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  1. Kevin Goodwin

    Looking for +70" HDTV recommendations

    So, I was out to dinner with the wife last night, and we stopped into Best Buy to kill a few minutes before we headed out to the movies. This Best Buy store (Orland Park, IL) just added a Magnolia HT section, so we went over to check it out, as we're in the market for our first HD set for our...
  2. Kevin Goodwin

    RPTV vs. Projector - How did you decide?

    I'm in the process of getting quotes on having my basement finished, and I'm trying to decide exactly what kind of display I want for my HT. Originally, I was just going to get a fixed screen and a projector, but after thinking about it for awhile, I'm starting to have second thoughts. My...
  3. Kevin Goodwin

    Crutchfield 10% coupon code

    I just bought a sweet new Panasonic GS-150 digital video camera from Crutchfield, who beat the pants off of Best Buy, including the 5-year warranty. Anyway, they sent me a code for $20 off a $200 order using this code: p1vjc-9hh1a-3i8gi kev
  4. Kevin Goodwin

    Sony RDR-GX300

    Anybody try one of these out yet? I got one at Best Buy for $360, after price matching CC, and adding on the 10% preferred customer discount. I thought about getting the GX7 model for $299, but I liked that the new model burns any type of disc, and figured the next generation model might have...
  5. Kevin Goodwin

    Newbie question - RP LCD's vs. RP CRT's

    Could somebody educate me, or point me towards a good FAQ comparing LCD performance vs. CRT's? I'm just curious -- I was at Best Buy today browsing through the HDTV section, and really liked the look of the rear projection LCD sets. They seemed to look the best from wide viewing angles, which...
  6. Kevin Goodwin

    New Philips DVDRs

    I see that the Philips DVDR615 is out. Anybody try it out yet? I've only seen one review on the internet so far, on Amazon, which was negative. I toyed with buying a DVDR75, because they're about $279 right now, but I want to see what their new boxes do.
  7. Kevin Goodwin

    Next BB Preferred Customer weekend?

  8. Kevin Goodwin

    Release dates for new DVD recorders?

    Anybody know when the next wave of standalone recorders is going to hit? I was thinking about picking up the Philips DVDR75, which seems best suited for what I need, but didn't know if anything new would be coming down the pipe soon.
  9. Kevin Goodwin

    Best credit cards that earn points/rewards?

    Any suggestions? I'm looking to get another credit card for my business -- one that will earn points or rewards that I can use. For example, Amazon.com's VISA that earns you gift certificates.
  10. Kevin Goodwin

    Onkyo TXSR500 receiver at Onecall

    I was just browsing GotApex, and they've got this listed for $133 (refurb). Anybody know if the units they're shipping are free of the dreaded LFE bug?
  11. Kevin Goodwin


    OK, I used to be the world's biggest QR fan, back in the Mindcrime/Empire days, but my interest has waned as they've put progressively worse stuff out. I just read that Chris DeGarmo has rejoined the group, which gives me some hope, however. The new disc, Tribe, comes out July 22nd, if I recall...
  12. Kevin Goodwin

    website with weekly store ads?

    I used to have a favorite saved of a website that compiled weekly store sales flyers...anybody remember it? TIA, kev
  13. Kevin Goodwin

    Books on digital photography/setting up home studio?

    OK, I'm a fairly new dad, and I like to take a TON of pictures of my 10-month daughter. My wife & I signed her up for the photo club at the local Picture People store. After about a year of going there & seeing the crappy pictures that they're charging me for, I've decided that with a few lights...
  14. Kevin Goodwin

    Was Ed on Friday night? (3/21)

    My Tivo recorded Ed's new timeslot, but it was Law & Order or something. Was it delayed because of war coverage, or is it on next week?
  15. Kevin Goodwin

    Truefire or other guitar instructional software?

    Has anybody bought any of the courses that Truefire offers, like the Rock or Blues CDs? (http://truefire.com/list.html?store=music_instruction) I've played for 10 years, and have never had any formal training or lessons, other than some music theory in college. I'm looking to expand my...
  16. Kevin Goodwin

    Next Best Buy preferred customer weekend?

    Anybody know when the next preferred customer weekend is at Best Buy? I'm holding out on buying a digital camera, and I was wondering if it's going to be the 2nd weekend in Feb.
  17. Kevin Goodwin

    Here2Fix warranty experiences?

    I'm considering buying a digital camera from Buy.com and I was reading their extended warranty info, which is provided through Here2Fix. Has anybody had any experience with repairing items through Here2Fix? I don't usually buy extended warranties, but on a somewhat fragile item like a...
  18. Kevin Goodwin

    Jason Mewes missing?

    Anybody got the scoop on what's up with Jason Mewes? I read a column in the Chicago Sun-Times that mentioned that he'd skipped out on his parole & nobody knew where he was. It even mentioned that close friends thought he might be dead?! :eek: I haven't seen any official news (via...
  19. Kevin Goodwin

    Bennigan's Honey Mustard

    I love Bennigan's honey mustard that they serve with their sandwiches & chicken strips, etc. Anbody know where they buy it, and what brand it is? I've got to get some for myself. I figure SOMEBODY here knows, because the After Hours Lounge knows all... :)
  20. Kevin Goodwin

    Problems with IR remote extender

    I just bought one of the Recoton IR extenders to use with my Tivo remote, and I'm having some difficulties with it. It works for awhile, and then stops completely. Sometimes if I unplug the transmitter module, and plug it back in, it works, and other times nothing works. Has anyone else had...
  21. Kevin Goodwin

    Dave Mustaine injured/No More Megadeth!

    Check out megadeth.com....wow. I'm assuming this isn't just a late April Fool's joke. kev
  22. Kevin Goodwin

    Shinsonic DVD-100A -- help!

    I bought an open box Shinsonic (The name just *reeks* of quality, doesn't it) DVD player as a Christmas gift for my sister's family for $20 at Best Buy. It came with a remote, but no manual, cables, or power cord. For $20, it was too good to pass up. I figure I've at least got a cheap MP3 CD...
  23. Kevin Goodwin

    The first 10 minutes of Enterprise?

    I missed the first few minutes of Enterprise, and turned it on when they were in Oklahoma, "30 Years Later." What happened at the very beginning? thanks, kev