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  1. Dave Gorman

    Bluray player problems - replacement recommendations?

    My 4? year old Sony BDP-S550 has started having problems with freezing up during playback. Sometimes I can skip to the next chapter, other times not. Sometimes the timer keeps going and it will eventually resume playing, but other times my only option is to eject the disc and chapter skip to...
  2. Dave Gorman

    What movie is this?

    While watching Inception, the scene in Cobb's home of the hallway lined with photos, I was reminded of a similar scene in another movie, but for the life of me, can't remember the name of it. I recall the hallway lined with photos, I think of the children. I recall an auto accident that happened...
  3. Dave Gorman

    Speaker upgrade: sides or rears?

    After upgrading from a 5.1 to a 7.1 system, and upgrading the front l/r speakers, I now have the opportunity to upgrade either the sides or the rears, but not both. Given that that the sides are rears are currently at about the same level of mediocrity, and realizing that there will be sonic...
  4. Dave Gorman

    Mamma Mia BD Problems?

    A friend asked me if I had read of any problems with the Mamma Mia BD. He's tried three different discs and they've all been unreadable in his Sony BDP-S500. I did some searching but couldn't find any reports (admittedly my searching might be a bit sub-par as I haven't had my full quota of...
  5. Dave Gorman

    Sony BDP-S550 7.1/5.1 multichannel analog question

    I have the Sony BDP-S550, using multichannel analog out to a 5.1 receiver. I wasn't getting anything from the rear surrounds, so did some searching here and found that BD Audio Setting needs to be set to Direct. That did the trick! But now an additional question. In a couple places it was...
  6. Dave Gorman

    Napa/Sonoma Wineries to Visit??

    I'm planning a mid-October visit to San Fran and am thinking to spend a couple days in wine country. Any winery recommendations? Tx
  7. Dave Gorman

    BD Player Advice?

    Given these choices: $350 Sony BDP-S300 $350 Samsung BD-P1400 $400 Panasonic DMP-BD30K $400 Sharp BD-HP20U $500 Sony BDP-S500 $500 Sony PS3 80GB And here's the catch: my current TV and Receiver are somewhat archaic. TV is a Toshiba 50H81 (component, no HDMI, 1080i) and receiver is a...
  8. Dave Gorman

    Car Speaker Question

    I'm posting here because the Speakers area seemed to pertain to Home Audio only (which is only appropriate, I suppose). The speaker built into the driver's side door of my 2001 Honda Civic 2-door has started in with this annoying sound I'm not sure how to describe -- kind of a buzzing...
  9. Dave Gorman

    General high-def DVD questions

    My knowledge of and questions about high-def DVD will certainly display an alarming level of ignorance, so I apologize in advance! Until now, I really haven't read or researched HD DVD (high-def in general, not HD-DVD specifically) at all for a number of reasons. Now that I'm starting to look...
  10. Dave Gorman

    San Francisco Cabs

    Well, this is probably a stupid question, but given that I've ridden in a cab exactly one time in my life, I just want to be sure... Do cabs in SF accept credit cards? I hate to carry extra cash if I don't need to. I'm assuming cabs would accept cards, but would hate to be surprised and...
  11. Dave Gorman

    Terrapin Station?

    Does anyone have an info regarding the Terrapin Station area of San Fran? Specifically, I'm interested where it is at. My googling skills seem to be broken this morning as my searches aren't turning up anything of value. Thanks.
  12. Dave Gorman

    ipod shuffle help

    My googling skills seem to be off this morning... I just can't find an answer for something that seems that it shouldn't be difficult! When I play my ipod shuffle sequentially (I'm not too impressed with the shuffling -- with over 150 songs on my 512mb shuffle, it shouldn't need to repeat 2-3...
  13. Dave Gorman

    opening acts at concerts

    You know, I was really excited about going to see Coldplay in concert next week. I really enjoy their music. But then I found out the opening act is Fiona Apple. Having never heard her, I added a "Fiona Apple" station in my Pandora. Good lord, I barely made it through half a song!! It sounded a...
  14. Dave Gorman

    Nero 7 Audio CD problem

    I've upgraded to Nero 7 and am now having problems burning Audio CDs. The problem concerns pauses between tracks. Often classical CDs have movements split into several tracks that should be played with no pause. However there will still need to be pauses between movements. For example...
  15. Dave Gorman

    HDTV question

    Let me know if this is not an appropriate place for this question since it is not about a particular show, but a more general question... I'm new to HDTV. I've had a capable TV for about 3 years, but have only recently upgraded from basic cable to the digital package that includes several...
  16. Dave Gorman

    Liquid Fabric Softener = Washing Machine Death ???

    After a coworker discovered a fabric softener sheet stuck to her clothing this morning she and I had a discussion of liquid versus sheet fabric softener. She said that the liquid fabric softener builds up in all the mechanics of the washing machine like a sludge and takes years off the life of...
  17. Dave Gorman

    Is this legit?

    I didn't know if I should ask this in software or vendors. The coinflip landed on software! Does anyone know if BOOTLEG LINK REMOVED BY CO-OWNER is legit? I can't find this anywhere else, so it causes me to be suspicious.
  18. Dave Gorman

    exercise / supplements

    I've joined a gym and have been working out an average of 3-4 days/week. I'm alternating between two different split-body (front/back) weights routines (put together by a personal trainer), and doing 20-40 minutes of cardio, depending how early I can get to the gym. I've also moderated my...
  19. Dave Gorman

    Kieslowski's Decalogue - Ebert Segment

    I've rented The Decalogue as 3 discs from Netflix. On Disc 1 there is a segment called "Roger Ebert on the Decalogue" or some such. I've watched the 3 Decalogue films on Disc 1 and would like to return it, but don't know if I should watch the Ebert segment before seeing the other 7 films. Has...
  20. Dave Gorman

    Netflix alternatives

    It seems the incidence of discs too scratched to play is becoming more frequent with Netflix. As I haven't won the lottery yet, I have to rent, not buy. The local B&M's of course don't have nearly the selection of Netflix. Are there any viable alternatives to Netflix? I've looked at...
  21. Dave Gorman

    Any houseplant experts here?

    My houseplants are being colonized by small flying insects. It started out with a couple of little flyers in one of my philodendrons. I figured it was no big deal, just a couple of strays that would lose interest and die off. Now they've increased and started to colonize a couple of my other...
  22. Dave Gorman


    Referring to the Kieslowski films -- In what order are these intended to be viewed?
  23. Dave Gorman

    Speaker Upgrade?

    My current speaker setup is a bit of a shameful hodge-podge, so I've been starting to consider a speaker upgrade. I'm a speaker novice, never having researched or followed the speaker forum. Aside from avoiding Bose, I really don't even know what brands are good and what are not. Cost is an...
  24. Dave Gorman

    car odometer question

    My SO drives a 1994 Accord in which the odometer has just decided to stop turning. Now we're neither one very mechanically inclined -- in fact I'm a complete automotive idiot. I'm just wondering if this is common and how extensive/expensive of a repair this will be. (Actually just wondering how...
  25. Dave Gorman

    Schindler's List A/R

    I wasn't sure if I should ask this in Software or Movies since it could seem to fit in either. What is the OAR for Schindler's List? IMDB reports 1.85:1. Is that correct? A friend has loaned me a R1 Schindler's List DVD, apparently of Asian origin -- not sure if it's legit or not -- but it...
  26. Dave Gorman

    MERGED Netflix thread (formerly "Netflix" and "Bye Bye Netflix", etc.)

    Well, this is different. They received a DVD yesterday that I haven't mailed back yet... Apparently this is the inverse of those times they reported shipping a DVD that I never received.
  27. Dave Gorman

    Song in "Adaptation" TV spot

    I think it's a Beatles song? Can anyone identify it for me?
  28. Dave Gorman

    Panasonic RP62 as upgrade to Pioneer DV-414??

    I'm considering purchasing the RP62 to replace my DV-414. My TV is the Tosh 50H81. Should I see/hear an appreciable difference in quality? As side notes, it will be used 99% for DVD viewing only, so CD playing, etc., are not important considerations. Also, I read that the 82 is superior to...
  29. Dave Gorman

    Burn-in question

    I'm sure this has been discussed to death probably more than once... but a search did not reveal an answer for the specific question I have. I have a new Tosh 50H81. I realize that the vertical gray bars in "Normal" view can eventually burn in. My question is, do the horizontal black bars on...
  30. Dave Gorman

    Pioneer DV-414 & widescreen

    Now that I finally have a 16:9 TV (Tosh 50H81), I could use some help and clarification with regard to widescreen and my DVD player's output. Do I understand correctly that for anamorphic DVD's I need to change the player's aspect ratio setting in the setup menu to widescreen (or whatever they...