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  1. jeff peterson

    Possible to set the HD-A1 to output HDMI audio and component video

    My receiver has and HDMI input by my HD TV (Toshiba) only has component inputs. I know the A1 has 5.1 analog outs but if I sit on the fence until the A2 comes out; I'm wondering if the current player can be set to output the audio through HDMI while still leaving component video active? Then...
  2. jeff peterson

    To-may-to or To-mah-to?

    Mike Frezon is such an asset to this board; I thought we should know how to correctly pronounce his name. Is it 'M-eye-k' or 'M-ick'? :) Seriously, Mike. Is it 'Freeze-on' or 'Frey-zon'? Or maybe some other pronunciation.
  3. jeff peterson

    Advanced Pioneer MCACC and the Behringer Feedback Destroyer

    I'm presently running a Yamaha RX-V1400 with a Behringer Feedback Destroyer hooked to an SVS sub to flatten out those bass frequencies. I've just ordered a Pionner Elite VSX-74TXVi which includes the advanced version of MCACC. They claim help with standing wave issues, reverb, etc. What I'm...
  4. jeff peterson

    FS: Yamaha RX-V1400

    Hi all. I'm in the throes of upgraditis so getting rid of this unit with all accessories (except maybe the AM Antenna - may have been lifted by my son). Used in a smoke free environment, works perfectly. Specs may be found here. I'm on the good traders list here and you can see my...
  5. jeff peterson

    Will receivers convert HDMI to component?

    With the upcoming high def DVD players supposedly in the pipeline; I understand they'll only output the high def signal via HDMI. MY HDTV is a Toshiba with only component inputs. Anybody know if the upconverting receivers that have HDMI input will pass a 1080 signal through the component outputs?
  6. jeff peterson

    Seinfeld FYE Rebate

    My son just picked up the season 5 box that includes a $20 rebate from FYE. The rebate form says you must send the original UPC code from the package. However the shrink wrap also contains the FYE UPC - do they want that or the one that we would need to cut off the box itself? You know how...
  7. jeff peterson

    Looking for a Syntax Olevia 26" LCD HDTV Monitor (LT26HVX) at a B&M, not Circuit City

    I'm in the market for a second HDTV for the bedroom and this model caught my eye as the best for refresh rate, contrast, and price. My local CC is out of them and wondering if anybody knows of another B&M that may carry them. Note, I'm not interested in the sister set LT26HVE (it's only a...
  8. jeff peterson

    Packet writing shareware

    I recently replaced my TDK CD writer with a Benq DVD writer in my desktop computer. The TDK came with Nero software which included INCD; allowing me to use a CD-RW disc as a floppy; ie, I could write to it over and over again just by dragging files to it. Now, the Nero software only works for a...
  9. jeff peterson

    Our own Mike Frezon makes the papers!

    I know this isn't coupons & bargains but it's related since Mike's the Man as far as letting us all know of bargains. Our local (Albany, NY) newspaper has an article on Mike's sister, who is an expert on fruitcakes. Mike is quoted! Sorry Mike :) Mike's Sister's Fruitcake
  10. jeff peterson

    When did Paul McCartney become 'Macca'?

    I've read many books about the Beatles over the years and can't recall a reference to Paul as 'Macca'. Only on fan sites and the such.
  11. jeff peterson

    Is the DFX sound enhancing plug-in for Windows Media Player worth it?

    I recently downloaded the trial version of this plug-in. Seems to make the sound a bit 'richer'; ie, more bass, etc. But, I'm thinking I could accomplish the same thing using the built in media player equalizer. One thing that does intrigue me is the headphone enhancement since most of my...
  12. jeff peterson

    Eric Clapton Tour

    My wife gave me tickets to see him this Wednesday. I'm also psyched to see Robert Randolph who's opening. Anyone seen him want to give me a quick review of what to expect?
  13. jeff peterson

    2 network devices, only one port on computer

    I have a cable modem hooked to my PC's one network port and want to connect a digital media receiver. Do I need some kind of network switch or a pigtail type adapter; ie, 2 female network ports, one male? Or is it possible to just add another network card to the PC?
  14. jeff peterson

    Album = Record?

    I always hear people refer to a record as an album and a CD as a CD. In fact, they have corrected me when I call a CD an album saying an album refers to the old LPs. IMO, an album is a collection of songs, whether on CD, vinyl, cassette, 8 track, or reel to reel. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.
  15. jeff peterson

    Any opionions or reviews of the new Tosh SD-P1600?

    This is the 7 inch portable with the new 3.5 hour battery. Also, any deals out there on it? Edit: The header should read SD-P1400
  16. jeff peterson

    A selfish (and helpful?) plea

    This guy, Vince, who's a regular :) here at the HTF makes awesome cables for the general public. He does it as a hobby and (I think) the prices aren't much more than the raw materials. You can read about his cables at his webite here. Here's the selfish part. Since it's kind of a hobby for...
  17. jeff peterson

    Great new song on the radio, help me ID it

    Sorry, couldn't catch the lyrics but it's a male singer, sounds kind of like a garage band singer; ie, not a great voice, but good for rock and roll. Strong, driving beat. But the hook is the killer vocals by female background singers during the chorus...sounds almost like...
  18. jeff peterson

    Need To Have Audio Delay

    I know some receivers; eg, the Yamaha RXV-1400 and up series, offer this feature
  19. jeff peterson

    Music storage device

    Do folks use PDA's for music storage? Do they typically include hard drives, like the iPod?
  20. jeff peterson

    Can't remember my hardware source

    I built a flexy awhile back and got all my hardware from one place; threaded rod, neoprene washers, nuts. I can't remember the place I ordered from online. I thought I had added it to my favorites but must not have. IIRC, it was 2 names and (maybe) based in Chicago? Any ideas?
  21. jeff peterson

    Yamaha RXV-1400, how to control zone 3 volume?

    I've got the 1400, the manual states I should be able to control the zone 3 volume by setting the zone 3 option in the menu to VAR. The problem is, the last setting in the menu is F) ZONE 2; even though the manual states the last should be G) ZONE 3. I can control zone 2 volume as well as zone 3...
  22. jeff peterson

    THX Center Channel

    I've got the Yamaha 1400 receiver and playing with the sound modes; what does THX processing do to the center channel? Does it bump it up a couple of Db's? To my (over 40) ears, it seems to make it clearer a bit. Running Klipsch all around (except for my SVS sub).
  23. jeff peterson

    Best Buy coupons "not valid on prior purchases"

    My wife and I BOTH got these in the mail today for this weekend. Actually, the mailings are slightly different. Hers gives 15% off regularly priced music and movies; mine only 10% off. My question is about their 'not valid on prior purchases' disclaimer. Since I purchased my new DVD player...
  24. jeff peterson

    Progressive or Interlaced output to an HDTV?

    I'm sure I've read about this topic before but couldn't find it on a search. I just got a Denon DVD 1600 hooked up to a Toshiba 50H81 HDTV. The TV has good reports of its line doubling capabilities. I remember reading that depending on the quality of the televisions line doubler, there may...
  25. jeff peterson

    Yamaha 1400 Zone 2

    I can't seem to get this to work on this recently purchased receiver. I have zone 2 active according to the settings the manual tells me I should have; ie, amp NOT active (so it doesn't use the amp to power the zone 2 speakers since I have a zone 2 amp). I replaced a Yammy 2092 (which also had...
  26. jeff peterson

    Yamaha's former flagship RX-V2092 for sale

    Specs are here I bought this new...time for me to upgrade. Been in a smoke free environment, coddled all this time; never driven to extremes. Still have both remotes (it includes a multi room remote as well as the main remote). The original box was tossed during last year's spring clean up...
  27. jeff peterson

    Help me decide! Please! Yammy 1400 or Pioneer 45tx

    I've found an available 45tx. Should I get it or wait for the new Yamaha? I'm running Klipsch all around. I'm hearing the new Yamaha YPAO is a better auto calibrator than Pioneer's MCACC due to its having a parametric vs. graphic equalizer. I know I should wait so I can at least hear the...
  28. jeff peterson

    Default size of new IE window

    Suddenly (probably kid related) when I click on a link and open a new window, it's opened in a minimized state. How do I get it to open full screen?
  29. jeff peterson

    Cable HDTV - occasional dropped frame?

    I've got Time Warner cable and the Scientific Atlanta 3100HD cable box running through a Toshiba 50H81. While watching HBO-HD, the picture looks terrific but every once in a while it'll give a little jerk as if we just skipped a frame. No sound dropout, just a picture glitch. Has anyone else...
  30. jeff peterson

    Power supply fan not moving causing overheating/shutdown?

    The power supply in my PC is shutting down after 20-30 minutes. After awhile I can turn it back on. I think it's because the power supply's fan isn't moving. If I poke a screwdriver in and start the fan, it WILL turn for a little while but eventually stops again and the cycle starts again...