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  1. Wayne Bundrick

    Everquest 2

    From the perspective of someone who has not played either EQ1 or any of the Warcraft games... I've been enjoying WoW more than EQ2. At first EQ2 impressed me. It looks great, and I appreciated having a tutorial and a newbie zone to help me get started. I played long enough to get off of...
  2. Wayne Bundrick

    Marvel Comics sues makers of City of Heroes

    Marvel Comics is suing NC-Soft and Cryptic Studios, makers of the popular City of Heroes MMORPG, for trademark violations on the grounds that the game's character creator allows players to create an oversized hero with green skin and purple pants, although the game's EULA specifically tells...
  3. Wayne Bundrick

    The Wall: The Broadway Musical

    Coming soon: Roger Waters, Miramax, and Tommy Mottola present "The Wall: The Broadway Musical" http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...e_pinkfloyd_dc
  4. Wayne Bundrick

    DIVX is Dead Day 5th Anniversary

    Today is the fifth anniversary of the day Circuit City pulled the plug on Digital Video Express aka DIVX. For a blast from the past, check out my old anti-DIVX website at http://members.cox.net/wbundrick/nodivx.htm
  5. Wayne Bundrick

    XP System Restore is the devil

    In addition to taking space on the hard disk, in addition to bringing boot time to a crawl as it makes backup copies of critical files, Windows XP System Restore also manages to consistently pre-fragment the backup files. On my hard drive this morning there were three backed up versions of a 15...
  6. Wayne Bundrick

    Dodge Magnum commercial promotes fullscreen over widescreen

    If you haven't seen this commercial yet, it starts out letterboxed until the driver stops the car, gets out and removes the "black bars" from the screen and puts them in the back of the car. I've just seen this commercial twice in about fifteen minutes, ironically during the NHL Playoffs in...
  7. Wayne Bundrick

    How many home remodeling reality shows do we need?

    Okay, the market has become oversaturated with shows about people remodeling other people's houses. Changing Rooms Trading Spaces While You Were Out Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ... just to name a few
  8. Wayne Bundrick

    HD letterbox stacking stupidity

    I'm watching the early early pregame festivities. The CBS digital feed is alive, but it's all upconverted 4:3 and windowboxed with blue graphics on the sides. And then the "Phil Simms All Iron Team" show comes on at 1pm EST. Almost all of this preproduced program is 16:9, then letterboxed to...
  9. Wayne Bundrick

    Adult Swim's Brak Show cancelled

    For New Year's Eve, Cartoon Network did a "New Year's Eve Bash" which was new episodes of the usual Sunday Adult Swim lineup with short animated segments between shows depicting a New Year's party at Brak's house and hosted by Brak's dad. At the party were characters from the Brak Show, ATHF...
  10. Wayne Bundrick

    Terry Tate gubernatorial candidate

    Terry Tate promises to "bring the pain up in this humpy-bumpy" if elected. I just checked the state election website and sure enough, he is listed as a candidate pending qualification approval under the name Lester Terry Tate Speight. Check it out at http://terrytate.reebok.com
  11. Wayne Bundrick


    Does anybody else here play Planetside? Or are they too busy playing it to spend time on HTF, as is almost happening to me?
  12. Wayne Bundrick

    Justin Timberlake: Where No Man Has Gone Before

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...le_spears_dc_4 Make up your own punchlines, but keep it clean!
  13. Wayne Bundrick

    Showtime's "Dead Like Me" - season 1 discussion

    Did anybody else watch this? I thought it was great. Definitely a season pass for the TiVo. If you missed it, try to catch a repeat, as this looks like the kind of show that you can't get into without seeing the introduction to the show's premise in the first episode.
  14. Wayne Bundrick

    Can anyone identify this 80s heavy metal band and track title?

    I remember hearing a track (can't call it a song because there was no music or singing, it was sort of an interlude between songs but I believe it had a title) by an '80s heavy metal band. In it, an angry man with a sinister satanic voice, supposedly a father figure, was saying things such as...
  15. Wayne Bundrick

    The DirecTV/Echostar merger is officially dead

    Here's the link to the story: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...edia_hughes_dc But I and many others thought it was stillborn from the start. It would have been a crime if the merger had passed antitrust scrutiny.
  16. Wayne Bundrick

    Something to get you into the holiday mood...

    I know this has been posted here before, but not lately, and since the holidays are upon us I thought it would be good to bring it back to get everyone into the holiday mood. http://sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf Enjoy!
  17. Wayne Bundrick

    11/5/01 - TV series DVD release date from Hell

    Oh boy. TNG Season 5, Babylon 5 Season 1, Band of Brothers, and Farscape Season 1 (I wasn't buying the individual discs). 70 episodes, 70 hours of TV time or perhaps 50 hours without commercials. When am I going to find time to watch all this? I haven't even finished watching my TNG Season 4...
  18. Wayne Bundrick

    Wal-Mart to sell HDTVs: let the hypocrisy begin!

    http://www.tvinsite.com/twice/index....y=breakingNews Hey Wal-Mart, all the DVDs I bought at your store have black bars on the sides of the HDTV I bought at your store. I want DVDs that fill my screen!
  19. Wayne Bundrick

    Pioneer DVD-R firmware bug

    I just saw a report of a firmware bug in Pioneer DVD recorders and DVD-R drives which can cause damage to both the disc and the drive/recorder if you try to burn using one of the new 4x discs which will be hitting the market soon. Pioneer has firmware updates available for download. You can...
  20. Wayne Bundrick

    Did UPS shut down for a whole friggin week in fear of another 9/11 or what?

    Inquiring minds want to know... I've got two UPS Ground packages on the way, one which should have arrived Thursday and another due on Tuesday. Neither one has shown any tracking activity since about 1:30-2:30am on Wednesday September 11.
  21. Wayne Bundrick

    MTV Video Music Awards

    Well I think it's been about 10 years since MTV stopped playing videos so I wonder why they still think they're in the position to judge videos, but anyway... Speaking of video... Hey MTV! I'd get a refund from whomever you paid to uplink the video from the awards site to your studio facility...
  22. Wayne Bundrick

    ESPN.com NFL Pigskin Pick'em 2002

    Football season is here and it's time to play the Pigskin Pick'em game at espn.com. Once again it's my pleasure to set up the Home Theater Forum group for a little friendly competition among our membership. The game is at Link Removed . You'll need an ESPN or go.com member account to sign up...
  23. Wayne Bundrick

    ESPN.com College Pigskin Pick'em 2002

    The ides of August are upon us. I can smell the brats on the tailgate barbecue grills. Football season is here. For the past few years a small group of us have had fun playing the College Pigskin Pick'em contest at ESPN.com. They've just opened up the registration for the 2002 season of...
  24. Wayne Bundrick

    Metallica Black Album DVD-A: More Cowbell!

    I'm listening to the Metallica Black Album DVD-A (the Dolby Digital mix, my DVD-A compatible player is forthcoming, but I assume the mix is the same as the real DVD-A mix except for the quality), and right in the middle of "My Friend Of Misery", one of my favorite songs with that lovely Newstead...
  25. Wayne Bundrick

    Steve Fossett's balloon flight around the world

    I just saw a map of Steve Fossett's flight so far, and the feat doesn't look as impressive as it could be. He's basically doing a lap around Antartica and not going any further north than the southernmost tips of South America and Africa and Australia's southern coast. Yeah, technically it...
  26. Wayne Bundrick

    Adult Swim: Eltingville Club

    Funniest show I've seen in a long time. It wouldn't be so funny if I couldn't relate to the "culture" being so accurately depicted, much of which I see right here in HTF every day. (You know who you are.)
  27. Wayne Bundrick

    Go Yaffa!

    I just had to say it. LMAO when I saw that commercial.
  28. Wayne Bundrick

    Anyone have tease/taunt gesture images?

    I need drawings, graphics, still photos from movies, etc., of people taunting other people by sticking their tongues out, or putting their thumbs to their temples and doing the "moose antler" gesture (I don't know what else to call it), or the one-handed moose antler with the thumb on the nose...
  29. Wayne Bundrick

    ESPN.com NFL Pigskin Pick'em

    ESPN.com has opened registration for the NFL Pigskin Pick'em game. As with the college game, I've set up a HTF group for anyone who wants to join in this friendly little competition. The name of the group is Home Theater Forum and the password is OAR. The game begins on Sunday Sept. 9 so you...
  30. Wayne Bundrick

    ESPN.com College Pigskin Pick'em

    It's late August and I hear the wind rustling through the leaves in the trees. No wait, I think it's actually the sound of co-eds shaking their pom-poms. Football season is here at last. Last year a small group of us had fun playing the College Pigskin Pick'em contest at ESPN.com. They've just...