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  1. Panamint Cinema

    Panamint Cinema Retires

    After more than 20 years, and a significant birthday tomorrow, I've decided to call it a day and wind up Panamint Cinema. Our remaining stock is still on sale a http://www.panamint.co.uk. Russell Cowe, Panamint Cinema
  2. Panamint Cinema

    Panamint Cinema Sale

    All DVDs and Blu-rays on sale for only £10.99. Cost to US, £14.16, incl airmail. Offer include: Madame X, Inferno 3D, Canyon Passage, Battle for Music Abilene Town and more. https://www.panamint.co.uk/
  3. Panamint Cinema

    The Cheviot the Stag and the Black Black Oil

    Panamint CInema is pleased to announce that this classic of Scottish Theatre, produced in BBC Television's "Play for Today" in 1974 will be released on Blu-ray on March 27th and is now available to pre-order. Written by John McGrath, founder member of the 7:84 Theatre Company (Scotland) the...
  4. Panamint Cinema

    "Venus Peter" Region B Blu-ray

    Panamint Cinema is delighted to announced the first release to home entertainment of "Venus Peter". Directed by Ian Sellar in 1989 and shown the the Cannes Film Festival that year, "Venus Peter" tells of the magical life of a young boy growing up in remote fishing community. Set in Orkney it...
  5. Panamint Cinema

    International Canyon Passage Blu-ray

    Panamint Cinema is pleased to announce that the classic Western "Canyon Passage" (Jacques Tourneur, 1946) will be released on Blu-ray Region B on August 15th. Special features: Subtitles in English for deaf and hard of hearing; 16 page illustrated booklet; Universal newsreels freshly...
  6. Panamint Cinema

    Madame X UK Region 2 release

    Panamint Cinema is pleased to announce that the DVD edition of "Madame X" (David Lowell Rich, 1966), starring Lana Turner and John Forsythe is now available at: http://panamint.co.uk/madame-x-10689-p.asp The Blu-ray edition is still available at...
  7. Panamint Cinema

    International Madame X - Region B Blu-ray Release

    Panamint Cinema is delighted to announce the first Blu-ray release of "Madame X" (David Lowell Rich, 1966) starring Lana Turner and John Forsythe on March 14th 2016. Regarded by many as one of Lana Turner's finest performances, our release is produced from a stunning 2K transfer with LPCM 2.0...
  8. Panamint Cinema

    Abilene Town - Randolph Scott's Region Free BD Shipping Now!

    Panamint Cinema is pleased to announce the release of "Abilene Town" (1946) on Blu-ray, Region Free. The release is produced from excellent fine grain 35 mm material with a fully-graded scan to 2K HD and some then a little digital work. "Abilene Town" features Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak...
  9. Panamint Cinema

    International Panamint Cinema Offer Buy 2 get one FREE!

    For a limited time buy any 2 DVD or Blu-ray titles, any mix including multiples of the same title and get one FREE at www.panamint.co.uk. Just enter Coupon Code 3for2 at the checkout. Blu-ray titles available include "Inferno" 3D Blu-ray region free, "Battle for Music", "The Gorbals Story" and...
  10. Panamint Cinema

    Inferno (1953) DVD Edition

    We are now accepting pre-orders for the DVD edition of "Inferno", recently released on 3D Blu-ray, at http://www.panamint.co.uk/inferno---dvd-edition-46-p.asp Our newly designed web-site now accepts Amazon Payments. No need to create an account just go to the checkout and pay with your Amazon...
  11. Panamint Cinema

    3D Inferno (1953) 3D Blu-ray

    Check out a clip from our forthcoming 3-D Blu-ray, "Inferno": http://www.panamint.co.uk/PBSCCatalog.asp?ItmID=14301374 To be released on August 10th, Rhonda Fleming's birthday! Russell Cowe, Panamint Cinema, Scotland
  12. Panamint Cinema

    Panamint Cinema, Scotland - Blu-ray and DVD label

    Panamint Cinema is a specialist DVD and Blu-ray label based near the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, established in 2001. On August 10th, Rhonda Fleming's birthday, we shall release "Inferno" (1953) - DVD Region 2, Blu-ray 2D and 3D Region B. Sourced from restored masters for 20th Century Fox...