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  1. Bobofbone

    An old home theater

    I haven't seen two home theaters that are identical. We all have different ideas, and I came on a home theater that was different from what I've seen in the past. It was in this house. It's an older home-used by the Colonial Governor of the Virginia Colony, and later by the first two...
  2. Bobofbone

    Room Uncalibration

    Last week, I listened to the interview with Paul Hayes in the sticky section on building. In it, he discussed the errors that can be introduced with room calibration programing in AVR's. It was an interesting discussion. After thinking about his ideas, I began wondering what the calibration from...
  3. Bobofbone

    Southern Cue 'n Vu enhanced lighting

    I finished some changes that I planned in lighting. During construction, I ran four circuits through a outlet that utilized Lutron variable controls, with three using Maestro IR remote fixtures The single non remote circuit ran to a pair of ceiling fans. I found out, when all was hooked up...
  4. Bobofbone

    DIY Universal Remote

    Around Christmas, I got into a discussion with a a design engineer from Google and her computer -engineer husband (my daughter and son in law) about the possiblility of programing an I phone to use wifi and the codes from existing remotes as a DIY universal remote control. While I think it can...
  5. Bobofbone

    Southern Q n' Vu

    I've been lurking and occassionally posting here, and picked up alot of ideas. When I was a kid, I found out that the White House had a home theater, and, while I had no political aspirations, I thought I might like something along similar lines. One of my professors thought the same way, and...
  6. Bobofbone

    Distortion from a projector

    I'm considering where to place a projector for a room that will be, when finished, about 21'x11', with a height of around 8.5'. I'm planning on placing a DIY screen on the long wall, projecting across the width of the room. The house is currently under construction. The adjacent room will be a...
  7. Bobofbone

    Starting construction on a HT-looking for critique-NOT in a hurry

    I'm starting to put together a HT-sort of my first. I say sort of, because I've used areas of previous houses with a large screen rear projection TV and a fairly good sound system. I started in the early 90's. My wife was really interested in a Bose system. I surprised her with a Pioneer amp and...