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  1. George W

    Latest Tangband project

    Just wanted to say I heard Tim's speakers at the meet last weekend. They sounded great and would seem to have provide a terrific bang for the buck. Not to mention those little drivers look damn sexy!
  2. George W

    NWWA DIY Audio Meet 2004

    If you think the screws weigh more than the wood, then I'll let you carry them next time ;) Seriously thanks for hosting this at your offices and doing the raffle. Also the presentations on driver design and speaker re-coning were very informative. I had a blast! George
  3. George W

    Gimme your vote -- choose my legs

    I vote for B from an aesthetic perspective. Also you could check out the rubber feet from Acoustic Visions. I got to see some in person today and they look better than I thought they would.
  4. George W

    Sealed Tumults - dual subs

    hmmm....some food for thought. Thanks Brian, George
  5. George W

    Sealed Tumults - dual subs

    hello Brian, I too have built some Rhythms and I'm very pleased with the sound. One thing I have noticed is that the bass from these speakers is exactly what I'm looking for in terms of a balance between music and HT. It follows then that my ideal subwoofer would have the same sound as my...
  6. George W

    Just finished DVD storage Cabinet !!!

    That looks great! You will have plenty of room for your expanding collection. Just curious, but how did you frost the glass? George
  7. George W

    DIY Amplifier

    Seems that it does Mike, I would take a look at Aspen amplifiers. You can find their forum here: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/v...b7e8f82386f468 I can not vouch for them directly as I have not yet had time to build my kit, but I have yet to hear any negative comments about them. You might...
  8. George W

    where to find fsv Glue

    I'm glad this topic came up, because I hadn't heard of fsv before. Sounds like a good alternative for contact cement that doesn't require a press. Let us know how your project turns out. George
  9. George W

    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    Thanks John. I would love to hear your setup but it might be a few weeks before I have enough free time to spare. I will PM you when things slow down a bit.
  10. George W

    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    John, Thanks for the pictures. Dust blobs or not, it looks like your speakers turned out great; congrats! I considered adding a plinth as well but since my current couch sits so low I decided against it for now, just a bit of tilt does the trick. Yes I would love to get your opinion as to how...
  11. George W

    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    John, Northcreek has been changing their offerings lately as they've started using some tweeters of their own design. I ordered a pair of Rhythm values but George recommended their new D28 tweeter over the 9500 so I went with that. With their new offerings I believe what I ordered would be...
  12. George W

    Invitation to Seattle area DIYers

    This is a great idea! I've just signed up and I'll be bringing along my newly completed North Creek Rhythm speakers.
  13. George W

    Cleaning scuff marks on rubber surrounds...

    water has always worked fine for me, but I usually only use it for removing mdf dust.
  14. George W

    45 degree 3/4" carbide height chamfer bit

    Thanks Jeff, You just saved me $10, I will get the whiteside bit. George
  15. George W

    45 degree 3/4" carbide height chamfer bit

    Hey Dan, I do have access to a table saw but it is very inacurate and our efforts at recalibrating it have always ended in failure. I don't want to risk having the chamfers being uneven on my cabinet so I am going to use a bit for now. Thanks for the tip though, George
  16. George W

    45 degree 3/4" carbide height chamfer bit

    I'm looking for the bit described in the thread title and I'm wondering if anyone knows any websites where I can get it cheaper than the p/n 91573 here at Rockler. That price won't kill me but I'd love to find a cheaper bit if possible to do my chamfers. Thanks, George
  17. George W

    "Baltic Birch" Plywood

    Hey John, You're not the only one building North Creek's in Seattle. I just picked up some baltic birch yesterday from Dunn Lumber for $45. Did you get yours from the Depot on Aurora? I now need to find some sort of cabinet maker around here who I can get to cut the wood for me; I'm sick of...
  18. George W

    best biggest baddest sub driver out there?

    "It's capable of reference levels at 20 Hz, when sitting on the floor" Does this mean it would be good as an open baffle sub, which traditionally have a hard time producing high spl down low?
  19. George W

    I have a 1250-watt plate amp, want to build sub!

    Notice that when he gives his frequency response for the shivas he writes, "These were taken to determine the frequency response, not to determine output levels." Something tells me they can do quite a bit more than 100db. ;) George
  20. George W

    What DIY pages do you vist other than HTF?

    I visit, in no particular order: www.diyaudio.com www.audiodiycentral.com www.hometheatertalk.com www.audiocircle.com www.avsforum.com The last three aren't specifically diy oriented but usually have some diy activity in the forums. Should be enough to get you started. George
  21. George W

    Tumult and a sealed enclosure...

    Well, just to confuse you further, I think plywood is actually the best of the two to use for braces all the time, even when you use mdf for the shell. I can't say how well it cuts though, as I've never used it myself. That should give you a lot of confidence in my advice! ;) George
  22. George W

    Tumult and a sealed enclosure...

    Claude, You don't want to use mdf for the braces. It will compress along that axis much more easily than plywood will, so if you have extra plywood that is your best bet.
  23. George W

    Show off your sub!!!

    Here's a pic of my shiva based sub, though it's not mine much longer.
  24. George W

    Where can I find...

    Wait a second, I don't think he's referring to wool that you would put on the baffle to help with diffraction. I thought he meant the gaskets under the driver to seal the speaker, i.e. where some people would put caulking or rope gasket. I'm not sure that wool is the best thing for sealing...
  25. George W

    FS: Adire Audio speaker system with sub

    All items are SOLD pending payment!
  26. George W

    Two AV12's or One AV15?

    Troy, I've heard great things about the Marchand xm9 as an active crossover kit. I haven't tried it but here's a link for some info: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaver...11/xm9home.htm
  27. George W

    Here's a new one, lol CD Replicator

    heheh I like your sense of humor Doug. What speed does this unit burn at? By the way you have some gorgeous speakers. George
  28. George W

    Anyone plug their ports for music?

    Hey Paul, I plug my ported 85L shiva often for music and I've never run into any problems with it. Does seem to tighten the sound up nicely. George
  29. George W

    FS: Adire Audio speaker system with sub

    The Front speakers and Sub are SOLD!!! I've still got a pair of Kit81's with stands available and the center channel cabinet. I'm thinking $350 for the pair or $380 with the stands. Shipping is extra. Thanks, George
  30. George W

    FS: Adire Audio speaker system with sub

    $1600 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.