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  1. Timothy Alexander

    Keira Knightly, Bounty Hunter: "Domino" trailer

    Hmmm... Keira Knightly hunting criminals with bigass guns. Mickey Rourke as her partner. Lucy Liu as her boss. Christopher Walken as an overacting TV exec. Tony Scott with his fast, epilepsy inducing editing and directing. Yup, I'm so there. Watch the trailer: http://chud.com/news/2087
  2. Timothy Alexander

    "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: EVENING HARD" uncensored trailer

    http://www.viewaskew.com/tv/evening/evening.mov Did anybody have any clue that this was coming out? Apparently taped from a Q&A done in London. I seriously can't wait for this one seeing as how I've watched the first one dozens of times, despite the 3 and a half hour length :).
  3. Timothy Alexander

    ***Official ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO Discussion Thread

    http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/o...ico/index.html :D I've been waiting for this movie ever since I found out it was even in pre-production. I loved El-Mariachi and Desperado and this one has Johnny Depp as the bad guy! C'mon, this is gonna kick so much ass. This is the Robert...
  4. Timothy Alexander

    Underappreciated film scores...

    I was just watching The Prince of Egypt the other night and I was just reminded to the fact that it's score is just breathtaking at times. Most notably during The Burning Bush scene and then the beautiful Red Sea scenes(Especially when the Red Sea closes up. I still get goosebumps from it's...
  5. Timothy Alexander

    Bad Boys II trailer

    http://www.apple.com/trailers/columbia/badboys2/ I loved the first one, and I've been waiting for a sequel to it for forever. Glad it's almost on the way. Looks pretty damn slick.
  6. Timothy Alexander

    *** Official "BARBERSHOP" Review Thread

    Surprised at the lack of any Barbershop threads anywhere. I just saw this movie last night in a SOLD OUT theater and I had a great, great time. It really is a very funny, charming, thoughtful, and very well written movie. It was a movie I walked in not expecting much and I left with a huge...
  7. Timothy Alexander

    "24" 24 hour marathon Saturday August 31on FX

    Just read on darkhorizon.com's monday news update that FX will be running a 24 hour marathon of the entire first season August 31st starting at midnight. So, who here is going to try to stay up all night and day for this one? :D
  8. Timothy Alexander

    Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, where did this come from?

    I just saw the trailer to this Antonio Banderas/Lucy Liu movie when I went to see XXX and it looks pretty damn cool. Something about asian girls with guns turn me on. :) Anybody know anything about it? It just seemed to come out of nowhere and it's already coming out next month.
  9. Timothy Alexander

    Enterprise commercial music question

    Does anybody know the name of the song that played on Enterprise's TV commercials before the series started? It was a pretty nice song and I was left wondering why in blue hell they didn't use it as Enterprise's theme.