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  1. Taco Wiz

    Little Shop of Horrors (1986) on Blu-Ray

    Despite the lack of a press release, information provided by Amazon, the MPAA, and Blu-Ray.com have made it quite clear that a re-release of Little Shop of Horrors on home video is happening this fall, and it is to include "Little Shop of Horrors: The Intended Cut". Because the MPAA has already...
  2. Taco Wiz

    Getting My Computer to Play Blu-Rays

    I want to know if I can get my Windows 7 computer to play Blu-Rays, either with software or by connecting it to a player. I own a Blu-Ray player, but it's in my old house (I moved recently). I can retrieve it eventually if there's a way to plug it in, and if there is software I can use then...