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    A Matter of Life and Death 4K

    Sony have completed a new 4K restoration of Powell and Pressburger's A Matter fo Life and Death in association with Park Circus. Grover Crisp's team handled the project. The 4K will debiut at this year's London FF in November. No doubt a Blu Ray wil follow. I am laying money the frist edition...
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    International Night has a Thousand Eyes (John Farrow 1948)

    A new Koch Media DVD of this from Germany comes recommended from me. The film itself is a personal favorite Noir and perhaps the most extreme expression of the Cornell Woolrich universe of doomed fatalism. Eddie G and the great Gail Russell give the movie a real feel for melancholy (the score...
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    Mr Bongo Chimes at Midnight/Falstaff

    A warning at least until I can get a copy of the actual disc and watch it but I have now seen a spread range of 24 uncompressed screencaps from this and I am - err - appalled. They all look bleached! There seems to be no trace of true black in sight, and the dynamic range/contrast is so narrow...
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    Agnes Varda

    Anthony, for you! http://www.criterionforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=13746
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    International Tales of Hoffman: Trailer

    Here it is for UK theatrical release February 17th: http://www.theguardian.com/film/video/2015/jan/26/tales-of-hoffman-exclusive-trailer Glad to see they've gotten the color timing right, with real green/turquoise for Ludmilla and Bobby's makeup, and real Helena Rubinstein lippy for...
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    International Le Jour se Leve/Daybreak Studio Canal

    I've had the German disc of this for a week now, UK and French release of the same disc scheduled for November. I can only say run don't walk to order it. After Canal and Lab Eclair's superlative 2012 2k restoration of Carne's 1938 masterpiece Quai des Brumes/ Port of Shadows I wondered how...
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    International The Gang's All Here - Masters of Cinema Region B

    I've been checking through this new release which arrived this morning. I believe this is the best it will ever look (and sound!) since the private collector's 35mm IB print last made the rounds. The pity is it's only available so far for Region B or Region Free players. David Mackenzie who has...