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  1. JasonRH

    Toshiba problem: Red colors show line artifacts

    I have the Toshiba 32HFX72 direct view and when there is a red object/menu (anything with a uniform red field) displayed on the screen there are lines that go through the object like the picture is exhibiting some kind of noise. A friend has the same problem on his Hitachi RPTV. Red is the only...
  2. JasonRH

    ANGEL - When does the season finale air in Canada?

    Angel didn't air tonight in its normal time slot on ASN and there's no listing for it next week either. The Thursday showing on Space has an older episode listed. Did I miss it?
  3. JasonRH

    SASQUATCH - anyone seen it?

    I found a review on a recently released dvd called Sasquatch that stars Lance Henrikson. It sounded interesting so I considered a blind purchase. Anyone see this movie and have a recommendation? Thanks a lot.
  4. JasonRH

    BUFFY the Vampire Slayer season 1 box set - defective disc

    I have been waiting to watch this series for a while and picked up the box sets that have been released to date. I actually started the show in mid season 3 and hadn't seen the first 2 seasons at all. So, I just got season 3 and decided to start watching my sets and find that the 1st disc of...
  5. JasonRH

    Toshiba 32HF72 HDTV - does it squeeze 480i/480p sources?

    I'm thinking of buying this set and I read the description on the Toshiba site. This is the web site's description of the vertical compression mode: "16:9 Mode (full 1080i Vertical Compression) allows the consumer to display a 16:9 HD source (full 1080i) on their 4:3 HD Compatible television...
  6. JasonRH

    Samsung TXM-2796 HDTV - strange video problem

    I just bought this set and I have noticed that when using the squeeze on widescreen material, there is an area that extends from the right and left edges of the tube inwards for several inches (vertical bands that run the entire height of the screen and extend several inches from the sides of...
  7. JasonRH

    Samsung 2796 HDTV - Service menu question

    I have read posts on how to enter the service menu but no one has described how you navigate through the menu and change/save values. Can anyone elaborate on what buttons on the remote affect changes within the service menu? I'm expecting to pick up this set next week and I'm going to likely...
  8. JasonRH

    Samsung TXM 2796 HDTV - does it squeeze progressive signals?

    Not much to elaborate on. Just thinking of buying this set and wanted to be sure that it performs the raster squeeze on progressive sources. Some sets lock into full mode, which I want to avoid. Thanks a lot.
  9. JasonRH

    NEAR DARK - Poor Audio Quality??

    I just received and tried my copy of this dvd and the audio on both Dolby tracks (don't have a DTS decoder so I haven't tried that option) is very hollow sounding with echoing during dialogue. Has anyone noticed this? I know it's very unlikely but is it possible I got a bad copy? I'm not sure of...
  10. JasonRH

    Samurai X OVA : Anyone find the subtitles WAY too fast??

    The title says it all. I began watching it in Japanese with subs on but found them whizzing by the screen so fast I couldn't keep up (at least for the fist few minutes that I attempted it). I was forced, to my dismay, to watch the whole thing listening to that atrocious english dub. Probably why...
  11. JasonRH

    Wega XBR-450 : 32 in. vs 36in. - Why do all 32 inchers have bad color purity problems

    Just an observation I made. I had two 32 XBR-450's delivered and both had vertical, green bars running on the sides of the screen. Thinking I just got unlucky I decided to test a few out at various retail stores and was surprised to find that ALL of the 32 inch models had similar "bars" on them...
  12. JasonRH

    Anyone play video games on Panasonic 47inch widescreen?

    Just wondering how they look and if the stretch modes distort them a lot.
  13. JasonRH

    How are high def. programs displayed on a widescreen TV??

    Are all HD programs displayed with bars on top/bottom and both sides?
  14. JasonRH

    Toshibas displaying 540P. Why not just display native 480P??

    It seems to me that upconverting progressive images to 540P would introduce artifacts in the picture. Why would the set not just display 480P and not do any conversion? Are all signals (including 480P) upconverted? Thanks. p.s I'm asking because I may buy a new toshiba soon.
  15. JasonRH

    How are widescreen shows on analog cable presented on 16x9 sets??

    I have regular cable and notice that more programs, like Angel and Enterprise, are being presented in widescreen format. If I were to get the regular analog cable feed of these programs on a widescreen set, how would they be displayed? Would they still show vertical bars on the sides as well as...
  16. JasonRH

    Animeigo's Macross restoration : has anyone been able to preview it??

    Just wondering if any of the work has been shown at any anime conventions and,if so, how the product looked. Also, how is animeigo's subtitles - do they do a good job with them?? Thanks a lot.
  17. JasonRH

    Any good Canadian online sites to order televsions through??

    Looking for a site with competitive prices and good selection. Thanks a lot.
  18. JasonRH

    Could thin vertical off-colored lines be color purity problem??

    I have the Wega XBR-450 and both sides of the set show thin vertical stripes of off colored lines i.e. they show up as greenish on a white background. There is a region of these for a few inches in from the edge of the right hand side of the screen running the full vertical height. Moving images...
  19. JasonRH

    Is the WB network or UPN available on Direct TV?

    Could anyone give me the channel that these are located on if they are available? Thanks.
  20. JasonRH

    Catcables S-video cable : any opinions?? Bettercables a better product?

    I'm looking to buy a new s-video cable for my Direct Tv system and was interested in either of these two cables. I've seen catcables mentioned favorably but saw no opinions on the s-video cable. There are, however, many positive reviews on the bettercables s-video cable. Anyone have a suggestion...
  21. JasonRH

    Sony XBR-450 : Any adjustments for horizontal geometry bowing??

    I have this set and there is a gradual bowing in the horizontal geometry that causes the right side of the screen to be 1/4 bigger than the left, which can be seen while the set displays letterbox material. This is small but VERY noticeable. I know there are adjustments for vertical geometry...
  22. JasonRH

    Using direct view Wega XBR-450 as a computer monitor - is burn-in a worry?

    I thought about using my new t.v. as a computer monitor and wondered if it was a bad idea due to the fact that there may be static images on the screen for periods of time. Should I not use it for this purpose? Thanks.
  23. JasonRH

    Any tips on how to best clean a direct view tv screen?

    I've tried lightly wetting a cloth and cleaning the screen but I've noticed it leaves streaks all over the screen and the only way to get them off is to take a dry cloth and rub more vigorously than I am comfortable doing. Is there a better way that is easier on the screen? Thanks.
  24. JasonRH

    Any service menu tweaks I can do for Wega XBR-450 to improve picture quality?

    I'm not happy with the lack of deepness of the color black on the screen and I wanted to disable dynamic color and picture. Any idea how to adjust these parameters? Any other tweaks to improve picture quality are welcome. Thanks.
  25. JasonRH

    Any way to fix a small scratch on a television screen?

    I got a brand new Wega last week and I noticed a small scratch on the screen. It's probably 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long and is probably not affecting the picture in the area. Still, it was delivered like this so I was wondering if there was a way to fix it or would they have to replace the...
  26. JasonRH

    Adjusting image size & position with AVIA : what is "safe action area"?

    Just going through some calibrations with my Wega and Avia disc and noticed the geometry and convergence patterns have lines called "safe action" area markers that they say help in setting image size and position. Are these lines supposed to be visible on all edges of a correctly adjusted...
  27. JasonRH

    Store left my new t.v. running for 6-7 hrs at high contrast level - need I worry?

    There was a direct view 32XBR-450 that I was going to purchase and I asked the store workers to set it up for me so I could try it out in-store before I bought it. They did this at closing one night and I went in the next day to try it out and found it had been on for several hours (7 or so) at...
  28. JasonRH

    Avia grey field tests : uneven colored fields - what are they caused by?

    I've tested several Wegas and none of them show a uniformly covered grey field (easiest seen at 100 IRE level). The screen shows splotches of discoloration (i.e purple - green) in what is supposed to be a uniform field. The sets often also show a semi-circular darker pattern on the left and...