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  1. Alan Kurland

    Impressions of my new JVC DLA-RS1 Front Projector

    Thanks for your thoughts on this unit guys! I have this Lumagen scaler which is providing 1080i to the 8500 currently. It doesn't scale to 1080p, though. There may be an upgrade. Anyway, I suppose I could send my other sources (SD DVD and LD) through that for now. I have comcast HD cable (Still...
  2. Alan Kurland

    Impressions of my new JVC DLA-RS1 Front Projector

    Hey Patrick and RAF, I was on that first HTF Hollywood tour as well! Anyway I talked to Dennis at MVS, he said "fortunately" Patrick's RS1 was sent out, "unfortunately" there are none left, but "fortunately" they're expecting more in a few weeks. I think I can wait until then, so I'll be...
  3. Alan Kurland

    Impressions of my new JVC DLA-RS1 Front Projector

    I'm considering replacing my E-home 8500 with a much smaller unit. I guess my choices are sony pearl which is available now, wait for new sony units or wait for availability of the RS1. I love the CRT black levels, and I hope these units deliver. Thanks for your review RAF! Does anyone know...
  4. Alan Kurland

    Ron's HD DVD Review

    Oh, I'm still on the fence! (I was about going from LD to DVD as well) Great to hear from you Ron! I really appreciate your review, and I'm glad you weren't given a unit, so that you would be able to provide an unbiased review and decision making regarding the purchase. How do your...
  5. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Rent

    We watched it tonight. Very enjoyable, though we really loved the broadway show (seen twice) and the album (listened to many times) so we're biased. I wasn't keen on seeing it in the theater after so many mediocre reviews. Its better than I expected, though with the difficulty of translating a...
  6. Alan Kurland

    What was your very first DVD?

    Either Air Force One or LA Confidential. I clearly remember when I only had those 2. I also clearly remember the day I decided to "cave in" and buy a DVD, having been a laser disc fanatic!
  7. Alan Kurland

    The Sting: Universal Legacy Collection (Recommended)

    I would definitely recommend this movie, its one of the best of all time!! I can't wait to pick up the new addition, its the only movie I purchased in P + S version years ago, because its that great, and I had to have it despite the lack of widescreen version. I was really psyched to see...
  8. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF Review: Thunderbirds (2004)

    My six year old son said it was "the best movie he ever saw!", but then again, I haven't played him much of the originals. When pressed, he didn't like it better than the Incredibles, but liked it better than SpongeBob. Just so you know, I agree that kids will really like this movie.
  9. Alan Kurland

    NBA Dynasty Series, The Boston Celtics, and Larry Bird a Basketball Legend.

    Although I love the team, and Bird, and the DVD set looked awesome, it was $64 at BB!! I might wait and hope I get it as a gift??
  10. Alan Kurland

    Which Apocalypse Now DVD to get?

    I had both versions. I watched Redux, and felt that I wasn't sure about the "additional" stuff, and the pacing.It was long, and I doubt I'd ever watch it again, with the volume of DVDs that I've never watched! I traded my Redux in and kept the original. If they did a special edition, I suppose...
  11. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Before Sunset (Recommended).

    My wife loved the movie, but was disappointed with the ending. ...She wanted just a kiss or something to let her know the relationship would be going further. As for me, I knew they wouldn't let it end again...
  12. Alan Kurland

    My fullscreen DVD experience for the week.

    I guess I don't quite get it. Why would anyone condone putting out a fullscreen version of Star Wars again?
  13. Alan Kurland

    Anyone else get goosebumps just watching the opening credits of 'SUPERMAN'? :-)

    I also have to add that I get goosebumps when I think of the opening to the tv series "Faster than a speeding bullet, etc...fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way!" I would just love to get that on DVD!!
  14. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Butterfly Effect

    A great movie. Dark and disturbing with a lot of possible interpretations. A good job by Kutcher. I only watched the DC, but I'm going back for the theatrical ending and commentary. The extra feature discussions about time travel movies was a waste.
  15. Alan Kurland

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Freaks and Geeks 24 second season Jonny Quest Curb Your Enthusiasm season 2 Can't wait for Alias season 3
  16. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Station Agent (Highly Recommended...)

    A boring, generally depressing movie. I must disagree with the masses here. My wife thought it even more apallingly bland than me. Essentially nothing uplifting about it. I thought the acting was very good, though, and I must applaud the effort given the material.
  17. Alan Kurland

    Wacky Races Complete Series

    Can't wait!! Love the Hanna-Barbera shows. Stop that pidgeon, now!
  18. Alan Kurland

    Alias Season 1

    Definitely one of the best and most compelling shows on TV! Even my wife, who doesn't watch any TV, is totally hooked. Really looking forward to season 3 on DVD.
  19. Alan Kurland

    Do you know anybody that prefers Fullscreen over Widescreen?

    A friend of mine has an old front projector and a giant 4:3 screen. He prefers to watch full screen movies with it despite the fact that he has watched numerous movies on my 16:9 screen. He hardly ever comments on how much more enjoyable they are, and really doesn't care about OAR. He watches TV...
  20. Alan Kurland

    The Sting SE on 09/06/05 See Post #133

    Because the movie is so great, and one of my favorites, it is one of the only, if not the only, movie I own in full screen. I would gladly trash it any day if a widescreen version came out! Extras would be great too.
  21. Alan Kurland

    Question on Alias: Season 1

    These Alias episodes have been some of the most amazing, intruiging and riveting shows I have ever seen on any tv series. My wife and I are totally addicted to watching them nightly (they just ran out) My wife, who never watches any tv (just movies on my big-screen), found herself compelled and...
  22. Alan Kurland

    Movies to have a colonoscopy by - let's have some fun!

    Searching for Bobby Fisher?
  23. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - (EXTREEMELY RECOMMENDED)

    I've loved the widescreen LD for years, but I'm really psyched about the DVD! Its just an all around great movie, with catchy tunes as well.
  24. Alan Kurland

    Finally: Anamorphic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Announced!

    We certainly have been enjoying it on LD, but DVD will be great!! Wish it had substantial extras, though.
  25. Alan Kurland

    The Gods Must Be Crazy

    I always enjoyed this movie, and look forward to the DVD release. For now, I have a copy on video (recorded off HBO) a few years ago. I might make a DVD copy soon.
  26. Alan Kurland

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Die Another Day" Special Edition (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    1. He must have lost his superspy edge while being held captive in Korea. 2. He was extra "frisky" and was totally exhausted from both sexual encounters, since it had been a while for him. 3. I could almost excuse those incidents, but totally knocking a guy out for hours by hitting him...
  27. Alan Kurland

    B&W 600 Series Owners: I Need Help Picking Rears (Mono or dipole?)

    I've had experience with a setup similar. My original main speakers were the 601s. I then bought the 602s and moved the 601s to rear. For a short time I had bipolar speakers, but I was inimpressed and wanted more sound accuracy that current soundtracks offer. I moved up more - and currently have...
  28. Alan Kurland

    *** Official "THE MATRIX RELOADED" Review Thread

    2.5/5 I was quite disappointed. "The Matrix" had so much more - especially originality and excitement. "Reloaded" had a lot of problems for me, including: 1.lack of exciting action - most of the action scenes were more of the same type of action, just less emotional, more routine...
  29. Alan Kurland

    Merged Thread: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Problems

    I had freezing on disc 2 at 3 points during the movie. I returned it and though the new one didn't have the same issue, it did freeze up very briefly at a different spot. I doubt it has to do with the movie, more to do with quality of the production if everyone is having some issues.
  30. Alan Kurland

    HTF REVIEW: "The Osbournes" Season One (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    If you want more Ozzy, check out Live At Boudokan, for some interesting famly interactions. Basically, the DVD has some outtakes from the family going on tour together. Plus the music ain't to shabby. (and it would be interesting for those fans of the show to check out some Ozzy and Black...