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  1. DonMac

    *** Official SUNSHINE Discussion Thread

    The July 20th date is a limited release. It doesn't go wide until July 27th from what I've heard. Also, this weekend Richard Roeper listed it as one of the movies to be reviewed on "Ebert & Roeper" (or now more accurately "Roeper and guest-of-the-week") that'll be broadcast next weekend, so...
  2. DonMac

    Dropping Any Shows This Year?

    What shows are you planning to drop from your viewing schedule this season?
  3. DonMac

    If You Liked That Movie, Then Check Out This One!

    This thread is for suggesting a movie (or movies) that's similar to a newer and/or more popular movie in the basic plot or basic themes. (NOTE: It's okay to list originals and remakes - but if the titles are the same, please provide the year of release for each.) Here are a few: If you liked...
  4. DonMac

    What Are the Best Horror SEQUELS?

    Ignoring the "original" horror films for now, what are the best horror sequels? (And I don't mean remakes, unless there is a numeral at the end of the title) Here's a few I like: - Bride of Frankenstein - IMO, better and more memorable than the original - Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn - although...