  16. Eric M Jones

    Like new Xbox with games & accessories.

    Purchased in Nov. of 2003 is in excellent contidion. Selling because I just don't have time to play it. - Xbox, in original packaging with manual - 2 controllers 1 Xbox, 1 Phoenix - 2 - 9ft. controller extension cables - generic brand HDTV adapter Games - Halo - Enter the Matrix...
  17. Eric M Jones

    Know anthing about electrical wiring? - Need some help!

    I need to use 2 switches to control 2 seperate lights from the same power source. Any idea what the diagram would look like? Or know of a web resourse that has a diagram to do this? Thanks, -EJ
  18. Eric M Jones

    Is the widescreen version on "The Black Stallion" disc Anamorphic?

    Does anyone know? -EJ
  19. Eric M Jones

    FT: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves SE

    Brand new only watched once, excellent condition. Looking for any of these: Stuart Little (1st one Widescreen) Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron (Widescreen) Terminator:SE T2 (either the Ultimate or Extreme) El Marachi/Desperado dual release Superbits: 5th Element Starship...
  20. Eric M Jones

    Z1 Keeps shutting down on me...

    I've had the Z1 for a couple of weeks, although I haven't used it much because I was building a screen. I finally finished building my screen and have been attempting to watch some movies. The first day I played 2 movies with no problems, (the projector was sitting on a tabletop.) The next...
  21. Eric M Jones

    FS: Pioneer S104 Laserdisc player

    CLD-S104 A very reliable model. It is in great shape and runs like a champ. I have the remote, manual and original box. $100. obo. -EJ
  22. Eric M Jones

    Any Mac heads out there? I need some computer advice.

    Hello, I have an older blue & white G3. I just started getting into digital video and quickly learned I need a bigger hard drive. My question is if I get another drive is there a way to simply add it to my system? Or do I have to replace the hard drive I currently use? If so how would I...
  23. Eric M Jones

    FS: Star Wars and Indy Trilogy laserdiscs

    Star Wars THX Widescreen Trilogy "Faces" laserdiscs (pre SE). Excellent condition, were still sealed until a few months ago. $110 obo + ship Indiana Jones: Raiders, Temple, Holy Grail Widescreen Editions. Great Condition. $100 obo + ship -EJ
  24. Eric M Jones

    FS: Pioneer S104 Laserdisc Player

    Great Condition. Good basic reliable player. Includes Remote, Manual and original Box/Packaging. Can email pics upon request. $100 obo + shipping. -EJ
  25. Eric M Jones

    Thinking of buying a sportbike. Any advice on riding gear?

    Ok, I know there's a few of you sportbikers out there. I'd like advice on helmets and gear. I'm pretty hot blooded so a helmet with a good amount of air flow is a must! Not sure what's out there have any favorite websites/ sources of info? -EJ
  26. Eric M Jones

    Built 3 more subs...and a new website too... Check em' out!

    Here's a preview: Lil'Red 10" Sub Big Ol' Oak 15" Sub Big Black Box 12" Sub As you can see I've been busy since Kyle Richardson put me to work doing custom builds for Link Removed Check out my site to see more pictures -EJ
  27. Eric M Jones

    Star Wars Trilogy on laserdisc question (not covered in other threads)

    I like to know if there is any difference in the THX "Faces" discs that were sold as a box set and as individuals? Also were these actually sold as individuals or are people just breaking them up to get more money for each disc? Please don't just send me a link to the SW video timeline I...
  28. Eric M Jones

    Widescreen Advocate site is back up!

    After a week of being down we're back and on a new server. Thanks for your patience! Please go to the Why Widescreen? section and download some cards and flyers and spread the word about OAR! -EJ
  29. Eric M Jones

    I'm uying a new plunge router, any advice on which one?

    Hi all, I'm tired of my crappy old B&D with the wobbly plunge base and am going to purchase a new plunge router. I'd like some suggestions of what to buy from you guys. I'm partial to the Porter Cable and Dewalts. Who's using them? What do you like about it ? What don't you like...