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  1. Kevin Beck

    Braided cat 5 Sopeaker cables complete!

    I have a set of Cat 5 speaker cables that I have had setting in my office for quite a while, that I had built for a gentleman that changed his mind about what he wanted during the construction process,.... These cables are 11' long, with Spades on one end,a nd Bananas on the other. All set to...
  2. Kevin Beck

    Logitec S 510 "Wireless" Keyboard and Mouse set, New!!

    I have a Logitec S 510 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set, that is brand new. Purchased for my oldest, and while the unit was in shipment, he found a local retailer and demo's the unit. Decided he didn't like the feel,..It seemed to be what he was looking fro, but changed his mind. The on line...
  3. Kevin Beck

    Braided Cat 5 speaker cables, Complete!

    Still have one set of Cat 5 speaker cables, if anybody is interested,..11 footers, covered with black, tight weave Techflex, Bananas on one end, and Spades on the other. Pics on the way, but will send asap if interested,.... $50.00 plus shipping,... GRCRY,...>>>--->
  4. Kevin Beck

    Building a HTPC? Need a case?

    Hey all,..I have an Antec TX 1050B Full tower / Server case for sale,... It's all but about three months old,...This ATX type case is sold from the manufacture with a killer 500 Watt v2.0 Power supply, and a 120mm three speed, rear mounted fan already installed in it. Also has a side vent/...
  5. Kevin Beck

    Braided Cat 5 speaker cables, Complete!

    I have a set of 11 Ft. Braided Cat 5 speaker cables that I finished last winter, and never listed,...This set is complete with spades on one end, ad banana plugs on the other. This could be changed however,.... Thet are finished off with Black Techflex, and Black 3M glue lined heat shrink. I...
  6. Kevin Beck

    FS: 25 ft. 3 / 5 conductor VGA / Component video cable.

    Hey guys,.. I have a 25 foot 5 conductor VGA / Component cable for sale,...It is terminated on both ends with BNC connectors,..Really nice cable. Just need to find a new home for it,... Pictures if you need them,... $25.00 shipped lower 48 >>>---> I will be selling some other cables...
  7. Kevin Beck

    FS,..Dell Pocket DJ 5 MP3 Player

    Up for grabs is a Dell Pocket DJ 5 MP3 Player. Unit is less than 1 year old,and in great shape. It has been adult owned and operated. All accessories are included,.. Fitness case and strap Charger Cables Software Owners Documents Upgraded ear buds $150.00 Plus ship >>>--->
  8. Kevin Beck

    3ft. Custom interconnects, Belden 89259!!!

    Hey guys,.. Doing a little clean up, and have a set of 3ft. Belden 89259 interconnects that I built a while back, and then only had hooked up for a couple months. They have been setting in a drawer over the winter, as I unhooked them when I purchased a new processor, and now don't plan to use...
  9. Kevin Beck

    FS, Yamaha VSX 992 with two remotes, Any interest?

    Hey guys,.. have a friend that is wanting to sell his Yamaha RXV992. I'm not too familiar with Yamaha, and didn't turn any 992's up with a search,....Any interest in this machine, and what they would be selling for? Thanks much,...>>>--->
  10. Kevin Beck

    Samsung RDRAM 512MB, PC800, 40ns, non ECC//512MB PC2100 DDR Laptop Memory

    Hey guys,..Thought I would see if there was any interest in this memory. I increased the memory in one of my sons machines, and due to the nature of RDRAM, I had to replace all of it. This Samsung memory is in excellent condition, pulled from a Dell dimension 8200, 400MHZ Front side buss. It...
  11. Kevin Beck

    Braided Cat 5 speaker cables For sale 13' pair

    I have a couple sets of 12' braided, Cat 5 speaker cables for sale. I can certainly build more if the length isn't right for your system, but at the moment, I have two sets at 12'. One set is braided with the jackets on, and the other has had the outer jackets removed. I normally leave them on...
  12. Kevin Beck

    Denon 3805,.. Black,..New,.. For Sale

    Denon AVR 3805, Black,.. One week old,....Powered on long enough to set up, and play 1 CD. The machine is perfect. Purchased from an Authorized dealer. A stock,... Any questions, pic request,.. etc. Just ask. Will be checking PM's often. MSRP $1200.00 $950.00 Shipped lower 48 PayPal...
  13. Kevin Beck

    Denon DVD 3910 for sale,....NEW!

    New Denon DVD 3910,..Awesome universal player. Said to be a DVD 5900 at a much lower price. Any questions or request or pictures ect,.. just PM me, and we can discuss. $1300 MSRP $920 Plus $30 shipping, lower 48 GRCRY,...>>>--->
  14. Kevin Beck

    Fosgate FAP T1 AV Processor

    Fosgate FAP T1 AV Processor for sale. This unit is only about 6 weeks old. Set up and used maybe 12 hours. Very user friendly. A breeze to set up and customize to your liking. The front mounted screen is extra convinient for a system that has gear in a closet, or another room, away from the...
  15. Kevin Beck

    JBL PB12, 250 Watt 12" Sub, For Sale

    JBL PB12 Subwoofer 250 Watts RMS 12" Driver Low or High level inputs Variable crossover High level passthrough Sub is two years old, but only used for about two months. It's been setting in my office waiting to be used in a different system, that will not be done. It's time to for it...
  16. Kevin Beck

    Home Theater Direct Level III Towers and Center Far Sale

    Hey guys,.. I have a pair of level III towers, and center, black, for sale. All in perfect condition. Not a scratch or mark of any kind on them. Original packaging for shipping protection. Speakers are a little over a year old. Used very little as I ordered them before I had my theater ready...
  17. Kevin Beck

    Ever put sono inside another cabinet??

    Some time back I posted a question as to what you all thought it would take to build a 480 liter enclosure for a pair of Tempests. Needless to say, it would be very large, and very heavy. What do you think of putting my current sono tube inside a second enclosure. The outside shell, so to speak...
  18. Kevin Beck

    Converting Sonotube to conventional enclosure

    Hey guys,..It's been a while, but I have a new dilemma. I need to convert my 480 liter dual Tempest Sono to a 480 liter conventional enclosure. The plan is to build it into what looks like an audio cabinet, only with a sub top and bottom, hidden, so to speak,like the Sono, with a matching...
  19. Kevin Beck

    Top to bottom centering

    Ok guys,...I am sorry if I am repeating an old question, but I couldn't find a the thread that delt with my problem exactly. I have a Mitsubishi WS6519. What seems to be a problem to me, is the picture is not centered from top to bottom. I had a tech out to look at it today. He got into the...
  20. Kevin Beck

    Input on the Dennon 2800 II

    Dennon 2800 II Any real world experience out there? Did a search, and didn't come up with much. Has anybody had any experience with this player, to be able to make any comparisons? I see the original 2800 has now had a price drop,..think this will happen in a short while with the 2800 II...
  21. Kevin Beck

    RP82,.anything better under $1000???

    Hey guys,.. A lot of talk about this player. My old DVD 434,..I know, I know,..junk unit, didn't know it was supose to be a bad unit untill recently, buit the thing has gone bad on me. I purchased a RP82 after much searching the threads here, not wanting to spend a ton of cash. I was originally...
  22. Kevin Beck

    lets talk progressive scan for a second

    Not sure this is the right place, but saw a few threads of the same type the past couple days,..and saw one reply as to the question I have,.... A lot of folks are looking for inexpensive progressive scan DVD players these days. I understand that 100%. I too need a new player, and don't have a...
  23. Kevin Beck

    Oh My Gaauud!!

    Well,.... The time had come to fire up the big 480L dual Tempest sono,.....I had been doing a lot of comparing with different enclosures in my room. I finally got all the ducks lined up and was ready to give this thing a go. Good god man! Unreal!!! I have always been on the expecting too much...
  24. Kevin Beck

    Pro amp for DIY subs/ more suggestions?

    Sorry to burn up the pstings lately,...but there is such a wealth of experience here, its hard not to "just ask" so to speak. I had a problem with a pro amp a couple weeks ago,.come to find out, it was probably just fine. I was not aware of the input voltage issue mating HT gear and pro audio...
  25. Kevin Beck

    Eq. for subs

    Ok guys,..Not ready yet, but what are some of the more comonly used Eq.'s being used for subwoofers? I have a few other things to work out first, but I thought I would check into this,.. Thanks ,...>>>--->
  26. Kevin Beck

    port conversion, flared to straight

    Doing a little test, and don't remember how to convert the flared port length, to a port without the flare. I need this fast if anybody knows. If I remeber right, the flared ports add an inch to the overall length needed. So to go back to a straight port, would you subtract an inch? Say Adire...
  27. Kevin Beck

    Sub / room compatability

    Looking for insight as to wheather a specific sub configuration,..ie. sealed tuned to 25hz. or very large ported tuned to 16hz. will perform vastly different, in one room over another. In other words,..is there any thought to matching a style, and tuning to the room it will be used in...
  28. Kevin Beck

    best aplication for two Tempest's

    Well,.. not sure what I will end up doing, but I may build new enclosures for the Tempests. Theater is in the basement, 15 X 20 room, 7ft. plus ceiling. More than likely, will be feeding them quite a bit of power,..over the 250 normally used. Any experienced oppinions. The Sono I have doesn't...
  29. Kevin Beck

    plate amps vs rack amps

    Since this is DIY sub relatede, I hope this is the right plate to be. Was wondering what the trade offs if any, when it comes to plate amps, vs rack or shelf style amps. Looking to run subs only. Thanks guys,...>>>--->
  30. Kevin Beck

    Anybody know the output impedence of a Denon 3801 sub out?

    Hello guys,.. Been having a little trouble getting my new theater up and running. Long story short, Tom at SVS is being kind enought o give me a hand figuring out some unusual compatability problems. Right off the top however, I need to know what the sub out, output empedence is. I can't find...