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  1. Michael Ballack

    Is my hard drives damaged enough?

    Hey everyone, I need your advice. It was time to get rid of my older computers and I wanted to make sure no one would get my info on the hard drive. I've heard one of the best ways is to take a hammer to a hard drive and bash the shit out of it. So I did just that. The following is a photo of...
  2. Michael Ballack

    Mel Karmazin named new CEO of Sirius

    http://money.cnn.com/2004/11/18/tech...azin/index.htm It's official. I'm going to start saving for Sirius. I hope Howard doesn't start the leave early though.
  3. Michael Ballack

    Need advice before plunge to X Box Live

    I'm very close to taking the plunge into a bigger universe by purchasing X Box Live. The hard part for me is the connection. I've done my research and have decided on the linksys BEFW11S4 Router along with the Linksys WET11 Bridge. A wired network is out of the question for my situation(1. No...
  4. Michael Ballack

    Help me do my homework and help our cause at the same time

    The title says it all. I'm taking an American Politics and Government class for college. One of the assignents is to write two letters to two different politicians. They can be as low down on the scale as my local town mayor or as high up as the president of the united states. My idea was to...
  5. Michael Ballack

    Soprons Season Three Next Week Q?

    Anyone know how much stores like Best Buy and Circuit City will charge for The Sopranos The Complete Third Season next week? I know I can check my local ads on Sunday, but I'm curious now. Anyone with any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
  6. Michael Ballack

    Any updates on the Robert Iler trial? Will he be back for Season 4 of the Sopranos?

    The Subjects pretty much says it all. I was just wondering if anyone heard anything. I guess it's hard to get information since Iler is still a Juvenille and therefor information is being kept private.
  7. Michael Ballack


  8. Michael Ballack

    Places to exchange without Receipt

    I recently received a present without a receipt that I don't particularly want. I know I can't get money without a receipt, but do any of you know of a place that will take the dvd and allow me to get another one instead without a receipt? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)