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  1. KonradN

    pioneer VSX-1014 vs Harman Kardon 235

    I was actually dead set on getting the HK 235 but then after checking this forum again I can't decide between the pioneer or the HK. Ideally I want to take both receivers home for a test drive but I will be ultimately buying one online for almost the same price (350ish for the hk and 375ish for...
  2. KonradN

    SONY ES STR-DA1000ES or is there anything better in the sub $500 range?

    just moved to a new place and my old yamaha 5640 is just not cutting it anymore. When playing movies at reference levels, I notice an electronic burning smell coming from the receiver. It works fine but obviously cannot sustain that level of volume for an extended period of time. Also the sound...
  3. KonradN

    How to fix a screen geometry problem on a direct view tv

    I just got the samsung tantus hdtv direct view tv and while the overall picture is very impressive the screen geometry is not quite perfect. Any horizontal line through the bottom half of the screen is slighly bend upwards in the middle. This defect is probably within factory tolerance but still...
  4. KonradN

    Best place to purchase a Sony STR-DA2ES receiver?

    Most places don't have this unit in stock anymore, so I'm wondering where I can pick it up for a good price and with full 5 year Sony warranty. Another question I have is, whether Sony will honor the 5 year warranty regardless of where you purchase your ES unit.
  5. KonradN

    suggestion on a karaoke solution...

    I'm looking to buy a dvd player with karaoke function. Would be nice if it has mp3 support and is a changer. Are there any good ones around 200 dollar and I want to stay away from any apex dvd player. I'm buying a new karaoke dvd player to replace an apex that broke down in less than 2 years I...
  6. KonradN

    why an lfe channel if full range signals are sent to all 5 speakers?

    Why do we need a dedicated lfe just for the low frequencies (
  7. KonradN

    question about speaker break in and amp limitation affecting speaker performance...

    i just received my axiom m50 and have a few general questions. Compared to my broken in m22ti the highs have a little sizzle which I expect to be tamed with break in but to my suprise the mid bass on the m50 seems to be a bit softer or not as tight as the m22ti. Not that the bass or midbass is...
  8. KonradN

    anybody know the difference between v1 and v2 of paradigm monitor 7?

    I am considering buying a used pair of monitor 7 v1 and would like to know if there are any sonic differences between the two version and also what a fair price is for a used pair of monitor 7 with a few small dents on the back of one of the speakers? here is a picture of the dents...
  9. KonradN

    is it worth it to upgrade to the axiom m40ti from m22?

    I have the m22 right now and I am thinking about upgrading to the m40 for the following reasons: -can't find an aethetically pleasing stand in my price range (less than 50) for the m22ti and the price of stands puts the m22 in the same range as the m40 -sometimes I like to listen to my music...
  10. KonradN

    FS:Pair of Axiom m22ti SE speakers

    I ordered them directly from the factory outlet and they are still in pristine condition. I can still return them to axiom since my 30 day evaluation has not expired yet, but so far the best shipping quote i got was over $100 so I would rather just sell it to somebody in the U.S Asking price is...
  11. KonradN

    any affordable dvd-audio or sacd dvd player with bass managment?

    I was going to go with a budget mp3 dvd player, but now I am considering one that supports a high resolution format such as dvd-audio or sacd. The problem is that I will need one that has bass managment because none of my speakers can go lower than 50hz. Any suggestions?
  12. KonradN

    budget dvd mp3 player recomendations...

    need a budget player with excellent mp3 playback. So far I am looking at the toshiba 2800 and panasonic rv-32 or panasonic's changer cv51. I have the tosh 2800 right now and have 30 days to return it. The problem I see with this unit's mp3 playback is that the volume output is about 5db less...
  13. KonradN

    are denon's two receiver lines identical?

    one is the familiar one that includeds the 1602,1802, etc... and the other can be found in the specialty audio line and starts out with the 682, 882,...all the way up to 1082. Are these two lines physically identical? If they are then u can save about 10-15 percent and this puts the 1082 which...
  14. KonradN

    just got my axiom m22ti se - what's the best way to break them in?

    after auditioning paradigm monitor and psb image series and online research I decided on the m22ti from the factory outlet. Out of the box they already sound impressive. Definitely clearer highs and mids and almost comparable bass to my old n38 and I hear they will sound even better after...
  15. KonradN

    How does Axiom compare to paradigm, B&W, Klipsch...

    I think I am going to go with the m22ti but I want to make sure that I can't get comparable performance by spending about the same on speakers from more reputable companies. How does the m22ti compare to paradigm's mini monitor or mayben even studio 20/40, B&W's DM601 S3/ DM602 S3, Klipsch...
  16. KonradN

    2 channel music with bookshelf and sub vs tower and sub

    currently I am strongly considering the axiom m22ti (bookshelf) or the axiom m60ti (tower) and will pair them up with a jbl pb12. When using the sub together with my main speakers for 2 channel music, will there be any advantages by going with the m60ti over the m22ti? My guess is that both...
  17. KonradN

    Quick Question: Can you use any antenna to receive dtv broadcast?

    I am looking at the terk website right now (http://www.terk.com) and they offer specialized hdtv antenna, but i am wondering if i can use any antenna to the receive hdtv signal, like would the terk tv-50 be able to receive hdtv signal? also if anybody is familiar with the terk tv50 or 55, then...
  18. KonradN

    Klipsch new rsw subwoofer line is about to ship... anybody heard one yet?

    I heard that these were suppose to be klipsch answer to velodyne's hgs line and I wonder how they will compare to svs especially the svs ultra and ss subwoofers.
  19. KonradN

    what xover and eq are you guys using with your passive subs?

    the bfd seems to be the eq to use and i was surprise that it can be had for around 150. by the description i thought it would be something around 5 to 10 bills. Anyways i don't think it includes an xover so what xover are u guys using and also is there a single device that a has xover and...
  20. KonradN

    a bit dissapointed with the stryke 15 performance on TN Data list

    tn just published the results for the twin svs 20-39 with 600 watts amp and it shows that the twin package is on par with the stryke at almost all levels. the stryke looses badly at 25hz, but it does have healthy output at 16hz. figures at 16hz were not provided for the twin svs package but i...
  21. KonradN

    how much does a crown k1 or k2 amp costs?

    i found a few places that sold the k1 for less than 1300. What is the lowest price on the k1 and k2 amp or how much are they when they are used but in good condition?
  22. KonradN

    cheap amplifiers for diy subs???

    i didn't know a crown ce-2000 amp that puts out close to 2000 watts at 4ohm only goes for around 700 dollars. is that the same amp svs uses in the ss line? there is also one that does 2500 at 4ohm and its less than 800 dollars. Link Removed
  23. KonradN

    help me build a sub that is on par or outperforms the paradigm servo 15 or any ..

    other in the same class. it will be a 50/50 music/ht sub and should be able to compete with the servo 15 in terms of bass extension, output level from 16hz to 80hz, impact (how much u can feel the subwoofer),transient response, distortion. In short it should be a very musical sub and create...
  24. KonradN

    Anybody here ever used the Dayton Titanic 12" subwoofer?

    I just modeled a few enclosures for this subwoofer and found that this subwoofer produces the best low end response of all the popular woofers out there like shiva, mass, and stryke. Its sealed f3 is around 28hz and it has an f7 at 20 hz. In a room it probably has an f3 close to 20hz. Also with...
  25. KonradN

    What is the best subwoofer building program?

    and if its free it would be even better, currently using winisd, but heard its not very accurate.