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  1. ChristopherM

    "Crimewave" scheduled

    Amazon.co.uk and Play.com are both listing a 15-Aug-05 release date for "Crimewave". However there are precious few details posted. There are several films around with this title, but the running time listed on Play.com would be about right (allowing for 4% PAL speedup) for this to be the...
  2. ChristopherM

    Billion Dollar Brain - Music Rights Cleared?

    UK websites are reporting that MGM will release an R2 DVD of "Billion Dollar Brain" on 6 September 2004. Presumably the studio has either secured the music rights, or else the film has been redubbed. Does anybody know which? In his book "Starring Michael Caine" David Bishop reported that a...
  3. ChristopherM

    "The Wrong Guy" coming to DVD!

    I just noticed that Amazon is listing the Dave Foley comedy "The Wrong Guy" for release in September: Release Information: Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid Theatrical Release Date: 1997 DVD Release Date: September 24, 2002 Run Time: 93 minutes Edition Details: • Region 1 encoding (US and...
  4. ChristopherM

    Il Postino Special Edition?

    I read a while back that there will be a Region 1 two-disc Special Edition of "Il Postino" released later this year. Does anybody have any further details? I'd like to know because a Region 2 single-disc edition is currently available half-price in a UK chain store (MVC).
  5. ChristopherM

    UK Deluxe Edition of Sleeping Beauty

    According to a list posted at R2 Project, the UK will be getting a Deluxe edition of Sleeping Beauty after all, in November.
  6. ChristopherM

    Running time for "The Tall Guy"

    I wonder if anyone can help clear up some confusion? According to Halliwells, the running time for "The Tall Guy" is 92 mins. Websites selling the US (Miramax) DVD list the running time as 92 mins, but the Miramax sleeve states 85 minutes. Websites selling the Canadian (Alliance) version...
  7. ChristopherM

    Sleeping Beauty gets 2-Disc DTS SE... in France

    Disney's Sleeping Beauty is to get a 2-Disc DVD in France. Picture will be anamorphic. Sound will be in DD5.1 (English & French) and DTS5.1 (French only). I don't have time right now to translate and post the extras, but the French Language details (and the gorgeous sleeve artwork) are at...
  8. ChristopherM

    The Tall Guy

    For anyone who's interested, Amazon is listing the "The Tall Guy" for release on 19 March 2002. I've been looking out for this movie on DVD since I bought a player. Does anyone know any further details? A widescreen transfer alone would be reason enough to buy this, but a commentary by Mel...
  9. ChristopherM

    Swedish Suppliers?

    Can anyone recommend a good DVD supplier based in Sweden? Thanks.
  10. ChristopherM

    Monty Python & Holy Grail Action Figures

    Fans of "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" might like to know that there is going to be a series of 12" action figures, including Terry Gilliam as Patsy: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/cgi-bin/c...hon&type=store
  11. ChristopherM

    Instructions for GB "King of the Ring"

    This is the first message that I've posted on this particular forum, so hopefully this question is appropriate: I've just purchased a second-hand copy of the Gameboy game "WWF King of the Ring", but there were no instructions. I know a couple of websites that have posted manuals online but...
  12. ChristopherM

    Jeunet/Caro Boxed Set - Subtitles?

    A 5-Disc boxed set of Delicatessen (2 Discs), La Cité Des Enfants Perdus (2 discs) and the 1981 short feature Le Bunker De La Dernière Rafale is being advertised in the French press for release in France by Studio Canal on 17 October. Extras include commentaries, storyboards, trailers, costume...
  13. ChristopherM

    The Italian Job, Alfie & Zulu

    For as long as I can remember, I've been looking for a widescreen version of "The Italian Job" on home video. Now, according to the UK's "Total DVD" magazine, DVDs of the Michael Caine movies "The Italian Job", "Alfie" & "Zulu" are all in preparation for release in 2002. Apparently, Sir...
  14. ChristopherM

    "The Dancer" (2000)

    Does anyone know anything about the 2000 movie "The Dancer"? The French DVD has both French and English soundtracks, but only French subtitles, so I'd like to know if the English soundtrack is the original. This is listed as a France-originated movie by dvdfr.com but it does not state the...
  15. ChristopherM

    Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"

    I recall recently seeing a question on another Disney thread regarding the release of this title. According to the R2 Project this will be arriving in the UK on 4 March 2002, so I guess the R1 edition may be announced soon. The Press Release is at...
  16. ChristopherM

    Uncensored 1920s Disney - on VHS

    I've already posted this news under the current "Hunchback" thread, but I think that it deserves a thread of its own... According http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/ , a forthcoming Disney video release entitled "The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story" includes never before seen...
  17. ChristopherM

    "Atlantis" - Any recommended German retailer

    An R2 DTS DVD of Besson's "Atlantis" is released in Germany next week. Can anybody please recommend a retailer who exports to the UK? Many thanks
  18. ChristopherM

    Best version of X-Men?

    I know that some Region 1 THX DVDs are inferior to non-THX R2 versions (eg the original releases of the Die Hard movies). On the other hand, I also know that some R2 PAL transfers are inferior to the corresponding R1 NTSC transfers (eg at least one of the R1 Star Trek DVDs had a better picture...