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  1. Larry Schneider

    A warning about The Descent - Blue Ray

    I finally got the disc, and it played perfectly on my updated Samsung. Not only that, but this is my first BD with the "wow" factor I've enjoyed with the best HD-DVDs.
  2. Larry Schneider

    A warning about The Descent - Blue Ray

    There's a Samsung firmware update dated 12-17 that might help. http://www.samsung.com/support/produ...e=FM&language=
  3. Larry Schneider

    Speed - Defective?

    Well, damnit, I just sent my second disc back to Amazon. Now do I order yet another one from them so I can forward it to Fox for a replacement?
  4. Larry Schneider

    Dune HD-DVD reviews?

    I watched it last night. It's excellent. I found myself watching the detail in the amazing indoor sets and costumes with astonishment - and in the fx scenes, contemplating how much effects have improved in the last 20 years or so.
  5. Larry Schneider

    Speed - Defective?

    I think it's a single layer disc.
  6. Larry Schneider

    Speed - Defective?

    I got Speed to play until about 1:10...when it broke up, badly.
  7. Larry Schneider

    Speed - Defective?

    Okay. I downloaded the firmware yet again and installed it. Then I set the "parental control" function - it defaults for level 1 - to 8 and Speed is playing for me now.
  8. Larry Schneider

    Speed - Defective?

    I'm on my second Amazon/Speed disc; both behave identically, self ejection after a few dozen seconds. Very disappointing.
  9. Larry Schneider

    The Searchers HD DVD on 8-22-06 (Possible PQ Color Issue See Post #12)

    I got my copy from the Warner site, arrived yesterday after shipping Monday.
  10. Larry Schneider

    Samsung owners, what date was your player made?

    2006/05. No real problems except the rather software...hopefully.
  11. Larry Schneider

    1900 New Release talk

    A few years ago there was an incident in Texas where a local Sheriff went to the local video store, located the names and addresses of people who had rented - and possessed - The Tin Drum. He then sent out the troops to raid the people's homes and confiscate the porn.
  12. Larry Schneider

    Warner announces Forbidden Planet for November

    The HD version was on one of the DirecTV HD channels a few months ago.
  13. Larry Schneider

    Warner announces Forbidden Planet for November

    One thing that's impossible to recreate, even with super-duper equipment and software, is the experience of seeing a great film for the first time - I remember how much the invisible tiger scared me when I saw this as a little kid.
  14. Larry Schneider

    Chiefs = TV Mini Series

    You can play it if you purchase a dvd player that will convert PAL to NTSC, the US television system. Region "0" means it will play anywhere, but a player that will convert will also play discs from any region if you set it up that way. http://www.hkflix.com/hardware/ I've found to be reliable.
  15. Larry Schneider

    Universal releasing Non-OAR dvds including "The Forbin Project, "Charley Varrick"

    It woule probably be more effective to write the appropriate executive within Universal, or better still his boss. Does anyone know who we can write to?
  16. Larry Schneider

    Universal releasing Non-OAR dvds including "The Forbin Project, "Charley Varrick"

    "Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in our 'Charley Varrick' DVD release scheduled for 12/28/04. As is noted on our website at http://homevideo.universalstudios.com the DVD will be available in the Fullframe format. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will continue to...
  17. Larry Schneider

    Non 16x9 DVDs on a 16x9 TV...

    On a few discs this can be a problem; on my old Toshiba, there's a mode that moves the entire picture up so that the subtitles are there. Basically a 2.35 film is shown with no black bar on top. It remains a problem on 1.66 subtitled discs, like "Stalingrad." That, I watch in 1.33 mode.
  18. Larry Schneider

    What are the best Vietnam documentaries?

    "The Vietnam War With Walter Cronkite" is on DVD. It's interesting, with lots of clips from contemporary news broadcasts.
  19. Larry Schneider

    Panasonic DMR-E100HS: region coding?

    Also...NTSC progressive scan only works on high-definition ready NTSC sets, which are mostly widescreen models here. Unless you have this type of NTSC set, progressive scan can't be used.
  20. Larry Schneider

    Panasonic DMR-E100HS: region coding?

    Daniele, I'm afraid that if you order the Panasonic from the US it will play Region 1 NTSC prerecorded discs only; if you want to record Italian TV, you would first have to convert the PAL to NTSC before recording - the recorded material would then have (I think) no region encoding. I would...
  21. Larry Schneider

    Tivo to DVD recorder tranfer ?

    I record History Channel stuff on DirecTivo to Panasonic DVD=RAM for editing, then copy again to DVD-R and I'm happy with the result.
  22. Larry Schneider

    Do you miss 'Ken Cranes'?

    Agreed; I once had the kid on the telephone go into the store to snag the last copy of a nearly-out-of-stock title. They they were bought by Image...
  23. Larry Schneider

    Must Have War Movies?

    Of course, there are different kinds of war movies. Some are, as was observed, adventure stories not much grounded in reality, like Pearl Harbor and U-571. Some are semi-documentary, like Tora,Tora,Tora and The Longest Day. Some are making a political or philosophical point, like Platoon, All...
  24. Larry Schneider

    Must Have War Movies?

    Attack! - bad title, low budget, great war movie.
  25. Larry Schneider

    Classic BAD MOVIES that are missing in action on DVD...

    The Crawling Eye is out (Dec. 2001) from Image - and in widescreen...well, 1.66:1.
  26. Larry Schneider

    Classic BAD MOVIES that are missing in action on DVD...

    Sergio, I'd love to see your list...
  27. Larry Schneider

    Dog Soldiers

    Maybe it's not the same transfer?
  28. Larry Schneider

    The Latest Legal Battle over a number: 22

    The local police radio code for "Signal 22" is for a demented person.
  29. Larry Schneider

    The Atlanta Aqaurium

    No, they changed their mind - they've decided to make it yet another attempt to revitalize deep downtown.
  30. Larry Schneider

    Mondo Cane in October

    My copy of Dead and Buried included an announcement of upcoming Blue Underground releases, this one included. The other "shockumentary" titles listed are MOndo Cane 2, Africa Addio, Women of the World and Goodbye Uncle Tom.