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  1. CaseyL

    Anamorphic Lens

    Tegra C Anamorphic Lens for sale, originally for a Runco VX4C. Make an Offer.
  2. CaseyL

    Holly Cole SACD's

    I just picked up the newly released "Don't Smoke in Bed" and "Temptation" by Holly Cole on the recently released SACD's from Analogue Productions. I already owned these discs, being a big Holly Cole fan, and I can honestly say Wow! Totally worth it. They're really a step up from the...
  3. CaseyL

    Xenoblade Chronicles in the US

    For those of you Wii owners out there that are seriously underwhelmed by the complete lack of the RPG Genre on the console may have been excited about the announcement of 3 exclusive RPG games being Developed for the Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, and The Last Story. You may have...
  4. CaseyL

    Terry Pratchett's "The Watch" TV Series

    According to Bleeding Cool a new Series focusing on the Ankh Morpork City Watch is being produced for the BBC. Written by Terry Jones (Of Monty Python fame) and being produced by Prime Focus Productions who are responsible for the two most recent Mini-Series (Hogfather & Colour of Magic) who...
  5. CaseyL

    What are the best 1950's TV show Themes?

    So here in our local community theatre, we're producing "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" by Neil Simon. The director wants a lot of original themes from 50's TV shows, including, of course "Your Show of Shows". As I'm in charge of all things technical in this theatre, it falls to me to get all this...
  6. CaseyL

    FS: Energy Reference Connoisseur Speakers

    1 Pr. RC-70's Black $600 + SH 1 Pr. RC-10's Black $300 + SH 1 Ea. RC-LCR Black $300 + SH Shipping Insurance REQUIRED Reduced Shipping for buying the whole set. Been used in my theater for a few years, but are in perfect condition. I have kept these in immaculate condition. I have...
  7. CaseyL

    Audio Book Rental Service

    I'm looking for a good audio book rental service. Something akin to Netflix. I googled it, and there appears to be a metric ton of services that do this, so I'm basically looking for reviews of selections and service by people who have used these services. What's good, what sucks? I'm also...
  8. CaseyL

    Hellboy II Disc Problem

    I recently got the SD Hellboy II Limited 3-disc edition, and I noticed that through the entire feature, there was a small green line on the right side of the screen. This is pretty apparent in really bright scenes (which there aren't many). If you skip to the chapter where they're in the...
  9. CaseyL

    Cats and Furntiure Clawing

    I recently got a 4 week old kitten, who has very sharp little claws. Right now, he doesn't scratch anything, but I'd like to keep it that way. I interested in methods that other people have found successful in keeping cats from scratching up furniture. Please note, I don't feel that declawing is...
  10. CaseyL

    HDMI out of a HDPC, does it carry Audio?

    Well that's pretty much my question. If you get a video card that has HDMI, will it carry an audio signal? I guess the first question I should ask is can you get a video card that has HDMI, or is it only DVI converted to HDMI?
  11. CaseyL

    Reccomendations for a printer

    I just built a new computer, and I'm looking for recommendations for a good printer. Here's my needs: 1) I'm a digital artist, so I use the printer to kick out prints of my work, so I need something that accuratly represents colors 2) Same thing for photos, but not as picky 3) I'd...
  12. CaseyL

    Wii-mote battery life

    What's been everybodys experience with Wii controller battery life? I'm just wrapping up my second set, and I figure it's about 25 hours life. Is that everybody elses experience?
  13. CaseyL

    Wii Virtual Console & Wii Ware Weekly Release

    I thought it'd be good to have a "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About the Virtual Console but Were Afraid to Ask" Section of this forum, to keep people up to date on what is available, and what's coming soon (and maybe even a little of what we'd like to see). Virtual console seems to...
  14. CaseyL

    More Garfield & Friends?

    I was wondering if there were plans for More Garfield & Friends Seasons. I've got all 5 currently available (as well as the specials), but I'm sure that I remember episodes that weren't on these sets. I was wondering if I was remembering right and there are episodes left, or if I'm totally...
  15. CaseyL

    Home Movies 3

    tvshows on DVD has a *possible* street date as well as cover art posted. November 15! http://tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4084
  16. CaseyL

    Energy EXL Series Loudpeakers

    I have a 6 channel set of Energy series EXL Loudspeakers for sale, they are as follows: EXL-26 (1 Pr.) $375 EXL-25 (1 Pr.) $275 XL-C2 (1 CC.) $175 XL-C (1 CC.) $100 I am the only owner, I have treated these like babies. I really love the sound of these speakers a lot, and I can assure...
  17. CaseyL

    PS3 delay dependant on XBX 360

  18. CaseyL

    Princess and The Pirate Problem

    There were several scenes in this DVD where it seemed the image quality of this disc degraded heinously. Most notably the end of the first Featherhead/Sylvester scene in Featherheads cabin. Again when they reach the port after escaping from the ship. Overall, the PQ was highly inconsistant. Did...
  19. CaseyL

    Adobe to aquire Macromedia

    http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/invr...acromedia.html http://daringfireball.net/2005/04/adobe_translation I suppose this could go into computers, but it's really about the companies and their product futures more than PC's. Frankly, this kind of bums me out. I really like both...
  20. CaseyL

    Home Movies S.2...News?!?, Anybody?

    Are we ever going to see this, or are we just going to be taunted with season 1?
  21. CaseyL

    Magna Carta for PS2

    I have been following the Hyung-Tae Kim artwork for this series as well as the overall development for a long time, and I know you can import this, but is there any information on whether we will get these games in the US? They intruige me, and I absolutley adore the artwork. I'm almost ready to...
  22. CaseyL

    Home Movies Season 1!!!!

    Very Excited about this: Home Movies Season 1 on 11/16/04. It's right around the corner! Region 1 Keep Case 3-Disc Set Disc 1 - Season One: Additional Release Material: Audio Commentary - 1. Lauren Bouchard - Co-Creator/Executive Producer, Brendon Small - Voice, Jon Benjamin -...
  23. CaseyL

    German Safety Video

    http://media.hugi.is/hahradi/fyndnar...SDERERSTEA.wmv I really don't know what they are saying, but it's still stinkin' funny. Make sure you watch the whole thing.
  24. CaseyL

    Metroid Prime 2

    Check out these two sites "secretly" created by Nintendo to promote Metroid Prime 2: http://www.orbislabs.com/ http://www.channel51.org/ This is the kind of marketing creativity I consider genius. I love stuff like this. I want to see more game promotion sites like these.
  25. CaseyL

    DTS problems with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    Did anyone else have problems with the DTS disc skipping, de-pixelating or freezing up on the Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex #1 release? I noticed a couple but the one I documented was on Episode 4: Title 10, Chapter 2 at 00:10:02. It froze right up. I tested this on several other...
  26. CaseyL

    Disney Cartoon Shows: We need them!

    I am really in favor of the old Disney shows coming out on DVD. I'm not talking about the Merry Melodies Mickey Mouse stuff that they are releasing currently, although I am a fan of those, I am talking about the syndicated stuff we saw on saturday mornings. I am an especially big advocate of...
  27. CaseyL

    DS vs. PSP Which will you buy?

    I'm really super excited about the Gameboy DS because it's new and innovative, and could totally change the handheld market (Again) but, on the other hand I really don't care very much about the PSP. It's pretty bland, and there's not really any original games for it. But, that is of course my...
  28. CaseyL

    What game releases are you looking forward to?

    What stuff that is coming out are you looking forward to? Me, I'm looking forward to the following: Starcraft: Ghost - GCN/PS2/XBX Tales of Symphonia - GCN Metroid Prime 2 - GCN Paper Mario 2 - GCN Additions: Donkey Konga - GCN Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2