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    Michael Parks, RIP

    Then Came Bronson star dies at 77. http://deadline.com/2017/05/michael-parks-dies-then-came-bronson-kill-bill-obituary-1202088830/
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    IMBd site

    Until recently, the IMBd page, essential to get information about old TV series (among other things), featured in each program's page a very convenient forum to discuss particular aspects of each series. This seems to have disappeared, replaced by what seems to be an expanded list of reader...
  3. J

    Trying to remember name of a early police drama

    There was a 30 minute series, probably from the late fifties, where the protagonist was a police woman, who often worked undercover.... The sexy actress was previously known in films as often portraying a gangster moll or some kind of fallen or delinquent woman. Does this ring a bell?
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    Empire (1963 TV series) on Youtube

    As far as I know, there has always been 20 episodes of the 1963-64 TV series 'Empire' available on the collectors market, most of them in black and white although the series was in color. The series -starring Richard Egan, but costarring Ryan O'Neal and Charles Bronson- was a great modern...
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    Run For Your Life on COZI TV

    Just to let everyone know that tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern, COZI TV (channel 82 on DISH) will show the episode "Someone who Makes Me Feel Beautiful", starring (alongside protagonist Ben Gazzara) Tippi Hedren (Hitchcocks' The Birds) and the irrepresible Fernando Lamas as aspiring gigolo Ramon de...
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    New DISH channel for old TV series addicts

    FETV, a channel supplied by DISH that until recently focused on religious programming and very old movies (1930's, 1940's) alongside old shows like Lone Ranger and Lassie, began, on June 2nd, retransmitting as part of its programing the digital CozI TV schedule, that seems to be similar to Retro...
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    Cozi TV

    FETV, a Dish channel that until recently focused on religious programming and very old movies (1930's, 1940's) alongside old shows like Lone Ranger and Lassie, has recently began showing COSI TV Programming, that seems to be similar to Retro or Me TV: They're showing daily The Avengers (today...
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    Empire, the 1962 series

    Empire was a NBC one hour 'modern western' that lasted one season in 1962-63. Its 32 episodes were in color and the production values were excellent. Former movie star Richard Egan starred as Jim Redigo, foreman of an enormous ranch in Texas owned by the very wealthy Garrett family: they had oil...
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    What DVD release of a classic series has most disappointed you?

    Of course, everybody has had the experience of having warm feelings about a series last viewed decades ago, and then being disappointed by the experience of watching it again after a DVD release with grown up eyes. Fortunately, I haven't had that experience very often, and have just been...
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    Empire, Long Hot Summer

    For years I've watched a few of the surviving episodes of these two dramas from the sixties, and hace wondered why they've never been released officially. Empire is a 'modern western', with Richard Egan as the administrator of a big ranch owned by the rich Garrett family, and among the regulars...