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  1. Mike_Carroll

    Can't get Acrobat

    Has anyone tried to download the latest Acrobat? Every download page from Adobe's site takes you to a dead link. Link Removed Great going Adobe Systems! ...................... Best regards, Mike Carroll Jr. Link Removed
  2. Mike_Carroll

    Problem with Sony digital camera and firewire

    Greetings, Recently, my Dad bought a Sony digital video camera. I installed a firewire connection on his ME OS and got the hardware configuration to recognize it. However, when we plugged in the camera, the computer failed to recognize a new device and look for correct driver. I assumed I...
  3. Mike_Carroll

    Photoshop support problem

    Greetings: Has anybody had trouble with Photoshop 6? When upgrading from a previous version, you are now required to call the company for an unlock code. This took most of the morning for me from my time on hold. After finally getting the thing running, yes there were some nice changes, but...
  4. Mike_Carroll

    Seventh Heaven

    Greetings, With all the filth the Hollywood crowd has producing the last several years for TV, Warner Brothers' Seventh Heaven (SH) is a breath of fresh air. Most of the characters are wholesome and the plots are not promoting Clinton era political correctness. While some may see this show as...
  5. Mike_Carroll

    3D interactive site

    Greetings, I set up a page for Link Removed. Viewers can drive around of several landmarks in the Silicon Valley as they looked in the fifties. To play them correctly, you will need a good 3D accelerator card and OpenGL driver. All information in acquiring the correct player are provided...