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  1. John*K

    NAD Service Center

    No, you have to call them to get an authorized sevice center location. Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. John*K

    Used Gear

    No, my TV doesn't have a component input; only S-Video. A used Integra sounds good. DTR7. I will have to keep my eyes peeled.
  3. John*K

    Used Gear

    My HK AVR7000 is in the repair shop. It's been an extremely frustrating experience, one which I will recount later for the benefit of other users who may need a repair shop in the future. Briefly, it was supposed to be a 2 to 3 business day wait for a diagnosis. The reality has been otherwise...
  4. John*K

    NAD Service Center

    Looking for NAD service centers in the U.S. Anyone have one available? I contacted the NAD Help center for a list, but was unable to get a response. I bought the component from a B&M "authorized" dealer, who is now out-of-business. Frustrating.
  5. John*K

    Gear Longevity Database

    My HK AVR7000 basically died on me, and I'm frustrated, because I've only had it for over 3 years. Was wondering whether there was some sort of database that averages user experience with gear longevity. Was 8 to 10 years too much to expect from my receiver?
  6. John*K

    Netflix: An ongoing log

    NetFlix throttling is real. I believe it's up on their FAQs, too. That, and I'm going through it myself right now. I'm on a 3-at-a-time plan, but went a week without any DVDs at all. ("Shipping tomorrow," &c.) It isn't "unlimited" if they choke your monthly volume.
  7. John*K

    Beethoven Hi Rez Piana Sonatas and Symphonies?

    I would like to buy hi rez versions of Beethoven's complete sonatas and his symphonies. Can anyone make a recommendation? I like the music, but don't know which perfomances I should be looking to. I would like multichannel if possible, preferably SACD. Box sets of regular CDs are okay, too...
  8. John*K

    Japanese Story

    Jace, Which would you recommend? I never thought I would have to get a region free player, but I guess I do now! Thanks much.
  9. John*K

    Japanese Story

    One thing I've been puzzling over is: Why is it titled Japanese Story?
  10. John*K

    Japanese Story

    I share your enthusiasm. I am at work, and still can't stop thinking about it. Which might surprise some, as they might have been bored. To be sure, it moves at a glacial pace. But that is as it should be, I think. We are watching the full arc of a character's development. I can't decide whether...
  11. John*K

    Japanese Story

    I just finished watching this DVD, and was profoundly moved. Toni Collette is truly amazing. Has anyone else seen it?
  12. John*K

    Warners announce Bette Davis Collection

    Would like to have seen my personal fave, The Catered Affair. Hopefully, in the future...?
  13. John*K

    Ben Folds - Songs 4 Silverman - Comments?

    No, I haven't, but I've been thinking about it. I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with his work as I should be. Actually, I was thinking about buying the deluxe edition directly from the web site. That version includes the Songs for Goldfish EP, but it wasn't clear whether the multi-channel...
  14. John*K

    Ben Folds - Songs 4 Silverman - Comments?

    Just bought the new Ben Folds (dual disc), and I'm interested in hearing comments/reviews.
  15. John*K

    Any Nikka Costa Fans?

    Any Nikka Costa fans? I've got her first album, and happened to surf on over to her site. She's got a new one coming out on May 24! And based on what I've heard, it sounds gooooood. Definitely check out the web site; some live footage there, plus the new single. I am SO pumped...
  16. John*K

    Cleaning Tape Deck Heads

    I have some 99% isopropanol, and wondered if it is okay to use for cleaning my tape deck. Anyone have experience with this?
  17. John*K

    Paul Hester, Crowded House Drummer, RIP

    Reuters Story
  18. John*K

    Allstate Commercial - What Is That Song?!

    The lyrics seem to match what I have found to be a Jimmy Cliff song, "People." However, I have never heard that song. The tail end of that thread says that it is an original, though. Ugh!!!
  19. John*K

    Allstate Commercial - What Is That Song?!

    Caught an Allstate commercial that features a song I kind of like. The lyrics are something like, "People get together." Does anyone know what this song is? And who is singing? I want to buy a copy.
  20. John*K

    Any Vanguard Investors Here?

    Any Vanguard mutual fund investors here? I was comparing their Total Stock Market Index Fund to their 500 Index Fund, and was kind of puzzled by the difference in performance. The 500 seemed to continualy beat the Total Stock Market Index. This is counter from what I understand, but admittedly...
  21. John*K

    Herzog/Kinski Anchorbay Set Defective?

    Does anyone have the Herzog/Kinski set? My Best Fiend, Herzog's personal perspective on Kinski, seems to be defective around Chapter 17. I've tried two players, the Toshiba SD 1600 and the Pioneer 563A.
  22. John*K

    Strangers With Candy: Season 3 (WHEN!?)

    Is anyone else having problems with Disk 2, Episode 9? For some reason, the transition between chapter 1 and 2 never occurs. I have to manually forward with the >> button.
  23. John*K

    NHTPro Crossover

    I have been looking for active studio monitors as computer speakers. I am interested in the NHTPro M-00. The alternative is an Event TRXL, which is bi-amplified. In contrast, the M-00 is not. NHT explains this decision thusly: http://www.nhthifi.com/scripts/nhtte...php?p_faqid=24 I am not...
  24. John*K

    A word on pre-made PCs

    Is this true for the 939 socket MBs? I've been thinking of getting the Asus A8V w/Via chipset, but saw that there is a Gigabyte MB with an nVidia chipset available.
  25. John*K

    OK to use Safeway 99percent Isopropyl

    Is there a kit available that includes the fluid and swabs? I am rediscovering my cassettes and NAD 6155 3-header. Sorry for kicking up an old topic.
  26. John*K

    Maroon 5

    I think he sounds kinda like Stevie Wonder. Not z'actly like Stevie Wonder, but kinda like Stevie Wonder. If ya feelin' me.
  27. John*K

    What is the best reciever for 100W/ch?

    Without hesitation, I recommend any Harman Kardon receiver. I can't imagine watching any movie or TV show without my AVR 7000. The sound is fantastic. After work, I live on Logic 7. Of course, there are some things I wish that it could do -- some features here, some things there. But these...
  28. John*K

    Any Floridians?

    They just gave me a list: Naples, Fort myers, cape coral, east naples, Sanibel,Marco Island I've heard that property value is increasing alot.