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  1. Mike Huey

    For John Barry, 007, and MOONRAKER fans

    Courtesy of Tadlow Music: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/681802762/moonraker-new-recording?ref=email I have several of their John Barry re-recordings and they are glorious. The missing music masters for Moonraker makes it doubtful it will ever see an 'expanded edition' release, so a...
  2. Mike Huey

    Anyone experienced this type of sound problem before?

    Saw "The Dark Knight" yesterday in IMAX again. The first time I saw it the whole production was flawless. Yesterday, there were sections of the film where the audio seemed to dropout with loud stuttering/popping sounds most prominently in the surrounds. It didn't seem to be a speaker problem...
  3. Mike Huey

    Framing in contemporary film

    Is the practice of very close and confined framing (even with 2.35:1 films) a conscious act stemming from the fact that eventually it'll be seen in full-screen on TV? Sometimes it seems really claustrophobic (although for some it works brilliantly) with the extreme close-ups of the actors faces...
  4. Mike Huey

    Honestly, what's the point?

    Sorry for the following rant..... ;) While I've had many a memorable experience at the movies, I think I'm done with theaters. That's NOT something I enjoy even pondering about. Aside from a few rare gems spread across the states like the Arclight in LA, the Ziegfeld in NY- aren't about 90%...
  5. Mike Huey

    Are most films Re-Eq'd (soundwise) for HT?

    I know that many New Line titles done by Mi Casa are re-equalized/optimized for home theater to reduce the brightness/ X-curve factor, but is this a standard practice with most films released today on dvd?
  6. Mike Huey

    LD player problems

    I have a Pioneer CLD-D704, and I've noticed that whenever I chapter skip, sometimes the onscreen player display (such as: PLAY, CHAPTER 13, etc.) has red/green halos around the lettering and when I chapter skip, the motor grinds a little, is that a problem? Also, when pausing CLV discs there is...
  7. Mike Huey

    Backup LD players

    Hey there, I'm currently running a CLD-D704, and I would really like to hold onto my LDs. Should I eventually invest in a backup player? Also, can just storing the backup player without use be bad for it? I don't like thinking that in several years my LD collection might be rendered helpless...
  8. Mike Huey

    R3 questions (Phantom of the Opera)

    Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding R3 releases from South Korea. How is the quality compared to US releases? Also, are there burnt in subtitles or anything like that? Any annoyances I might want to know about? I'm looking to purchase the R3 Phantom of the Opera (2004) because it has...