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  1. EddieN

    Irrelevant fact of the day..

    dog is god spelled backwards
  2. EddieN

    I got a FREE mountain bike ....

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the suggestions. I just started a new job today at MCI Worldcom so my Trek hast to wait until Friday to get cleaned. I always feel so lazy after work. I'm also gonna call up some bike shops in the area and see what they charge for a "tune up". ------------------...
  3. EddieN

    I got a FREE mountain bike ....

    finally I have a bike to ride around. I live in Austin and always see people on bikes and it seems like a great town to ride around in. It was fate. I was leaving the apartment and see a bike leaning up against the dumpster with signage on it that said FREE bike. It's really dirty and looks...
  4. EddieN

    Tosbiba 3109 firmware

    Actually if your still under the one year warranty you can send it to their service center (I think in Atlanta) and they'll do the firmware upgrade for free. The only reason you would want the upgrade is if it locks up on certain DVD's ? ------------------ - Eddie
  5. EddieN

    Is there a freeware SPL Meter computer program out there?

    Give this a try http://www.etfacoustic.com/index.html (found on groups.google.com). I didn't read the website too much so I don't know if this will do what you want, but it might. ------------------ - Eddie
  6. EddieN

    Can someone tell me how to fix this error?

    hmm ... I think this error can be caused by a plethora of things. First off more info would be good, what OS are you ? what's in your startup folder or what starts automatically when you first boot ? not really too important but what kinda connection do you have to the net ? Seems like...
  7. EddieN

    How difficult is this? HTML question

    Hey Graeme, Indeed it does send a nasty unformatted e-mail, but he did say he was going to manually enter this info into a DB, and I doubt they'll be getting many submissions a day. ------------------ - Eddie
  8. EddieN

    How difficult is this? HTML question

    Ummm ... I think instead of learning scripting and what not you could set the action of the form as mailto:[email protected] and that should be it. The only problem about that is the person submitting the form will get a warning, I think, saying it's submitted the form to an e-mail address, but if...
  9. EddieN

    Definitive DVD Info Site

    Can someone recommend some good sites with definitive info. I guess by definitive I mean every little detail about the dvd. For example, say I wanted to buy WarGames on DVD but wanted to find out what aspect ratio it was ? Also what kinda sound formats are on the dvd ? is it anamorphic, are...
  10. EddieN

    When you're in the jam I'm in, what to do?

    I know how you feel. I've been looking for work since April, I'm a developer. As soon as I got laid off I applied for unemployment, I'm not sure if that is an option for you, but I'm able to receive 1200 a month in unemployment benefits, which is more than enough to pay the bills and rent. I...
  11. EddieN

    Is it too much to ask for a nice not complicated girl???

    You definitely did the right thing. Just think about what would've happened if you did indeed start a relationship with this girl, me thinks it would have been torture. Sounds like you need to go drink some beers downtown on 6th street, but if you don't dig the college girls then 4th street...
  12. EddieN

    Road trip to USGP

    Hey Dave, It's always good to see a fellow Austin dude on here. When I first came out to Austin two years ago, my X girlfriend (was my girlfriend at the time) drove from Falls Church, Virginia to Austin, Texas and we made it in 24 hours straight. Falls Church is about 20 minutes outside of...
  13. EddieN

    THE GOONIES: Review

    This movie is on my buy list. I can't wait for it to come out. Here's a pic I found on the net about a week ago, it's the goonies crew - http://www.logicbug.com/goonies/ ------------------ - Eddie
  14. EddieN

    Be honest, how does standard analog cable look on a large HDTV?

    I'm with Brain on this one, DirecTV looks great hooked up via S-video, especially PPV. I used to have Time Warner "digital" cable, hooked up via s-video also, and it was like Aaron said: I'm on a 40H80 ... I hope the CBS / Dish thing goes through, then I'll be on Dish and not DirecTV...
  15. EddieN

    Picture setting on 40H80

    hmm ... howcome the contrast is always set really low on ISF'd sets ? If I set my contrast to 28 I won't be able to see anything in dark scenes and bright scenes will look dark. Hey Gary, do you have a progressive scan player going into the set ? if not I definitely recommend the 3:2 pulldown...
  16. EddieN

    Proper/Best Wiring ?

    WoW ... nice gear. OK, hook the DVD player directly to the TV using component cables, if you don't have any check outwww.bettercables.com or go to the local beast buy and get some, they're about 75 bux. Leave the DVD player hooked up to the Receiver using the optical cable, when you play...
  17. EddieN

    Where to put my receiver $

    7.1 means there will be 2 rears instead of one rear center channel, I think it's used in the DTS-EX format and others. Are you dead set on a Sony ? not that sony is bad or anything, I have the STR-DE845 and I feel I made that purchase in error, wish I would've gotten a denon or something with...
  18. EddieN

    Sorry, but need help really soon...

    Well Then, if they're going to be mostly watching DVD's go for the 65H80, check out Best Buy they might have a good deal or check your local dealer. I'm kinda biased I have the 40H80 and love it. Also look in the Tv and Projecters Area for info on the Toshiba H80 line, lots of posts in there...
  19. EddieN

    Proper/Best Wiring ?

    Okie Dokie Josh, let's see if I can do a good job at explaining this. Component (Y,Pb,Pr) - this is the best kind of hookup, usually found on dvd players and some High Definition (HD) satellite boxes. You need this type of hookup to get a progressive signal to your set. S-Video - pretty good...
  20. EddieN

    65H80, brand new, trash visible on image...

    Gotcha, thanks Brett. I guess for a bigger beast you need tabs to support the weight of all em screens. ------------------ - Eddie [Edited last by EddieN on July 19, 2001 at 03:02 PM]
  21. EddieN

    Denon Dave?

    I think he's referring to the "DenonDave" from the AVS Forum. His info is David Birch-Jones, Marketing Manager, Denon Electronics, you could try sending him a private message through AVS Forumhttp://www.avsforum.com/ubbcgi/ubbmi...Name=DenonDave or search the special guest section for his...
  22. EddieN

    65H80, brand new, trash visible on image...

    Hey Brett, For the 56H80 and the 65H80 is it necessary to remove the speaker grills and the plastic assembly before removing the screen ? I own a 40H80 and all I gotta do is take the 6 screws, that are holding the screen, out and that's it. Just curious. ------------------ - Eddie
  23. EddieN

    Sorry, but need help really soon...

    Check out the Thoshiba H80 line of 16x9 RPTV's .. I think dealers are unloading them because Toshiba is releasing the new ones soon. I've seen posts on some deal sites where the 65 inch (65H80) can be had for 2500 shipped. What are your folks going to be viewing the most, DVD, Sat, Cable ...
  24. EddieN

    Picture setting on 40H80

    Indeed, by restacking the screen I meant move the shiny outer screen to the back of the stack. In our apartment we have a halogen lamp in the front and the back of the main room, well when the back light was on, it was glare galore. At first I was kinda reluctant to do it, fear of messing...
  25. EddieN

    Picture setting on 40H80

    I had the same issues with my 40H80. After I had calibrated with Video Essentials all the dark scenes were too dark, try watching Interview with a Vampire with your contrast at 35 ... so I basically eye-balled the contrast until I could see enough detail in the dark scenes, here are my settings...
  26. EddieN

    Need apartment satellite dish mounting help!

    Hey Timmy, Do you know where I could get details on the planter that doubles as a sat stand ? Otherwise I'm gonna end up with a bucket, some quik-rete, and a pole. ------------------ - Eddie
  27. EddieN

    Can I trade in my round dish for an oval one ?

    I figured this thread was more appropriate than the buy and sell thread, but anyways. I just aquired an RCA plus receiever with an oval dish, I want to be able to receive locals, that way I can do away with my cable. My understanding is I need the dual-LNB oval dish to pickup locals and the...
  28. EddieN

    Fcc ruling re: sattelite dishes

    I want a dish, but my apartment complex won't let me put it on the roof. I know the FCC thing says it can't be on the roof, but there are 2 other buildings, out of 15 or so, that have dishes on the roof. I told them this and they said they were going to give notices to those people to take...
  29. EddieN

    Flexi Rack Pics

    Yup 3 hours, the wiring, getting the shelves spaced out enough so the equipment can breath, and leveling the shelves out. One of the best things to buy when building a Flexi is a Level. Andrew, this weekend I plan on going to a comptuer store and getting 1.5 inch loom. They sell 20 feet for...