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  1. David Williams

    Long Road Back, Glad to be Here

    hey gang! I'm so glad to be back, but I can barely type now. I was in a horrible car accident on March 6, 2007 and I have bow recovered to the poiint where I can type with one finger. Before, I could type 60 wpm. :frowning: But, as I said beforem It's good to be back on the htf! Can't wait...
  2. David Williams

    Joseph Barbera (1911-2006) RIP

    "Joe Barbera, half of the Hanna-Barbera animation team that produced such beloved cartoon characters as Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear and the Flintstones, died Monday, a Warner Bros. spokesman said. He was 95. Barbera died of natural causes at his home with his wife Sheila at his side, Warner...
  3. David Williams

    Composer Shirley Walker - RIP

    Shirley Walker, an immensely talented composer best known for her work in the Diniverse died Wednesday of a brain aneurysm at the age of 61. She composed the themes for The New Adventures of Batman & Robin, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: Gotham Knights, and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm...
  4. David Williams

    Producer says X-Men III DVD to be X-tended

    From Dark Horizons: "Finally, he confirmed that whilst they didn't cut anything from the film for time, they did have "things that we did specifically for the DVD" and said "Absolutely" to the chances of an extended edition DVD." Fantastic news! It was an all around great movie. I didn't...
  5. David Williams

    So NoTORIous - New VH1 Comedy Series

    Did anyone else catch the premiere is past Sunday night? It was way beyond what I expected. Tori Spelling takes huge potshots at her perceived image (and her family) in a slightly fictionalized take on her life... Apparently not fictionalized enough since the gossip columns are full of stories...
  6. David Williams

    My 5 Year HTF Anniversary... Has it been that long?!?

    The title pretty much says it all. I couldn't believe it last month when I counted it up and it has been 5 years today since I joined the HTF. I can still remember the reason I signed up was to ask about 1776, my favorite movie, coming to DVD. That didn't happen for a few more years but I have...
  7. David Williams

    'Drunk Boy' brought to you by Applebee's

    This is truly amazing. If I was the boy's mother, I'd be suing for a lot more than $75,000 for making my 5 YO drunk. From the NY Post: "Now the boy's mom, Cynthia Pereles, is suing the chain eatery and a downtown franchise for serving her son, Seth, a Long Island Iced Tea — a walloping...
  8. David Williams

    Alan Ball creating 'Southern Vampire' series for HBO!

    This is totally unexpected but really cool news! I recently began reading the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris and today AICN is reporting that this is going to be the next new series for HBO. The book series isn't on the same level as Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter...
  9. David Williams

    Charmed - Season 8

    After quite a big build-up in the season finale, this episode was really quite disappointing. Piper & Phoebe ripping into Paige for helping an innocent, works counter to what the audience wants. I think the storyline was some real merit, but only if the sisters find a way to fight evil while...
  10. David Williams

    Best <$100 Digital Camera?

    I have no hands on experience with a digital camera, but I have a basic understanding of the technical principles involved (CCDs, MPs, etc). I want something cheap (
  11. David Williams

    Peter's Friends?

    This is about the only movie left on my Not-on-DVD wishlist, anyone out there have any idea what's holding this up? I can't think of any reason other than it must be stuck in rights hell, since it features a full-wattage cast. This was a co-production between several different companies...
  12. David Williams

    *** Official FANTASTIC FOUR Review Thread

    Um, Duh! :D They have completely different tones. FF has always been action adventure in a lighter tone. Batman has been dark and broody for the last 30 years. FF is a comic book brought to life, with all it's inherent limitations. The difference between saying it's "perfect Fantastic Four...
  13. David Williams

    The Closer - New Kyra Sedgwick Series

    I was generally impressed with the pilot and it was really nice of TNT to present it commercial free (sort of no-brainer though, considering it ran about 52 minutes). Kyra Sedgwick managed to make her character both fun, sensitive and tough, which isn't the easiest combo to pull off. I like the...
  14. David Williams

    CHARMED - S7 Finale

    The season finale ended weird and gives some question as to where the show will be headed next year. It certainly gave the impression that TPOB thought S7 would be the last and didn't have time to rewrite it. I can't claim to know a lot about the show since I've only seen S1 & S7. Is it possible...
  15. David Williams

    Love at First Bite - Soundtrack Restored?

    I'm really looking forward to the July release of Love at First Bite. I enjoyed it a lot as a kid, but all recent airings of the movie that I have seen have replaced 'I Love The Nightlife" by Alicia Bridges during the Nightclub scene with another song and it is my understanding that on the...
  16. David Williams

    Kittens for Dummies?!?!

    My aunt just called to tell me that my cousin had taken in a stray cat about a week ago. He thought the cat was just overweight, but it was pregnant and delivered about 5-6 days ago. Unfortunately, today the Mother Cat died under suspicious circumstances. :frowning: My cousin was letting the...
  17. David Williams

    *** Official PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Review Thread

    No but that is her singing voice over the end credits singing "Learn to be Lonely".
  18. David Williams

    Second Sight - Free Radical's Latest

    Being solely a GCN owner, my first exposure to Rare's offshoot, Free Radical, was TimeSplitters 2 which was a fantastic game. I can't tell you how many MP games I've played with my brothers. So I was thrilled to hear that not only was TimeSplitters 3 coming, but that they had a new game called...
  19. David Williams

    Things to See & Do in Las Vegas?

    I'll be making a pilgrimage to Sin City in January with my family. I've never been before so I was hoping that those of you out there who have could tell me about the neatest things to see & shop. I'll be there for 4 days (staying at the Luxor) and I already have some things on my list:King...
  20. David Williams

    Where is PETER'S FRIENDS?

    This is one of the last films on my 'Not on DVD, yet" List and I really can't believe it hasn't found its way out yet. I have no idea which studio has the rights to this one (I believe it was a coproduction between Samuel Goldwyn and Channel 4). For those of you not familiar with this...
  21. David Williams

    Digital Bits WB Release Date Confusion?!

    After reading the Bits big post-holiday release date news, I must say I'm confused. According to the Bits, WB is releasing the Batman Beyond discs on 2/3 instead of 3/2, Absolutely Fabulous: Series 5 on 2/17 instead of 3/16, The Police Academy septology on 3/9 instead of 4/6, and Babylon 5: The...
  22. David Williams

    Vicar of Dibley Delay?

    I didn't figure that the B&M stores would have The Vicar of Dibley: Divine Collection out on Tuesday, so I pre-ordered it from Amazon.ca. Everything was going along great, the estimated shipping date was 10/7 and then on Tuesday something weird happened. The item went from pre-order straight to...
  23. David Williams

    THREAT MATRIX - 09/18/03 - "Pilot"

    I was very pleasantly surprised. Not as subtle in its machinations, perhaps, as Alias, but not as crappy as AICN has painted it to be. The early critiques have been middle of the road, and I think the show is a clear step up from it's closest, departed competition, The Agency. The series has...
  24. David Williams

    Question about 1776 & availability

    The thought just occured to me while reading Video Tropic's future release list: Is the 1776 dvd going to be readily available at mass market on 7/2? Anyone out there got the inside scoop on if stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Wal-Mart etc. will be widely carrying this? Should I...
  25. David Williams

    Embarrasing Mistake in TNG Season 1 Set

    I searched the forums, hopefully I haven't missed it, but it seems to have gone unnoticed... In the insert for the First Season it lists the characters. Everyone's favorite stud muffin has been given a demotion to Lt. Cmdr. William T. Riker! It also neglects to mention Data, Dr. Crusher, and...
  26. David Williams

    Starfox Adventures Delayed YET again!?!

    IGN is reporting (from confidential sources) that Nintendo is set to announce in the next few weeks that Starfox will be delayed again until September. All I can say is: Shitsucking Bastards! Nintendo, what the hell are you doing? Do you not want to sell consoles? You can only shoot yourself...
  27. David Williams

    New Babylon 5 DVD Info

    Those season 1 dvds may be here a lot sooner than expected. I received a Coiumbia House Video Club flyer in the mail today, hawking the new TV series available in their collection when I happened to read this in their 'Now Available on DVD' flyer: "(NEW) Babylon 5: The DVD Collection More than...