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  1. Chas_Michael

    Poltergeist -Spencer Tracy clip?

    There was a small clip in Black and White with Spencer Tracy playing on the TV in the movie poltergeist before it signed off and went to static.. Does anyone know the title of the movie?
  2. Chas_Michael

    "Thriller" Complete Series Box Set Price Watch!

    OK, let's have a continuing thread on the best pricing for the upcoming "Thriller" Complete Series Box Set. Deep Discount-$101.99.
  3. Chas_Michael

    Beyond Tomorrow Critics Choice DVD? Does anyone have this?

    Does anyone have the Beyond Tomorrow Critics Choice DVD? The correct run time is 84 minutes. From what I've seen on the web it has a 81 minute run time. Is this correct?
  4. Chas_Michael

    The Waltons-5 TV Movie Specials?

    Has anyone heard any news if the Waltons-5 TV movie specials will be coming to DVD?
  5. Chas_Michael

    Waltons, The: The Complete Eighth Season-Problem???

    Waltons, The: The Complete Eighth Season Amazon has stopped selling this due to a problem with the set. Anyone know what's wrong?
  6. Chas_Michael

    Night Gallery Season 1 Box set HELP!

    Does the Night Gallery season 1 box set come with a booklet? I just received my copy and there is a place for the booklet, but one was not included in my set. I cannot find any contact for Universal DVD whatsoever. Any help will greatly be appreciated!
  7. Chas_Michael

    Wagon Train - The Complete Color Season RELEASE DATE?

    Wagon Train - The Complete Color Season RELEASE DATE? Wagon Train - The Complete Color Season...was scheduled for November 4th? Does anyone have the definite release date?
  8. Chas_Michael

    Little House On The Prairie-Complete series Box?

    Does anyone know if they will be using new uncut transfers? or any additional bonus features not on the individual season box sets?
  9. Chas_Michael

    Waltons-any news?

    The Waltons- any news?
  10. Chas_Michael

    Route 66 Season-ONE 8/5/08 any reviews?

    Did they fix these? any reviews out there?
  11. Chas_Michael

    Dangerous Assignment?

    Any reviews?
  12. Chas_Michael

    Dick Van Dyke Show DVD's Help!

    OK, Guys, I need a little advice here. Should I get the 5 Individual seasons Dick Van Dyke Show box sets, or the complete Seasons Box? I've read there are some issues with the Complete Seasons box set that has the dreaded syrupy clear slime on the DVD's? Is there any extra content in...
  13. Chas_Michael

    Little House On the Prairie?

    I own all 10 Little House On The Prairie box sets. They have to be the most miserable quality in a non public domain release ever released! Incredibly bad! anyway, does anyone know if we'll ever get a high quality re-release of all 10 box sets? Or, are we stuck forever with this junk...
  14. Chas_Michael

    Lawless Years 3rd Season Timesless media box set?

    Any idea if the upcoming LAWLESS YEARS Season 3 box set episodes will be tinted yellow?
  15. Chas_Michael

    Mill Creek: TV Favorites - 150 Episodes 1/15/08?

    Hello, does anyone have an episode listing for this upcoming TV Favorites - 150 Episodes Mill Creek release? I wonder if we'll get any new additions to the previous released Mill Creek Boxes or just rehash? UPC Code 826831070377
  16. Chas_Michael

    Face Off 2 DVD set 9/11?

    Face Off 2 DVD set. Any reviews, content, etc?
  17. Chas_Michael

    Colgate Comedy Hour 10 DVD Box Set Review?

    Colgate Comedy Hour 10 DVD Box. Any reviews on this? Complete or edited? http://www.passportdvd.com/details_nr.php?recordID=5170
  18. Chas_Michael

    East Side Kids-Critics Choice Double Feature Vol 1 -7 DVD's?

    East Side Kids Critics Choice Double Feature Vol 1 -7 DVD's Hey Guys! Anyone own these? quality, etc.?
  19. Chas_Michael

    Mr. & Mrs. North-Best Quality DVD's?

    OK, any opinions on the best quality Mr. & Mrs. North DVD's?
  20. Chas_Michael

    Burns & Allen TV Show best DVD?

    any opinions on the best quality (with commercials, if possible included) Burns & Allen TV Show, and The Jack Benny Show on DVD?
  21. Chas_Michael

    The Super/With Honors DVD?

    Anyone own this DVD? If so, Widescreen or Pan & Scan?
  22. Chas_Michael

    Public Domain TV Show DVD's with the original Commercials included

    Lets make a listing of all the know Public Domain TV Show DVD's with the original commercials included!
  23. Chas_Michael

    Sky King on DVD?

    Hello all! Did anyone compare the 2 Sky King DVD's listed below? Alpha Sky King UPC: 089218477392 Critics Choice Sky King, Vol. 1 UPC: 617742107692 I understand they both have the same episodes listed. CC has some commercials? Does the Alpha?
  24. Chas_Michael

    Andy Griffith Show:Complete Seasons Box Set Review?

    Hello all. any word if they corrected the wrongs that were included on the individual DVD sets? Cuts, missing laugh tracks?
  25. Chas_Michael

    Lucy Show DVD Box Sets?

    OK Guys! Has anyone compared the video quality, running time, etc. of these two Lucy Show Box sets? Best of Lucy and Friends [4 Discs] Mill Creek Entertainment UPC: 683904505590 Release Date: 04/10/2007 The Lucy Show [3 Discs] Platinum/St Clair Entertainment UPC: 777966884196 Release...
  26. Chas_Michael

    Beverly Hillbillies 4 DVD Mill Creek Box Set

    here's the epsode list for the upcoming 4 DVD Mill Creek Box set. Title Air Date Run Time Clampetts Strike Oil, The 9/26/1962 25:15:00 Getting Settled 10/3/1962 25:25:00 Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin 10/10/1962 25:30:00 Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale, The 10/17/1962...
  27. Chas_Michael

    Diamond Entertainment Contact Info? HELP!

    I recently purchased a 2 DVD One Step Beyond set, and It is missing disc one. Anyone have a contact phone number for Diamond Entertainment?
  28. Chas_Michael

    Ozzie & Harriet Mill Creek Entertainment Box Set Episode Listing!!

    OK! This is exciting! Mill Creek Ozzie & Harriet Box Set Episode list! With the upcoming Shout Factory Ozzie & Harriet Box Set and Mill Creek Entertainment releasing a new Ozzie & Harriet Box Set in March, we're going to have a nice start on getting Ozzie & Harriet shows in one place...
  29. Chas_Michael

    Ultimate TV Westerns 150 Movie Pk * One Step Beyond Mill Creek DVD's ANY REVIEWS?

    Hello there, any reviews for the latest Mill Creek DVD boxes of Ultimate TV Westerns 150 Movie Pk and the One Step Beyond 50 show box? comparisons to what is already out there in the PD DVD world?
  30. Chas_Michael


    Does anyone know what episode Granny goes to a department store and discovers a TROLL DOLL? A picture of Granny holdng the TROLL DOLL is in the fine book on the Beverly Hillbillies by Stephen Cox.