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  1. Peter McM

    Mitsubishi DLP to Hisense ULED

    I got my Mitsubishi WD-60630 Black Friday weekend 2010--11 years ago. I've only replaced the lamp once. It has continued to perform well until about a week ago it developed a dead spot. The timing actually works out well, as I've been price tracking the 65" Hisense U8G and have targeted...
  2. Peter McM

    Flash drive for in car audio--unwanted song shuffle?

    As my new 2020 Kia Sportage has no CD player, I'm now learning how to transfer music from compact disc to USB drive. But I've noticed that when I play in the car, the tracks on any particular album are getting rearranged and played back in alphabetical order by song title. I couldn't find...
  3. Peter McM

    Sofia Coppola's On the Rocks - DVD/blu status?

    I missed the very brief run at the local art house; I've never seen it offered on demand. Any word on its release on physical media?
  4. Peter McM

    Amazon "Renewed" for a PC - thoughts/reviews?

    I'm shopping for a new desktop tower, as mine has been upgraded to its limits. I see some machines with good specs thru Amazon's "renewed" for decent prices. I've read their quality control and guarantee policies and they sound good; has anyone purchased a refurbished computer through Amazon...
  5. Peter McM

    4K/region-free blu model, vendor recommendations?

    I'm on the cusp of having to replace my ten-year-old Samsung bluray player (which always was a slow loader, anyway). I want my new player to be ready for an eventual upgrade to 4K from my last-generation Mitsubishi DLP I still use and enjoy. I've read that to get a true all-region bluray...
  6. Peter McM

    Assayas' Non-Fiction region A?

    I see Oliver Assayas' Non-Fiction is finally showing a German (region B) bluray release set for 10/11; anyone hear anything yet about a disc here in the States? Could it be a pending Criterion?
  7. Peter McM

    Barnes & Noble 50% off Arrow video sale - key title missing!

    In addition to the welcome Criterion sale, B&N is also offering half off the Arrow catalog. However--the new release of The Andromeda Strain is conspicuously absent. It had been as showing as temporarily out of stock online, then it was briefly available again; now it's gone altogether.
  8. Peter McM

    Help, please - Leawo and external LG player

    Can't get Leawo free version to interact with my LG external blu-ray drive. Cyberlink 12 did the trick until recently. Any suggestions?
  9. Peter McM

    movie about girl with Star Trek script--title not known

    On a recent AXS TV "Nothing But Trailers" segment, I saw a trailer for a movie about a young girl who travels to LA to enter her original Star Trek script in a contest. I rather liked the look of it; had sort of a Free Enterprise meets Frances Ha vibe about it. Unfortunately the trailer was...
  10. Peter McM

    Borrowing from public library - DVD vs blu-ray

    I am currently on a wait list to borrow Rogue One from my Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library. An interesting observation: as of this post the DVD of the movie has 254 reservations, while I am only 24 in line for the blu-ray. While this certainly shortens my wait time for a copy, what...
  11. Peter McM

    B&N: Criterion "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" blu preorder 50%off

    $19.99 just this one title; I checked other upcoming, including its prequel (in name only), and they are the standard lesser discounts. I don't recall Barnes and Noble offering 50% a Criterion new release before.
  12. Peter McM

    Zulawski's "La Femme Publique" (Mondo Vision SE)

    Browsing the foreign film section of my local Half Price Books I made a curious find: Andrzej Zulawski's La Femme Publique, released by Mondo Vision. A quick Google turned up some very intriguing info on the film and its director, whose name I recognize but know really nothing about. The...
  13. Peter McM

    New PC needs driver software or external BD R/W?

    So--I just replaced my aged Windows Vista era PC with a tower that includes AMD A8-5500 processor w/ integrated Radeon graphics and 4GB RAM. Got a deal because it came loaded with Windows 8. Downloaded free Win 10 upgrade (which took HOURS) and I've amost got it to where I'm satisfied with...
  14. Peter McM

    "Her" on blu--when?

    With the Oscars just days away, and all other major contenders I believe now available or at least scheduled for home viewing, we still have yet to hear a release date for Spike Jonze's "Her". Anyone know why the hold up?
  15. Peter McM

    Marilyn Monroe 9-film blu-ray set - $39.99 at Amazon

    80% off. Finally--an Amazon deal I may have to jump on, even if they are now collecting Indiana sales tax.
  16. Peter McM

    Star Trek TOS blu for $108 at Amazon--but...

    ...What are the chances this will lead to a "Gold Box" deal and an even lower price in the near future? Is there any way to predict?
  17. Peter McM

    The Music Man Blu-Ray

    Resurrecting this thread to ask, Is there any word on if WB is planning a 50th Anniversary release of "The Music Man" sometime the second half of this year?
  18. Peter McM

    Soundbars: Difference in surround-sound decoders?

    I've amassed some Best Buy gift cards from the holidays and am looking to put them toward a soundbar/subwoofer for my DLP. I've narrowed the choice between the Sony HTCT550W and Panasonic SCHTB520. BB's specs list both as capable of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS, but Sony also mentions Dolby...
  19. Peter McM

    Problem with "Minority Report" BD

    Just got "Minority Report" on Blu-ray. Inserted into my Panasonic BD-65. Disc went straight to Extras / Subtitles menu, and that was all I could get it to do. I couldn't access the Main Menu or play the movie. Is this more likely to be a defective disc or firmware problem with the player?
  20. Peter McM

    Mitsubishi DLP: Where and when to purchase?

    As the Holidays approach, the customary debate begins for those of us in the market for a new HDTV. This will be my first. I have my eye on one of the newer series DLP's; can't decide on the 837 or 738. HH Gregg is an electronics institution here in Indianapolis. They have a great...
  21. Peter McM

    "10" on Blu Ray 02/01/11

    Personally, I'd settle for an animorphic do-over on standard DVD. Can WB make the iconic Bo Derek shine in Hi Def? We'll soon find out...
  22. Peter McM

    Video feed source for retailer demos?

    In major retailers (Fry's, Best Buy, HH Gregg, etc.) there is always a main display wall of TVs of various types/sizes, many of which are being fed the same image. What I'm always aware of is that on many of them the picture is, should I say, less than stellar--fuzzy, pixilated, etc. They just...
  23. Peter McM

    Farrah Fawcett dies

    An Angel in heaven... :frowning:
  24. Peter McM

    The future of LED-based DLP?

    It appears as though Samsung is now out of the DLP business, taking their LED-based technology with them. Mitsubishi has some nice looking new additions to their DLP lineup--however, they continue to design their units around the older lamps and color wheels. Is it possible we'll eventually see...
  25. Peter McM

    AVG Anti-Virus: update glitch?

    I run the highly-rated AVG Free Version for my anti-virus software. It seems to do a really good job, but lately the update manager is frequently prompting me to restart my computer, even when no new updates have been downloaded. Can I still count on the updater to do its job?
  26. Peter McM

    SIRENS: wishing for a new re-release

    1994's Sirens, starring Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald and a frequently naked Elle MacPherson (among others), was one of my earliest aquisitions in my DVD library, started almost ten years ago. I watched it numerous times, and remember thinking how good the image looked, even for an early...
  27. Peter McM

    Finally--my 1st case of "DVD rot"?

    I've been building a DVD library for almost 10 years. I recently loaned one of my early acquisitions to my mother: Robert Duvall's The Apostle--which I've watched numerous times, though not in quite a while. It would not work on her player, which had just been bought for her. I tried it on three...
  28. Peter McM

    Paul Giamotti to portray Phillip K. Dick

    Next year will see the release of The Owl in Daylight, a biopic on the life of science fiction writer Dick, whose work was the basis for films such as Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report. Giamotti is currently filming in the central role.
  29. Peter McM

    Samsung LCDs: Series 8 and 9 upgrades?

    My father in Florida just purchased, through Amazon, a Samsung LN52A750 LCD HDTV, Series 7. He absolutely loves it. I'm contemplating the same model for myself, but I noticed that Samsung has already slated Series 8 and 9 for next year. Question is, does anybody know what upgrades/improvements...
  30. Peter McM

    LCD HDTV for Dummies (like me!)

    I've been getting a hankering to upgrade my 32" CRTV to widescreen LCD, somewhere in the neighborhood of 46" or so. It would go in my living room, which is subject to a substantial amount of daytime glare from the patio window. It would also sit at a bit of an angle in one corner; therefore...