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  1. David Cohen

    Optoma H76 out yet ?

    These should ship to the field at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb.....or so I've been told by pretty reliable sources.
  2. David Cohen

    InFocus X1 Vs. Optoma EZ 731

    New projector just came out....the Optoma H30. Go to www.optomahometheater.com and check it out. Less than $3K.
  3. David Cohen

    Bose wins again!!!

    After 2 years of reading these kinds of threads, I still don't get it. Why does anyone care what anyone else buys? The only brand that is ALWAYS criticized here is Bose. Let people buy what they want. No purchase is the wrong purchase if the customer is happy.....notice I say happy, not...
  4. David Cohen

    DVI vs. Component: signal quality question.

    I'll jump on the DVI bandwagon here as it applies to fixed pixel displays. I recently had the chance to see a DVI enabled DVD player connected to a simple EDTV Plasma w/DVI in. The background "noise" in solid color areas (compression artifacts?) was eliminated.
  5. David Cohen

    What to buy for my HT?

    The Optoma addresses the concerns regarding 16:9 screen vs 4:3 screens. Once set up properly, you can use one screen for both formats without needing to reset the screen position. This is covered in detail in a great review of the piece at the Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity...
  6. David Cohen

    whats the deal with the bose floorspeakers?

    Opinions are one thing....but we must get our facts straight, especially when thay are presented as "I heard it from some one". Bose does indeed prohibit authorized dealers from reselling used products at a discount. This is due to the "unilateral pricing policy" concerning discounted sales. I...
  7. David Cohen

    Onkyo TX-SR600 vs 601

    There are several differences. I would ignore the specifics of the bump up in power ratings but take note of the return of the copper ground plate to the power supply. also.... Powered Zone 2 with 12V trigger More crossover adjustments (60/80/100/120/150) DTS 96/24 and DTS Neo 6 192/24...
  8. David Cohen

    Onkyo 600

    did you re-assign the digital input?
  9. David Cohen

    anyone ever hear of RTR?

    I used to sell these at retail in the early 80's. Some of the models were so big that the boxes they came in were the size of coffins. There was one model with 6 or seven drivers per cabinet. At the time, they were the last word in affordable rock "loud"speakers- with a fairly respected name in...
  10. David Cohen

    Disappointment with A/V salespeople

    This thread began with someone being fed up with AV salespeople because of one associate's not being aware of a magazine review. As a 20+ year veteran in this industry, I'll admit that magazine reviews were the very last place that I learned anything. Most decent mid-fi/hi-fi stores expose...
  11. David Cohen

    What is the difference between the Toshiba 36hf72 and the 36hfx72?

    There are a couple of other differences that some people may appreciate. I work for Cinema Series dealer are the points that I am aware of..... -Better Sound Package: If your into that stuff on a tv, it has 13 watts more power (10 of that to the sub, more options for the simulated surround...
  12. David Cohen

    What happened to NHT?

    Although NHT has changed hands, the web-site still seems to be operational. I just went to it at nhthifi.com.
  13. David Cohen

    CES Internet Coverage?

  14. David Cohen

    Serious problem with Onkyo HELP!!

    Is your DVD player set to output a bitstream, or is it still set to the defauly PCM out? No bitstream, no LFE! Good Luck
  15. David Cohen

    Onkyo tx-sr700 listening mode memory?

    Are you presetting your preferences in the input set-up menu? For each input you need to go to listening mode set-up in the input set-up menu to preselect the preferred listening mode.
  16. David Cohen

    Best Buy won't go down in price...

    Quote-"It's not that we hate salesmen, but the negoitation is something we are uncomfortable with. Price matching is a feature OFFERED by many stores, then they try and ignore it when you are ready to purchase. Thats what burns me up." Let's try to understand "price matching". It is NOT about...
  17. David Cohen

    Best Buy won't go down in price...

    "Then why is your job more worthwhile than his? What do you do for a living? Ever feel like coming in to work and only accepting half your salary that day? If you do your job and don't get paid at the end of the week, are you OK with that? A commissioned salesperson WILL give you his best deal...
  18. David Cohen

    Onkyo Reciever Question..............

    The crossover on the 494 is fixed at 80Hz, as it is on all of the non-adjustable DD/DTS Onkyo receivers of the past few years.
  19. David Cohen

    PLASMA SETS...limited life span?

    Two things..............first, all products that rely on causing phosphours to glow (CRT, Plasma) will fade over time. The life of a plasma, short of circuitry failure, should be similar to CRT based products. Second, Samsung builds their own plasma panels and the guts as well. Hitachi also...
  20. David Cohen

    New Onkyo's

    Almost all Onkyo and Integra receivers now and in the past have provided the powewr spec into 6 ohms. This has nothing to do with boosting the rating for marketing reasons, it is just their way of emphasizing the UL approved 6ohm rating. When you read the new spec sheets, you will find ratings...
  21. David Cohen

    Kenwood HTB 505

    The Sub for the Kenwood HTiB is not a powered model. The receiver has 6 channels of power, 1 of those for the sub which connects via a permanently attached (at the sub) speaker wire. The volume would be controlled via the remote or front panel controls. Thsi is a very anemic design as far as...
  22. David Cohen

    Difference between Onkyo 575 and 575x

    575X has s-video switching
  23. David Cohen

    Denon or Onkyo?

    Your only being "duped" if you selected it based on it's specs rather than the sound. Peace.
  24. David Cohen

    Onkyo left channel not working

    Onkyo receivers will not reset the electronics when unplugged. There is a hard reset. I think on your model it is pressing the video 1 and standby buttons at he same time while the power is on. If not, it is likely a combination of Video 1 and one of the buttons on he far left.... (speaker A?)...
  25. David Cohen

    ONKYO 797 7.1 channel input

    Signals DO remain analog in the multi-channel inputs.
  26. David Cohen

    RPTV's that can be divided into 2 pieces...

    The new Hitachi- 65SWX20 also breaks down into two sections.
  27. David Cohen

    Sources for Onkyo HT-S650

    Check out www.abtelectronics.com They are a quality authorized dealer. Listing on the web-site now at $478. www.jandr.com will only carry this system bundled with a DVD player. Peace.
  28. David Cohen

    Help! Integra DVD Player shows video but no audio.

    First select the DVD input on the receiver. Go into the set-up menus and then go to input set-up. Make sure that the assigned input (coax 1, opt1, etc.) matches the input that you are actually connected to on the receiver. This could have happened from dusting the front of the unit and...
  29. David Cohen

    Help! Integra DVD Player shows video but no audio.

    Sounds to me like someone has reset an assignable digital input. If the unit has assignable inputs, verify that the input being used is assigned properly to the DVD input. What brand/model receiver is it? I am assumong that you are using just one of the digital outs from the DVD player...