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  1. Eduardo Ma

    Bose Acoustimass speakers..........cable replace?

    Hello I have Acoustimass 10 It would really be worth replacing the cable and have a noticeable difference afterwards? Ed ;)
  2. Eduardo Ma

    Interesting setup... can be possible ?

    Hello from Mexico City Want to share this awesome setup. Have a close friend and everytime we chat about syetms and his HT......he is always right Ok...... he has the following with an explanation of the issue/problem: HT Installed in his living room wich the ceiling is way up also...
  3. Eduardo Ma

    Adding the rear center channel, worth it? 6.1

    Hello Not too fancy system, love how it sounds Onkyo 700 Bose Acustimass 10 speakers, cerwin vega 12" (for bass enhacmenet) 38" Sony Wega I wanted to have a 6th channel (center rear) you can add that to my new onkyo 700 I have already read about it Within next week I will have the...
  4. Eduardo Ma

    Bose Acoutimass 10 adding a sixth cube fro DTS 6.1?

    hello Just upgraded to a DTS reciver Onkyo TX-SR700 Is it possible to hook up a sixth cube that would be the rear center surround to have the advantage of DTS 6.1 Where can it be hooked? can it be on the center speaker with an extra filter to by pass low signals? What else I can do...
  5. Eduardo Ma

    Rescent upgrade ONKYO reciver..good choce?

    Hello This is my first post .... I just made my reciver upgrade today. Got ONKYO TX-SR700 , previous reciver I had: ONKYO TX-DS747 Prices here are a joke, I bought it today because at this department store..... we only have (2 brands nationwide) they had the 12 month easy payments...