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  1. WillLon

    Stick (1985) petition for Burt Reynold's original cut to be released

    Petition for Universal Pictures to search for and release Burt Reynold's original director's cut of "Stick" (1985). http://chng.it/SVKQbdKR
  2. WillLon

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ 2001: A Space Odyssey -- in BD & HD

    I viewed the "4K IMAX" presentation of 2001 at 3 different local theatres over the weekend prior to Labor Day. The version presented did not exhibit any of the mastering errors present on the current bluray or previous DCP presentations. During the "Dawn of Man" sequences, the sky looked...
  3. WillLon

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Stick (1985) was originally set to be released in August 1984 with Annie Potts among the cast. She receives immediate after-title billing on the original 1984 poster. Potts even appeared on the Tonight Show in the summer of 1984 for Ghost Busters (1984) and mentioned the film coming out later in...
  4. WillLon

    R.I.P Burt Reynolds aka The Bandit

    Apparently, Kino announced Stick (1985) is planned for BluRay release in January 2019. Stick (1985) was originally set to be released in August 1984 with Annie Potts among the cast. She receives immediate after-title billing on the original 1984 poster. Potts even appeared on the Tonight Show...
  5. WillLon

    "1492: Conquest of Paradise" finally coming to blu-ray in U.S.

    Special features that could have been included: 1. "Ridley Scott: Eye of the Storm", BBC TV documentary, 13 October 1992, 55mins. A good documentary, if you can find a copy, about making the film and Ridley Scott's career in general up to that point. 2. US teaser trailer (shots of Columbus'...
  6. WillLon

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Tough Guys -- in Blu-ray

    This is, in fact, the 6th and final teaming of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in a film. Apparently, they were not close friends off-screen at all - that was all just publicity. Burt Lancaster receives first billing before Douglas in all these films (except Entebbe, I think) as well. 1948 I...
  7. WillLon

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ One-Eyed Jacks -- in Blu-ray

    Stanley Kubrick was involved in pre-production up to the point just before the start of filming. It's interesting that Kubrick left his mark on the resulting film in a few ways, leaving many of us wondering what might have been. some of the casting: Slim Pickens - real world cowboy later...
  8. WillLon

    Finally: Max Headroom Coming to DVD

    There's a review of this set on tvshowsondvd.com. Gord Lacey is also thanked by name in the booklet as well as some other fanboys from another website. I had no idea Gord was that young. I believe the "original airdate" listed in the booklet for Episode 14 - "Baby Grobags" of 10 September...
  9. WillLon

    Good news and bad news about Hunter: The Complete Series...

    > I already purchased the 2 individual season releases, do they Mill Crrek have any intention on releasing seasons 3-7 individually? The answer from the ustownhall podcast was no individual season releases - just the complete series.
  10. WillLon

    Hawaii Five: O: The Sixth Season and beyond

    I think the reason there are no "be here, aloha" episode promos on Season 1, is that either they were not started until Season 2 or the films/negatives for the promos have been lost. The omission from subsequent Season Premieres and 2-hour episodes might be for the same reason - they were not...
  11. WillLon

    Good news and bad news about Hunter: The Complete Series...

    I bought this set about a month ago when Best Buy had the exclusive release window from 6/22/2010 or so. I am quite pleased with this set. This "all at once" release beats waiting 2 or 3 years for the DVDs to trickle out. I'm almost done with Season 3 of the set. The episodes in this DVD set...
  12. WillLon

    Miami Vice: S3 & S4 Coming 3/20/07

    single-sided DVDs :-) must buy.....
  13. WillLon

    Benny Hill - how much is NOT on any DVD release yet?

    What's censored about these 2 episodes on A&E Set 4 ? [February 6th 1980 and January 7th 1981]
  14. WillLon

    Police Squad on 7th November !

    I've noticed the old VHS releases from the 80's look slightly "zoomed in" compared to these full-frame transfers.
  15. WillLon

    Why are studios biased in favor of African American shows from the 70s?

    As a recent trend, the main reason might be the big sales of Dave Chappelle's TV series DVDs from Viacom/Paramount. Other studios then try to capitalize on that as a sign of what consumers want [not this one, though]. ---
  16. WillLon

    Police Squad on 7th November !

    Official artwork and some details here: http://www.dvdactive.com/news/releas...ice-squad.html Most importantly -- In Color ! cheers.....
  17. WillLon

    A-Team Season 5 is single-sided

    here's the artwork posted on another [more useful] site: www.dvdactive.com/news/releases/the-a-team5.html
  18. WillLon

    A-Team Season 5 is single-sided

    Looks like Season 5 of The A-Team will be 3 single-sided DVDs. www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6028 Universal has confirmed our weekend report that we can expect The A-Team - Season 5 (the final season) on October 10th. The set will go for $49.98 SRP, for 3 single-sided DVDs...
  19. WillLon

    Young Indiana Jones-Any word?

    >> Now instead of releasing YIJ we're apparently waiting year after year so >> he can do hours of documentaries that will hardly be watched. After all >> historians have made hundreds of documentaries over the last few years >> covering almost every subject on Earth. ROTFLOL! This is how I...
  20. WillLon

    What is the one show you think has been ignored that should be released on DVD?

    Max Headroom (1987) 14 episodes, Warner Bros. The satire within this series is particularly relevant at this time.
  21. WillLon

    The Twilight Zone Season 4 and 5

    One thing worth mentioning are those 6 episodes from Season 2 that were shot on videotape -- far from high-def. The DVD transfers leave alot to be desired in terms of quality. There are quad scratches, horizontal streaks most noticeable at edit points, heavy grain, etc. throughout them. The...
  22. WillLon

    The Twilight Zone Season 4 and 5

    Black & white film is a high-resolution medium. So high-definition releases of great black & white filmed TV shows is a perfect match.
  23. WillLon

    Interesting Warner Brothers Info

    Superboy was actually syndicated by Viacom/Paramount. Don't know if someone else owns it now, though. It was part the "second hour" of Viacom syndicated weekend shows. "Marblehead Manor" was the first half of it. The first "hour" was Star Trek: The Next Generation. At least on my local...
  24. WillLon

    With all of these new tv announcements. What shows are you still waiting for??

    Oh yeah.... I'd bet within 1 year Max Headroom is on DVD or in the works.... Others I'm waiting on.... BBC Dave Allen at Large (1971-1986) 38 episodes US Paramount/Viacom Police Squad! (1982) 6 episodes All is Forgiven (1986) 9 episodes Marblehead Manor (1987-8) 24 episodes...
  25. WillLon

    Aeon Flux?

    If you purchase the set at Best Buy it has a bonus CD of music from the show. Oddly, my local BB had the set in the Family section ?!
  26. WillLon

    Robin of Sherwood

    I have no idea how it was achieved. I was surprised and delighted when I realized the sound was indeed at the correct speed. [I'm pitch sensitive when it comes to music.] The increase in sound pitch from 24 frames to 25 frames per second would be quite noticeable on a show like this as there...
  27. WillLon

    WB to allow downloads of classic TV shows

    This is good news indeed. I hope Viacom/Paramount follows suit. I only have 3 Warner Bros. TV series on my "DVD wish list": Max Headroom (1987) 14 episodes + original UK pilot [DVD Holy Grail!] Rafferty (1977) Pilot movie + 12 episodes [Patrick McGoohan] The George Carlin Show (1994-5) 27...
  28. WillLon

    Robin of Sherwood

    I wouldn't wait on a R1 release. It'll likely never happen... (MHO) I recommend purchasing a multi-region DVD player and the R2 DVD release. DVD player would run you about $90 or so at Target. (There are other worthwhile R2 releases, so this wouldn't necessarily be a new player just for this...
  29. WillLon

    Hey Universal! No More Double Sided Discs!

    I posted some of this in an old A-Team thread. I think it explains the problem well. I forwarded a succinct explanation to Universal and received a "form letter email" reply. The 2-sided DVD problem with Universal reminds me of the old "DiscoVision" laserdiscs, where you had to obtain...
  30. WillLon

    Logan's Run

    The format of Logan's Run and Planet of the Apes the TV series seemed to be a clone of The Fugitive.